A Shower of April Tarotscopes (2017)



April, sweet April, bitter April. Thanks to retrograding personal planets and other cosmic dynamics, this is a month where most of us WANT to make that big change in our lives, yet, are confused which path to take! So everyone’s waiting for a sign or someone else to make the move. So no one’s making the move. In the meantime, the building restlessness is causing us to do other (perhaps stupid) things. But this is a great time to research our plans. Don’t over-think your dilemmas. Let the answers come to you as you expand your knowledge in the relevant area.

If your sun sign scope doesn’t resonate, read your rising and moon scopes too. In general readings like these, sometimes one scope fits, sometimes another, sometimes none! To find your rising and moon sign visit: http://www.elbertwade.com/atlas.html

And if you wish to get a personal reading done for matters specific to you, mail me at yinyouryang@gmail.com. ūüôā

Aries: You’ve worked hard to get to where you are right now — a stable place. Your health and/or work and/or home look good, solid even. Now what? As the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by action oriented Mars, you’re restive in restfulness. It’s time for a new adventure to commence! And commence it will this month as you¬†contemplate a new enterprise, journey or learning expedition. But there’s something that’s not letting you bound off without a care… The special message card suggests a calcification in your heart — did you get so lost in engineering stability that you’ve forgotten how to have fun? Are you too jaded to come up with daring ventures? Where has your passion gone? Are you purposefully closing your heart off to new prospects or passionate invitations? Why? Don’t be afraid to make your fantasies real. More importantly, don’t be afraid to dream! Some of you might receive a job offer that takes you into unexplored territory, some of you might receive an invitation (of love?) to travel, some of you might finally decide to take that BIG thrill on (a cliff? a bungee jump point? a wingsuit flight?)….All the best! You’re never too old for your passions.

PS: This is a month for planning adventures. Embark on them only after mid-May.

2 of Swords

Special Message (Jumper)


Taurus: Still waters grow muck. Your lesson this month is to accept the flow of life as it winds down pretty and not-so pretty shores. Some disappointment in the recent past has caused you to shut yourself to new opportunities. But if you feel this will protect you from getting hurt again, wait till you see how painful atrophy can get! Open your mind, eyes and heart to the future, where there might be new journeys for you to take. Something in your domestic life is about to change. Your current money or home situation might prove untenable. Alternatively, it could be you who is feeling the need to break free from a ‘secure’ but suffocating living or financial arrangement. The change, whether desired or thrust upon you, will have your mind in knots about which path to take. It looks like you’ll have two equally viable options to choose from. Meditate on what’s right for you. But before that, meditate to re-inspire yourself with optimism, THEN you’ll be in the right frame of mind to make a sound decision. This is a month to work on getting your joie de vivre back before anything else.

Gemini: Things may not be going swimmingly for you at this time, but are you so down in the dumps that you can’t see the (few) blessings around you? There could’ve been (or¬†could be) a recent falling out between you and a group of friends — harsh words were (or will be) spoken, were they yours? — or a betrayal of some sort which has left you feeling out in the cold. But hey, you do have one or two trusty companions on your side, the ones you usually take for granted! So rather than rue the ones who left you, perhaps it’s time for you to appreciate the ones that have been around. It is also possible that you are making mountains out of molehills and feeling more slighted or ignored than you ought to! Do your mental peace a favour and make a list of the good stuff in your life. If it’s your health you are worried about, visit a doctor! Or take a second opinion. And if you’ve done both, then perhaps supplement your healing regime with some alternative cures as well. Most importantly though, recognise that the challenges you are facing right now are probably trying to turn your attention to the people and things you need to be grateful for. Recognise the places and people around you that give you sanctuary (even if it’s just a room that has kept you warm and comfy, thank it!), reach out to them and express your feelings. Above all, have faith.

5 of Pentacles

Cancer: After what must be feeling like a lifetime of drudgery and misery, things are starting to turn in your favour. And you’ll see mounting evidence of this as the year progresses but for April, it is a new job offer or a fresh breath of good health that will hold promise for you. You’re being offered SOMETHING all right — it could be money, a job or even a marriage proposal — anything that contributes to you feeling more secure and happy in the physical realm. Or may be it is you who is making some big changes to engineer this new era! But there is one word of caution from your Jumper card which is to run a fine tooth comb through every offer you receive and every idea you have. Anyway, it looks like you’re no longer the emotional fool you used to be and have become more capable of making objective decisions, so use that to your advantage this month. Don’t rush into anything. For some of you, this offer could translate into a promotion to a leadership position. People appreciate your different way of thinking!. For some of you, an Air sign woman could be instrumental in getting you that new start. Remember to thank her properly!

