March Cancelled!

Hello people of all signs,


…Beecause I’m not feelin’ it!

Sorry! But I won’t be posting the tarotscopes this month. First they got delayed on account of a really bad tummy bug I caught, and now I have chores piling up. Plus, the cards I pulled for each sign weren’t really talking to me.

I put it on the general antsy energy of this period that has been brought on by a recent conjunction of Mars and Uranus opposite a retrograde Jupiter. Plus we had that doozy of a Solar eclipse very close to brain-fogging Neptune. And now Venus is retrograde.

I’m not blaming the planets, but I’m not the only one heard complaining of unexplained bouts of tetchy/restless/anxious behaviour coming on. Hopefully things will calm down a bit after the upcoming Full Moon on 12th. But only just. The events in our lives right now are leading up to a ‘reveal’ of a new order in love, money or self-worth on April 15th, when Venus will turn direct to conjunct Chiron and square Saturn; and Mars will be conjoining the Sun; Mercury will have turned retrograde .An explosive day (+/- 5 days).

The idea is to learn to put ourselves first, without stepping on anyone else’s toes. This is about amicable breakups and awful first encounters that turn into happily ever after. This is about recovering a dusty jewel from the past, or relegating an embellishment in your current life to history. This is about inspired action that seeks to heal you and the other, even if it means giving up on one’s long-held goals….and finding new ones! This is about critically assessing our dreams and refining them to become more expansive.

In whichever sense of the word that this applies to you, this period is about breaking free from every insidious physical, psychological, emotional or material shackle that cuts into your bigger vision bit by bit, on a daily basis, till you reach a point where your ideas have eroded into dust, and you’re left seething, dusting rag in hand, cleaning the living room in a mundane life you never imagined you could have.

If you find yourself picking more fights than usual right now, know that this is indicative of a deeper unfulfilled desire — a repressed need.

Are you feeling any of this energy? Let me know!

But PLEASE, no big moves till mid-May. With Venus and then Mercury in retrograde motion, this is a time for critically assessing the people and situations around you, and getting in touch with what YOU really want in life without or with them. Actual new beginnings are best left for after the planets turn direct — This is especially true for big-ticket purchases and relationships.

I’ll return with tarotscopes in April, I promise. Until then, I’ll try and master the self-control of not letting these planets brain fog me out of action the next time!

Until next month! 🙂

PS: Forgot to mention, another reason for my brain fog would be Mercury in Pisces slowly building a square with mood-dampening Saturn in Sagittarius. So from about 8 – 16 March, if you’re feeling a bit all over the place, or like the wind has been sucked out of your sails, you’re probably tuning into this planetary mental block too! Ride it out! Sleep it off, if you like! Or channel the angst into writing or some other artistic mode of self-expression!


About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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2 Responses to March Cancelled!

  1. Fernanda says:

    I hope you feel better soon, much love! ♡

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