March for Virgo

To be cared for by a Virgo may not be the most cuddles-and-candy sort of experience, but it is the best sort of care anyone can hope to have. As a cerebral yet earthy sign, you employ dispassionate logic towards nurturing growth and healing any creature that has the good fortune of knowing you. Yet sometimes your knowing what’s best for another can come in the way of their freedom to learn from their own mistakes. Where in your life is your expression of concern and love becoming a prison for another? On the other hand, is it that someone else is taking advantage of your equanimity and testing your limits for being understanding with their arbitrary demands and needlessly authoritative stance? Perhaps they just don’t appreciate you? Whichever way this situation is playing out, it is asking you to recognise the need for healthy boundaries and space. Over-giving can lead to an unhealthy excess of expectations on both sides. This is a clash of elemental approaches too — Fire counteracting water. Expect a lot of hot steam to be blown around. And in case you have let yourself go a bit recently, now is the time to get back on your healthy exercise, diet and detox plan.


From left to right: Foundational issue, advice for March

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