Leo:¬† This month, it’s back to work. You have been enjoying life at home a tad too much lately, and it must have skewed your work-life balance. A period of merrymaking with your homies will now have to make way for some office time. Although, it is also possible that this is a period where you are seeing through a creative endeavour. Now is the time to give it a reread, revision or revamp. For some the news (or hopes) of a pregnancy will be tempered by some medical advice or other circumstances. A few of you will be feeling like they need to dial back the loooove they hand out freely to their partner or family and start thinking about number one for a change. Is the balance of give and take equal in your relationships? There also could be a legal matter or related paperwork pertaining to your house or family that you will have to tend to. Perhaps a rental agreement is up for renewal? Wherever you are stuck in April, apply logic, weigh the pros and cons carefully and try to not get too caught up in wishful thinking or mawkish sentimentality. See things for how they really are.


Virgo: Take a break from your unending chores, work or social to-dos and take some time out for serious contemplation. Where have you come from? Where are you headed next? What is the purpose of your life? These are big philosophical questions indeed but important to be answered for you in April. You need to put some special emphasis on your domestic situation and see if everything is as you would like it to be. Are you earning enough to keep a comfy nest for yourself and others? Are you budgeting wisely? Is your home the haven where you can rejuvenate…or a big bang of chaos? You might also dwell on your health and see if you’re doing enough to stay youthful and glowing. For some of you this is a period when you might be thinking about (and stalking online?) an earthy woman or sensual man you knew. Are they the one that got away when you were too busy playing the field? A simple solution to any regrets or hopes you start obsessing over: Ask yourself if what you want will stand the test of time and be a joy that keeps on giving in the long term. Also, relax.

Queen of Pentacles is the Special Message (Jumper)

Libra: Choices and confusion to do with love and merging have been on your mind recently. Perhaps for the first time in their lives Libra aren’t jumping on the opportunity to be in a relationship and are first checking in with themselves if the person is good for their spiritual and mental evolution. But matters of where to cohabit could also be in the mix. The self-imposed delay on making final decisions about a union is, even though you may not realise, serving to help you become clear whether the purely physical goal of having someone in your life is all that it is cut out to be. Do yourself a favour and forget the bigger questions regarding a partnership and just take the time to be playful with each other. Talk! Joke! Suspend all worries about the future for April. See how you connect when the future (hopes and security concerns) is not in the mix. Do you still like the person you’re with? Or are they too flighty for you? Those of you waiting on another’s decision could very well receive a message of love! In some situations, a new introduction could add another person into the mix! Take an observer position and just enjoy the interactions. Those of you worried about any imbalances in their body¬†could hear good news, or just generally feel good. Drink more water. Those of you who’ve been procrastinating over the start of a creative project, April brings you inspiration!


Scorpio: Feeling stuck? Going nowhere fast? There’s some kind of move you would like to make but you’re either feeling a lack of cooperation from another or at sea about just how to go about achieving what you wish to. In this period of planetary retrogrades there are perhaps many unknown factors that still need to come to light before anything can progress. So take comfort in the fact that if things are in a stalemate, it’s probably for the best right now. Also, this pause should give you time to contemplate one important question: Is the path you are currently on perfectly aligned to your vision? I feel the reason why you aren’t able to make any headway is perhaps because you are treading the present path out of habit, when your vision perhaps needs a new horizon to train on. Is there a slightly different kind of house or project you can take up to the one you’re set on? This matter could have to do with any sphere of life. In a nutshell, there are still new ideas you need to get or news to be received before something moves. Until then, you’re being guided to indulge yourself this month! Eat, drink, be merry and leave the plans for later. For some of you, good news is coming!

