March for Aries

Ordinarily, the trademark bloodymindedness of the Aries is the reason why so many of you can be found at the vanguard of revolution and change. Yet, at this time it is that same quality that is keeping you stuck in what you might believe is a reasonable position to take. As you recover from a setback in an endeavour — something that worked you to the bone for not much in return — you seem to have taken to the extreme, as you are wont to, the practice of studied inaction. Which is why even the cards are jumping out as if to say: Get a move on!

Take what you have learnt from whatever hasn’t worked out and use it as an impetus to charge farther ahead than you were originally planning. That which did not materialise probably wasn’t even quite true to your real nature anyway. You’re a born pioneer, not a follower who can be boxed inside lethargic systems. You’re a creature of action, passion and power, movement is essential for your mind, body and soul.

Also, stay alert to the possibility that you might be mixing two very separate issues into a heady cocktail inducing stagnation.

Clockwise from largest card on left: Current month, foundational issue, jumper card

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