May-hem Tarotscopes

Welcome to May!

IMG_20170128_142920.jpgHow was April? If you were ‘lucky’ you lived through the drama of sudden reversals and scandalous exposures. The rest had to suffer the electric angst of spinning their wheels in idle. Did your heart break somehow? Or were you set free? Or both?

This month marks a time for self-care and slow progress — both Taurus trademarks. Shifts are indeed happening. Gradually. Your life is about to change, just not as fast as you would prefer it.

Read on to see what energies are affecting your Sun sign this month. Tarotscopes of such general nature apply only broadly (and sometimes not at all) to people. So if your reading doesn’t resonate with you, perhaps read the ‘scope for your rising sign and Moon sign too (to know what your signs are, follow this:, the field marked ‘AS in’ tells you your rising sign) . It might reflect your situation better.

Of course, for specific matters and important advice get a private reading with me! You can email me at I have a pay-as-you-wish system for now, so make the most of it while you still can!

ARIES: Opposing energies and sentiments clash poetically this month. Temperance is crossed by the Devil — the pleasure you are taking from maintaining a healthy equilibrium (in food, habits, emotions etc.) might be interrupted by the lure of an unhealthy addiction, relationship or habit that you thought you’d left behind. Think you’ve become Zen? Think again. This month tests your resolve, discipline and patience. And the Devil arrives disguised as a pleasant interlude. Perhaps you’ve proudly remained off the wagon but now an old friend wants to reconnect over a few pints? Translate this example into any other similar situation: work discipline vs. sweet laziness; exercise habit vs. food binge; emotional freedom vs. return of the toxic ex; celibacy vs. seduction…

Whatever occurs externally will hold a mirror to your own tendency to rebel against restrictions. Just that this time you’re rebelling against a self-imposed judgement!

What will trip you up is the return of hope, innocence and child-like wonder after a period of stagnation. Which is a good thing, of course. Just that at this time you need to balance logic versus sentimental foolery. Ruled by Mars, you’re more susceptible than most to have passionate urges and spontaneous whims run off with you. But, Mars also gives you the strength to stand up to any adversary and this month I believe in you to stand up to your biggest one yet — your own dark side.

This is hump month: have that decisive battle against evil once and for all, just in time to emerge on the other side where heavenly pleasures await.

PS: For some of you this drama plays out through the arrival of an intriguing stranger, a long-lost friend or an offer that harkens back to a forgotten dream. Stay temperate.


Jumper Card


TAURUS: It’s been so dark and hopeless that you’ll need shades to face this break of dawn. Just when you thought your empire was crumbling, a well-timed victory puts your flag back up on the pole. May gets you the job or contract you had your eye on, or some achievement that energises you. If you were having trouble with a boss or father figure, things turn around — you win against them or win them over. Granted, this turn of events may still fall short of restoring a sense of complete control and stability with regard to a domestic, financial or health situation, but it’s still something. A happy something. Some of you might finally leave the family business and strike out on your own. Some of you might start your own independent venture. This month you’ve got comrades to support you in whatever move you make. If your leadership was a bit wanting at work/business, you’ll rally troops more effectively now. Just remember, when you feel good, everyone around you feels good too. So if you’re focusing too much on what you don’t have or lost in the past, it’s time instead to charge at the things you can attempt to have. Luck and energy are on your side.

For some of you it’s out with that crusty old partner who only brought you down and in with a new suitor who’s younger, handsomer and ahem…more accomplished *wink wink*

6 of wands

GEMINI: It’s going to feel like a fresh start of some sorts during this somewhat more social period than recent times. You’re coming away from a phase when you were either ruing a move or decision or staying firmly entrenched in the familiar when faced with the prospect of a new adventure. But this month you emerge from your perceived mistakes or unwillingness to explore with a clean slate. You’re willing to find your place in the world anew and you could be expanding it through new connections. If you’ve been housebound for health reasons, you’ll be able to step out! There could be a shrewd, smart yet difficult woman in your life who has useful advice to give. Be open! Also, watch for a tendency to be too cynical or cutting in your interactions with other, especially when people have something to say or an idea to share.

queen of swords

Jumper Card

The World

CANCER: There’s something you’re trying hard to bring about but things aren’t moving by leaps or bounds, are they moving at all? You’re doing the best you can to evolve or make your world a happier place but you’ve not much to show for it eh? Brace yourself, because this month isn’t going to be very easy either — especially if you look at lessons as obstacles. You might have to face competition, difference of opinion or some bickering on the way to getting a venture off ground. Those applying to academic courses or new jobs will have to work extra hard to outdo other candidates. But that which does not kill you my friend, only makes you stronger and wiser. So embrace the friction, wherever it comes from, as an opportunity to evolve.

