2019 for Scorpio

Hi Scorpio,

Happy New Year! For your 2019 tarotscope I pulled 13 cards, 12 that correspond to respective areas of human life represented as ‘houses’ in the typical astrological natal chart, and one that represents the overarching theme of 2019 for you. Given below is a diagram of a natal chart explaining the various houses so that you may have a better understanding of the cards I have pulled pertaining to each. Astrologers use this chart to divide the planets and constellations that appeared in the sky at the moment you were born in order to derive corresponding potentialities for your life in various areas. So, typically, this chart with the houses contains a map of the planets with their exact degrees as well as the zodiac constellations as they were placed starting from the one that was rising on the Eastern horizon. Please note that the house meanings given here are not an exhaustive list and therefore I may mention themes pertaining to houses that do not show up in this example graphic.  Given below the chart image is your reading for 2019! May it be a good one for you!

Your 2019 Tarotscope

ace of wands1st house matters: A beautiful card crowns your annual chart signifying the positive energy and action-orientation that you will be able to access this year in order to pursue opportunities or create new ones for yourself. In esoteric symbolism, this is the magician’s rod that has the power to turn enemies into friends, and bring peace to the worst conflicts. This rod embodies love, and a zest for life. This is going to be you this year!


king of wands2nd house matters: The King of Wands is generally the king of good times — jovial, just, welcoming, and wise. But in the reverse position he can be attention-seeking, dominating, and squandering of one’s energies on useless enterprises. Your material stores this year might fall victim to the latter behaviour and deplete fast if you don’t get matters under control. If this isn’t your behaviour, it could be the behaviour of a spouse that decreases your wealth if left unchecked. Also, lay off the spicy food in 2019, and beware mouth ulcers.


Empress3rd house matters:  If you identify as female then this could be the year you establish your dominion in a commercial enterprise, training program, local endeavour, or team of co-workers. If you identify as male, an imperious female with influence could play an important role in securing you opportunities that lead to a better work or local environment. You might have a mesmeric charm about you this year that helps you win the support or those that would make your day-to-day affairs at work, in transit, or in the local community better. This is also a year to speak with authority and grace without questioning your abilities or knowledge.

Chariot4th house matters: As much as this house represents our physical home, community, nation, society and early education aimed at socialisation, it also represents that part of us that is the heart of us — the feelings and desires that we may keep to ourselves but use as fuel to achieve whatever we do in the visible world. The card you have received here very much speaks to the latter part of the 4th house significations. If you feel thwarted or stalled by the people that surround you at home, or by where you live, then it might actually have something to do with an imbalance deep inside of you where your material and spiritual goals are in disharmony. The Chariot reversed points to a lack of wisdom, it also indicates the need to moderate your methods with a mix of power and love. Some things you might not be able to achieve for yourself until you give way to others to achieve theirs.

10-of-pentacles5th house matters:   You have a beautiful card of material completion in your house of all things that fill you with pride and joy. If you are an author or artist of some sort you might receive a heavy chunk of royalties or some such to plump up your wallet. There is a sense of generational material comfort here, so some of you could also receive a legacy (but it doesn’t seem like it will be on account of an unexpected loss of someone close), or a lovely heirloom. You might also earn the respect and admiration of people as the matriarch or patriarch of your family. Those of you with children old enough could be celebrating the  wedding of one.

7 of Swords6th house matters: Cancer got the same card in this position, I wonder if the two of you are playing each other! But this card cautions against self-righteously employing less-than-legal strategies to outdo your enemies, be they people or diseases. Going by the book will hold you in good stead this year. Also, you may not know all that you need to about situations that afflict you therefore the seek expert advice. As much as smart alec tactics won’t benefit you they won’t do any good to others working against you either. you have the mental alacrity this year to nab miscreants in the act of harming you, and you have the wherewithal to deal with them correctly.

