March for Sagittarius

You stand at the threshold of a big move, change or transition. Perhaps you recognise the enormity of every little move you make towards that destination that has been calling to you for a while, perhaps you’re just coasting. Where there is movement or change, there is usually resistance, from within or without. Perhaps your future plans mean leaving some commitments by the wayside; perhaps integrating existing features of your life into the new landscape will be the challenge you face. If you feel like sneaking away or playing your cards close to your chest by all means, do it, but the fact that you want to, especially when it involves personal situations, should serve to shed some light on the very nature of those relationships. If you’re unsure you won’t be supported, what does that mean?  Keeping your business to yourself in this case justifiably protects you from those who would only hold you back. If there are separations or endings to be made, you might want to chip away and ‘erode’ those situations gradually rather than make a sudden disappearance. As long as you ensure you’re not completely disarming anyone or leaving them out in the cold, the stars bless your intentions.

Take an objective approach also towards your desired goal, do the research.

For some of you, a joint venture could come to an end on account of a ghosting. If it does, count your blessings, because while opposites can complement, the imbalance in this situation was so vast that any future built on it would crumble from faulty foundations.

PS: If you’re hiding things from a Cancer, they might be on to you.


From left to right: Foundational issue, advice for March

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