End of Year Tarotscopes

Welcome to the last quarter of 2019. There is (as has been, but stronger now) a heavy emphasis on that house in your chart where the sign of Capricorn is located. Events playing out in other areas of your life will somehow all lead back to or affect (or be affected by) this Capricorn area for you.
For Aries the emphasis is on 10th house matters

Taurus——> 9th house
Gemini——>8th house
Cancer——->7th house
Leo————>6th house
Virgo———>5th house
Libra———>4th house
Scorpio——>3rd house
Sagittarius->2nd house
Capricorn—>1st house
Aquarius—->12th house
Pisces———>11th house

If you refer to the above list with respect to your Sun sign, the energies will affect your internal life, your goals and intentions. If you refer to the above list with respect to your Ascendant sign, you’ll see the areas of your life that will be affected by external events. And if you see the list with respect to your Moon sign, you will see which area of your life will impact you emotionally.

The image on the right shows you the themes related to the houses against the respective house number.

If you know your birth date, time, and place, you can find out your Ascendant and Moon signs from https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/free-astro-portrait-horoscope-by-date-of-birth

I’ll be posting your tarotscopes for the end of the year by and by. If your sign is not listed here today, it will be soon! Please keep checking back for your tarotscope upload. All the best.

(Updating, please keep checking back)

(Un)Reality Check for Aries

Expect the Unexpected, Taurus

Into the heart of darkness, Gemini

You tell me, Cancer!

More Inspiration, Less Perspiration, Leo

Timing Is Everything, Virgo

Navigating by the Stars Aquarius


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