Scorpio in 2017: Intentions

Dear Scorpio,

Welcome to a mind-bending year where all is not as it seems. Your main task is to learn to sense that which remains hidden from sight; to function from a place of complete mental objectivity for the cause of equanimity. It’s a slow sort of year for the most part but with a pleasant culmination.

You start the year with a conundrum regarding money, work or health. The ‘right’ thing to do might also seem like some sort of entrapment. For instance, you might be prescribed medication that you know you’ll get hooked on to in the long run. Or, a partner may ask you to combine finances but you know it will tie you down. Perhaps a conventional investment source everyone is recommending is not as good as it seems? Perhaps your future boss at a job you just interviewed for is not as nice? There many ways in which this conundrum could play out. But it seems like part of the confusion has to do with a pattern from the past repeating itself that is making you wary. The cards suggest sleeping over the issue. Take your time, there’s no rush! In fact, that ought to be your mantra for the entire year! PS: This could even be about a ‘reliable’ seeming suitor — but this prospect would be more about ‘physical comfort’ than passion or heart-melting love. In this case, wait for the second quarter of the year!

From April through June do I see a lover from the past return? Either that or this time you’re being wooed by a real charmer, a larger-than-life character who likes living it up. If this is not a romantic prospect then it’s a wheeler-dealer-seeming person who is soliciting your talents for a business idea of his. Again, I see you being a bit sceptical and asking a lot of questions of this person. Good! BUT, perhaps to balance your cynicism out, the cards advise you to trust a little, and see where this goes. Don’t shun the opportunity entirely. If you’re the one hoping to start your own enterprise during this time then perhaps you’ll have to deal with a difficult (but sharp) woman or someone who isn’t exactly showing any faith in you. Don’t worry! Keep at it!

The ‘dual’ energy returns in the third quarter of the year where on the one hand you have a new idea or learning program you want to explore, and on the other, you have obstacles (and naysayers) or chores in your current situation you have to endlessly battle. How will you balance these conflicting trends? This might stress you out a bit. Also, it must be said, you’ll either feel like you’re battling alone or operating without all the information you need. At such a time you’re advised to seek the counsel of a ‘nurturer’ type of woman in your life who uses her intuition and operates from a place of understanding human emotions well. Also, this advice translates to turning your attention to home and family for comfort when work, studies and decisions get you down. For some of you the confusion at this time relates to the person you met in the previous quarter — you STILL don’t know whether to keep them at bay or take things further with them. Ask that ‘nurturer’ woman may be? Or consult a tarot reader?

Now we come to the final quarter of 2017 when it seems like the angels have got your back! You might not be very close to your dreams and goals in the real world, but trust that processes in the background are leading you to them. It’s possible that something or someone from a distance will beckon you. Or may be it is STILL about that person I mentioned earlier! But this time, you’re seriously considering the offer! In general, the decisions you face at this time might still be confusing but more pleasant of a brain tease. Any offers of work or romance received at this time will have you choose between your material and spiritual needs. This could also be about a decision regarding cosmetic surgery. Who are you doing it for? What truly makes you feel beautiful? What truly makes your heart sing? The cards at this time advise you to take action weighing in carefully the pros and cons, and keeping ‘well being’ as top priority. But don’t stall for time this time. Take charge, make a firm decision, and move ahead!

Have a humdinger of an adventurous, plucky, purposeful, yay-ful of a 2017!

What’s in the cards for Scorpio in 2017


General theme: Cognisance

PS: The Devil card was stuck behind The Hierophant, and 7 of Wands was stuck behind Page of Wands to highlight the theme of duality, but I couldn’t show those cards due to software restrictions)

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)


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