Libra in February 2019

Like for most other signs this month, the trend of a small event become something major on your soul path is showing up for you too. Since Libra are ruled by Venus, and since Venus has a difficult transit this month through Capricorn (see post intro), it is no surprise these themes are showing up strongly in your reading.  The desire to attain something, or force something to a culmination or conclusion might have had you almost challenging the natural flow of things lately. But what happens when we fight against nature? Nature fights back. And this translates into you perhaps attaining that which you almost arm-twisted events into attaining but then realising that somehow, what you achieved doesn’t feel so good after all. You might also experience an incredible amount of resistance from Lady Luck and general events to your progress (like losing funding for your project for no particular reason, or experiencing a health situation that stalls you). Because working hard to achieve your goals is one thing, stubborn insistence on pursuing something out of season or out of step with what you truly need at a point of time is quite another. It is like a tree demanding snow at a time when it needs sunshine.  There is a call for you this month to get back in touch with the natural flow of life, and where you are placed within it. You might learn that you have to give up on some things that you want (for now), but if you resist getting back in tune with yourself and nature and making the necessary sacrifice of a demand (not wish!) to  do so, you might ironically prevent yourself from getting the very thing you want in the future. This month, look for happiness within, not without.

P.S. Shortcuts and rush jobs will be tantamount to self-sabotage this month. Take the scenic (read proper) route right now to ensure a bountiful harvest later…

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Hope you have a fruitful February. 🙂


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I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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