Sagittarius: April is a month for introspection, and a time to shine the light on those dark corners of your emotional world where you have kept a tight lid on from fear of unleashing a storm of feelings. You have been avoiding thinking about something. This month though, as those suppressed emotions crystallise, you are able to take a closer look and sort them out once and for all. This has something to do with your domestic life or emotional ‘home’. You would like an idyllic place to come back to from your adventures, but what’s lacking now — Is your physical house a place of joy? Are the people in it sources of comfort? Do you share your space with someone who also shares your values? Do you really vibe with the culture of the land you reside in? Should you add to your family? Would that addition be a plant, pet or baby? These are all questions that you may not be actively asking, but they need answering in order for you to build a life of your liking. And all these questions will get magically answered once you open that tightly held down box of emotions. This month, you’re ready to air your feelings…at least to yourself. Whatever resolutions you make, keep the next thirty years in mind. Your future demands big picture thinking. A few of you might be thinking of a person in your life who is grounded, earthy, and generous towards you. They might be far away right now or perhaps there was a break in your relationship. Perhaps you’ve avoided thinking about them till now. But this month, sort your heart and head space so you can move into the future footloose and fancyfree.

Capricorn: You’re reaching the end of a phase in your life where all you were doing was toiling, on your own! This month your load gets lighter as you usher in a time of communicating, talking, chatter, witty repartee et al. An Air sign type (like a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) might enter the scene to encourage you to drop your burdens and lighten up a little! You might also receive some surprising information or messages. Some of you could be launching their own website or social media account. Some of you might get busy networking in order to showcase creative work. If you have completed a course in something, April will see you employing your education. There’s a flurry of phonecalls, emails and meetings. If you’ve been suffering from back or joint pain, expect it to get better now. Your special message¬†cards¬†come with a¬†caution though: A travel invitation might not be as innocent as it seems.¬† A person asking you to join them somewhere might be motivated by selfish, lusty reasons. Also, be careful of a new romantic association you make as it won’t be a spiritually satisfying union. And if an ex comes back, shun them like the devil they are!

Aquarius: There’s no sugar-coating this downer of a month. But then as a sign so well connected to the flow of the cosmos, you understand that after the rain comes sun, ever brighter. Something is giving you sleepless nights — could be money woes, health or emotional issues. You’re feeling left out in the cold. Usually, this indicates karma of being so self-absorbed that you end up alienating the people around you. Were you being tight-fisted with love or money? Be brutally honest with yourself. Were you there when others needed you? Some of you could face a job termination or someone else gets the promotion you had sights on. Did you let your team down at some point? Were you too stubborn? If the mental unrest gets too much please seek an expert this month. Get out of the funk before it starts manifesting into physical ailments. This would be a good time to get a health check up. Your Jumper card is interesting, it fell out like a ‘crossing card’ (from a typical Celtic¬†cross spread), so it seems like all may not be as bleak as it seems. In April, you might get invited to a professional¬†conference, workplace party or meet up of old¬†colleagues –perhaps someone wants you to join in their victory¬†celebrations — and while you may not feel up to going, by all means, do! If there’s a travel group going, join them! This gathering¬†could open the door to a job that offers more intellectual satisfaction than the purely security-oriented position you were holding down till now. Few of you could have someone in their romance radar — Is it love or the promise of ‘rescue’ you that has attracted you? In April, reconsider the groups you associate with professionally or socially, and perhaps expand your¬†circle to a tribe that is better aligned to you philosophically.

Pisces: Come out, come out wherever you are! Don’t stay holed up in your sanctum! Looks like you’ve been out of circulation, self absorbed? Perhaps working on a creative project solo, or a procreative project with another…ahem? You might have been having an awesome time just indulging yourself, but the people in your life are seeing this as mean behaviour! Don’t be inaccessible! Some of you are being miserly with your money too.¬† What the hey!? If you’ve been working on a project by yourself, then this is the month when it will finally be born in its full form, ready to take on the world. Don’t guard your work too jealously, be open to review and opinion. Health-wise, matters look stable and in fact better than you expect. This is also a good time to organise a big party. Get out of your castle, and get into the limelight. Some of you will discover they’re pregnant. That is to say, creativity blossoms and you get attention various different ways now if you only give other people the time of day and get generous with your resources too! If there’s a house or location move on the horizon, don’t choose to stay in your comfort zone for any reason. There are brighter, prettier places out there just waiting to welcome you.

Until next time! ūüėÄ


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