But life could also go completely differently: You could now be emerging from a reclusive period when you were battling mental chimeras to engage with new friends, a diverse set of people of different ideologies and cultures! For you, this could turn into a social month of much banter and stimulating interactions.

Which chain of events will pan out for you?

For all Cancers there is a message of hope: You might feel blocked or in a stasis but that special project or dream that you have invested your heart, sweat and soul into is about to bear fruit. Just wait this month out…

7 pents RW

Jumper Card


LEO: All leaps of faith are hanging in suspended animation this month as you get spoilt for choice between enticing options, some familiar, and at least one that is seductively, exotically risky in some way. Will you take the cash prize or go  for whatever’s behind the door marked with a big black X? That’s the kind of conundrum that has Leos pausing before they start on a new project or endeavour or life direction. This is to do with a dream that you’re emotionally attached to. And it looks like some of you are waiting for more to be revealed from one source before you make an informed choice. Well, at least this time for a change you aren’t just jumping at the first exciting offer that comes your way! But for some of you the reading is saying the opposite: Are you so busy building castles in the air, or waiting on an iffy promise, that you’ve put all progress on hold? Whatever your particular situation, take some time this month to reassess your desires —  Are they realistic? Will they aid your evolution? Do they truly indicate new beginnings or just more of the same sh*t in a different package?

Invest your trust wisely. But at the same time, don’t be afraid of the unknown.

If you’re planning a big ticket purchase, take some time to study the details or might get gypped!


VIRGO: The healing powers of self-love are helping you get over an emotional or physical setback.  Whatever hurt your heart or body no longer carries the same sting. This month sees some of you emerge fully cleansed from a detox plan with no more lingering feelings of withdrawal. Many of you have seen the light regarding someone you had put on a pedestal; now you’re more confident in yourself and no longer wallowing in misery of abandonment. While this month nothing external may change, but, BUT, so much of you is changing internally that soon you’ll see the wonderfully exciting knock-on effect it has on your life. The cards encourage you to brave a tell-all conversation if you had recently withdrawn from someone who hurt you. Be direct, be honest, say it like it is. Those of you who are using work or self-care as an excuse to avoid implementing a painful decision (like cutting someone out; or facing the reality of a betrayal) be warned, this month, the blinkers will come off one way or another so you might as well rip the bandage off yourself! For some of you an exposé results in the end of a three-way situation (that perhaps you weren’t even aware of?).

7 of cups

Jumper Card

3 of swords.jpg

LIBRA: Your ability to find the middle path between two opposing directions is being put to a major test in May! For some time now you’ve been dithering on a decision while you try to divine the right way forward. Perhaps you left the issue on ice hoping to receive some divine answer or sign … in your dreams! Hah! 😛 Anyhoo, whether it’s because you’re ready or because others are pressuring you to, this month you must at least make the first step towards a concrete answer. Choose this answer carefully for it will involve a major life change, perhaps even a physical move. Have I just scared you back to square one? What I’m saying is: Rather than sit on your hands waiting for your mind to debate out an answer, why not do something more active like test driving various possibilities in terms of exploring the details involved (for instance, rather than mull over which country is best to move to, how about exploring each one’s immigration rules and identifying the ones easiest for you! Or if you’re dwelling over a relationship, talk to the other about the practicalities involved). The way forward might emerge in the form of the most doable!

Those of you who have used their meditations to make a definite choice might find their way forward thwarted by the conflicting choices of another party (or parties) involved. This is where your sophisticated Libran diplomacy saves the day!

Some of you suffering from mobility issues might see welcome improvement but the progress remains slow. All the best! Keep your balance!


