Sagittarius in 2017: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Dear Sagittarius,

This is your year to be inspired; to experience life with wonder again. This is the year when you might emerge with a message to share with the world, or release a product of your creativity or ahem…your procreativity! 😉 At any point in 2017 if you feel stuck or unable to move, let your vision for a beautiful future guide you.

In the first quarter of the year you have a new job offer, project or investment to consider. Or perhaps you’ve got an idea for the home or business. However, it looks like you might just leave the idea where it is and keep going on with the same old. What are you afraid of? Failing? Or are you getting too comfortable to explore your own growth? The cards suggest you find a partner to collaborate — they may help to pull you out of the rut and get going! Also, perhaps you’re ignoring a suggestion that might actually be useful. For those of you who are either getting over a break-up or generally looking for a new relationship, the advice is to make the first move when you see potential! Don’t let past failures cause hesitation!

Between April and July it’s likely your focus will be on domestic issues — perhaps you’re considering moving? Perhaps you’re considering marriage? Perhaps you are faced with decisions regarding expansion of the family or family assets? Whatever be the case, act fast, and don’t procrastinate if an opportunity comes your way. Some of you might be thinking of asking out a person you’ve recently met who is grounded and earthy seeming. Again, the advice is to ‘just do it’! Money management is also a theme for some. But if it comes down to some kind of a choice between saving/’settling down’ or learning/exploring, choose the latter. (That’s what Sagittarius are wont to do anyway, except Saturn in your sign right now might be filling you with self-doubt)

At some point between July and October there is an ending you might have to deal with where placating others’ emotions might be involved. I hate to say this but for few of you this could involve an actual death in the family (usually the Death card doesn’t mean that necessarily, but here …I feel it is) and it will be upon you to take care of the financial aspect of the aftermath even as you try to be there for those who are hurting. On the bright side, this could very well mean the end of a single life and the start of a domestic phase! Again, smart financial management will be important.

In the last quarter of the year you are empowered by a contract, legal clearance, rights etc. to launch your own website, blog, communication business or even publish your own book! If there’s some legal process you’ve been involved with things will go in your favour. If you applied for higher education, you’ll get the admission. If you were learning a new language, you’ll get the certification. In general, you’re thinking more objectively at this time. If you’ve found yourself confused or perplexed in the recent past, you’ll now be clear-headed. The cards advise you to explore more. Consider travel, learning or an idea for enterprise as the next step. This will also be a good time to consider a new fitness plan.

2017 sees you entering with a ‘meh’ and exiting with a ‘yay!’.

Have a healing, absorbing, philosophical, peripatetic, yogic 2017!

What’s on the cards for Sagittarius in 2017


General theme: Enthusiasm

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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