page of cups7th house matters: There is an air of missed communication and miscommunication about your house of partnerships. Either you, or another, in their juvenile enthusiasm is communicating in ways that miss the point and even cause frustration. For some of you, an alluring new opportunity to link up with someone may indeed be too good to be true. Some of you could experience their partner this year as wanton, whimsical, and plain immature. With Uranus entering Taurus, the sign of your 7th house, this year, this trend is to be expected. As are expected sudden shake-ups in your contracts and partnerships, perhaps as a direct result. It could also be you guilty of inconsistent and unpredictable behaviour. Some of you might even have a falling out on account of one partner not wanting a child (or a new creative project). For now, focus only on your own goals and limit your reliance on others. Let things ease out a bit.

sun8th house matters: Pride comes before a fall is the best way to describe matters related to this house. Typically, this house is seen as one of misfortune that arises from underneath the surface, from places you weren’t looking or situations you perhaps took for granted; it indicates the events that blind-side you. The Sun in the reverse position can play out in several ways here — sadly, it could indicate an abortion (hopefully not for anyone who doesn’t want it), it can also indicate a guide or father-figure misguiding you or cheating you, or someone who does not wish to see you succeed because it hurts their ego. Nutritionally you could be burning yourself either with too much exercise or spicy food. Some of you could suffer a burning sensation in the pelvic region of your body or in the organs contained within. HOWEVER, you don’t have to suffer any of the above if you take precautionary action and fulfil the karmic mandate of this card of your own accord without needing the intervention of external influences. This year make an important note to:

  1. Heed the opinions and suggestions of those you consider younger, inexperienced or less wise than you,
  2. Be a bit more generous with your love, kind words, and even money (but not to the point of self-harm of course),
  3. Let perceived slights from others wash away like water off a duck’s back,
  4. Imagine and plan but do not yet implement any new ideas you have for your career, relocation, or general endeavours,
  5. Find healthy outlets to release your anger or sexual energy.

8 of Cups9th house matters: In the house of knowledge and progress you have a received a card that indicates your own willingness this year to leave behind tried and trusted paradigms and practices in favour of a new ‘ideal.’ This is a beautiful card for spiritual and intellectual progress as long as you move away from the known and towards something new with the spirit of learning, and not just material ambition; as long as your motivation is to discover and not escape.


Queen of Pentacles10th house matters: There is a strong money theme emerging in the last three houses of your chart and all of it has to do with clinging on so hard to material security that it ends up affecting your professional image which in turn affects the revenue-generating opportunities that come your way, and ironically, generates the very scarcity you so dread. Looking out for your own material well-being to the point of coming across as singly focused on it will not do you any favours. Lighten up a little.


4 of Pentacles11th house matters: The theme of clinging to money continues in this house of friends, networks, parallel income sources, and guidance of your ‘Good Daimon’. You might well earn the reputation of Scrooge if you don’t appreciate the importance of spending a little to earn more. Don’t end up resorting to petty tactics to avoid social events just because they may lead to some expenses! Don’t avoid  giving to charity either, especially at events especially organised to collect donations. Loosen your purse strings!


3 of pentacles12th house matters: Again, the story continues as in the house of losses, retreats and spirituality, your progress in the material realm gets subtly thwarted (without you realising it) by your inability to appreciate the importance of spending money on certain things as an investment. You might end up losing important allies if this continues.



loversOverall Theme: The  Lovers card in reverse has appeared for many other signs, albeit in different positions, indicating a theme that might well be common to us all this year. In the upright position this card generally raises the question about one’s loyalties and whither they should lie — with our commitments to human-made constructs, or with our soul’s calling. In the reverse position, this card is no longer about a paralysing dilemma, but about the danger of over-emphasising one aspect over the other, and in fact being so sure as to not have a dilemma! Dilemmas are a healthy mental exercise that help us clarify our own thoughts and refine our thinking to incorporate reflective judgement. From the money theme being highlighted in your chart, this card could be cautioning you against making decisions based entirely on earthly concerns. The Ace of Wands in your first house is as much a siren song beckoning you to spiritual adventures as much as it is a call to action. As hard-wired as Scorpio is to think in terms of survival and self-protection, this is a year to think a little differently and dare to lose!

Have a happy 2019 and see you next month with the regular monthly tarotscopes! 🙂


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