SCORPIO: You’ve been labouring hard at building a stable material or domestic base for yourself. You’ve been at your entrepreneurial best in the recent past and now you start to see actual results. Some concerns related to family, work or money have now been dealt with and you can enjoy the sweet fruits of success. You stand on a firm base. But perhaps your achievements are in part attributable to the tight leash you’ve kept your desires on? Have you been closely watching your pennies, calories or Ps and Qs? Your special message card says there is such a thing as excessive moderation! The secure balance you need in your life needs to include some downtime, some indulgence, some impropriety — repressed instincts have a way of exploding rather unhealthily, better to give them some ventilation from time to time. In simple words: You done a good job, treat yerself!

Some of you have an earthy male or businessman to thank for a financial blessing. He’s reliable and level-headed but perhaps not as balanced as he seems. Do due diligence.


Jumper Card


SAGITTARIUS: This is a spiritual month where the joy of exploration and learning is derived from discovering new levels of self-restraint. Acquiring more graceful methods of pursuing your desires will be on the lesson plan. You’re finding pleasure in quality versus quantity; of unearthing fascinating nuances versus idea hopping. Something about you is more…evolved. It may be that new-found domestic or financial stability is allowing you the luxury to focus on the journey instead of the destination for a change. At least, the cards advise you to stop and smell the roses; refine your means rather than charge ahead to your ends like a big galoot!  This is also a rather passionate time, and many of you will find yourself involved with a seductively earthy woman who will perhaps inspire you to sophisticate and prolong your foreplay. Perhaps you’re enjoying the process of getting to know someone and gradually baring yourself to them. Ooooooh! For others, anger management or familial conciliation is on the cards and working well!


CAPRICORN: Things are all right but they still aren’t all right. Something is missing even though nothing is. You’re in a relatively comfortable place but why don’t you feel happy about it? Is that sneaky feeling of discontentment your wanderlust kicking in? Do you feel like living a different life to what you are now? That nameless angst you’re feeling is your desire to go on a new adventure bubbling to the surface. And perhaps in the most secret parts of your mind you even have a few ideas for travel, relocation or learning something new. What’s stopping you? Your comfort zone (which really, when you take into account the discomfort of atrophy you’re feeling, isn’t all that comfortable)! Perhaps you don’t know a way out. Perhaps you feel you don’t have what it takes to live a different life. The solution: Start by eliminating the things that don’t bring you joy. De-clutter your life of the pursuits and people that don’t add beauty to your ideal new world. Go slow by all means. Do it one at a time. Soon you’ll find new opportunities rushing in to fill the vacancies! There’s been a long-pending decision to be made — to drop one job, chore or obligation from your life. Do it! Also, learn the difference between generosity and enabling bad behaviour in others. Withdraw love and/or money from those who don’t deserve it.

If you’ve been on your bum bum a bit too much recently, get exercising! Sloth’s a sin.

2 of pentacles

Jumper Card


AQUARIUS: Hopefully you found a sanctuary where you could heal from the tumult of recent times. Are you feeling…less wounded? However, there still remains looming a painful matter that you don’t know what to do with. You feel trapped in some way or deprived of the requisite resources or information to deal with that which plagues you so. There’s definitely some ongoing stress in one area of your life but this month, even though you don’t have much to run with, you’re still braving your way forward, moving through a treacherous path with nothing but the end goal of release in mind. Why must you suffer this period at all? Perhaps because you’re being taught to use your intuitive abilities and rely less on logic and information as you’re usually wont to. Testing times are training time. And the good news is that this situation is transient. So use this interlude to feel what needs to be done; get in touch with divine inspiration. Importantly, this month, look out for yourself, keep your cards close to your chest, and be a little selfish. Put your own financial and physical self-sufficiency before anyone else’s issues, whether you’re negotiating the terms of a contract or a relationship.


Jumper Card


PISCES: A love affair or creative endeavour is getting off the ground and now you’re in that exciting transitional phase where you get to decide where to go next. Be adventurous, be ambitious! But please for heaven’s sake, aim to be consistent. While the world is indeed your oyster, please don’t lead others on with promises of finding El Dorado. Some of you will receive good news that clarifies the next steps you need to take. Perhaps someone pops the question! 😉 Some of you could be contemplating an artistic endeavour that aims to revive and modernise an ancient or lost practice — the cards say this idea has legs! All the best!


Until next time! 😀

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