A Wintermas of December 2016 Tarotscopes!


Bye, bye 2016!

Quick scopes for all sun signs and rising signs for the month of December 2016. (To see your rising sun aka Ascendant sign for free, find out here: https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-ascendant-sign.html)

Read for both, your sun and rising sign because some months one resonates more than the other. Sometimes a combination of both provides better guidance for your outer and inner life.

(Please keep checking back through this month as I will be posting detailed tarotscopes for 2017 for each sign individually — I’ll also link them here)

Aries: After a period of rest & recuperation, or perhaps some quiet contemplation over past setbacks, you’re back in the saddle with a new job offer, a new investment or perhaps renewed health. Whatever you begin this month, or plan to, make sure it has lasting potential. In matters where you can, seek the guidance of an expert or ‘veteran’. This advice applies even if you are planning to pop the question to someone! If you’re going on a shopping spree or spending money on something, take a conservative approach. Some of you are entering a brighter but at the same time more spiritual phase .Walks alone or with just your pets will be rejuvenating in December.

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Taurus: This is going to be a more light-hearted period for you when creative inspiration abounds. You’re clearer-headed at this time, your perceptive abilities are sharp and untainted by emotions, which makes for the perfect environment for you to receive divine inspiration. If you’ve been more cynical than usual lately, then it’s time to open up to joyfulness. Perhaps catch a play or a comedy night? Or indulge in a childhood interest like making your own tree decorations? Some of you might make a fun new friend. Some of you might receive the romantic attentions of a sharp-minded suitor. For some of you a child might be important this month! Bottom-line: Go forth and play! With kids or with the ‘babies’ of your creative activities…

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Gemini: A wish fulfilled sees you travelling or partying this month. In general this is a happy month. You’re feeling good about something (perhaps a new passion, adventure or romance?), which energises you to do more and get out and about more! Life starts to flow with the momentum of your general ebullience. A fiery, adventurous character might enter your life. Some of you might pick up a sport or workout this month to deal with the ‘signs of indulgence’ that have begun to show…ahem!

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Cancer: Victory! This month a professional project culminates into rewards. Perhaps a raise or an offer for a new assignment is in the offing. If you are involved in team sports, you might win a medal. Some of you could even get a business or marriage proposal from a suitor out to woo you. Something (financially) promising begins. Just remember to have faith, and perhaps share with the needy some of your privileges. Some of you might suffer from minor ailments and need to work towards improving your health. If you need capital for an enterprise, do consider taking a loan or tapping into your network. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from contacts and relevant organisations.

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King of PentaclesLeo: The festive spirit is in full swing but this month, in a departure from your usual, you’re also keeping an eye on your budget! Good! Play the warm host to everyone but this time, let the wine flow a little less? At least one of you who reads this will consider making party planning or something related your business enterprise. All in all, finances are looking stable, home is looking good, and you’re ready to make merry (as usual!). Watch those calories though!

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Virgo: Are you going through some kind of withdrawal from your addiction to a bad habit or person? Or is it that an addiction/obsession is taking you down a dark path obscured by brain fog? Your cards show a classic combination for what they call ‘dark night of the soul’. This period might seem difficult but in the end it’s about evolving something base into something sublime. It’s a time to become mentally stronger and smarter. Choose to leave behind whatever or whoever is not healthy for your spirit. Choose to face your demons. Your dreams might trouble you at this time. Stay steadfast. And work towards getting healthier habits just in time for the new year!

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Libra: Hard to believe, but this month the shopaholic Libra might be in a less materialistic, more spiritual mood. You might go in for the simpler pleasures when it comes to celebrating the year’s end. Some of you could consider trading in expensive gifting for charity or community service. Those of you who feel their financial stability is under attack for some reason are advised to take charge and get hands on with the situation. Some of you might be besieged by romantic interest or social invitations this month — Don’t worry! You can handle the heat, like a boss! Any unexpected or undesirable expenditures incurred at this time are meant to evolve your perspective so don’t sweat the petty stuff.

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Scorpio: Time to do lay down a concrete foundation after a period of ‘shopping around’ for options to manage your money. Key words are conservatism and long-term stability. You’ll be working with a firmer mindset now after (perhaps) a period of spending money. Those who play in speculation are advised to invest in some ‘safe’ financial vehicles. A senior figure can guide you about money management. You may also need to manage your time better for a stable work and personal life.

Get your full 2017 tarotscope here: Scorpio in 2017: Intentions


Sagittarius: This month you enjoy a fresh outlook and balanced perspective on every aspect of your life. No matter what has happened, ‘it’s all good’ is what you’ll be feeling. You may not realise it, but events in your life are gently guiding you towards a place of equanimity (no matter how un-gentle the process may seem!). Some of you are returning from a retreat with a firm decision made. Some of you might be dealing with paperwork regarding relocation or a creative venture. If you’ve been looking after your health, you’ll be rewarded with inner harmony. Some of you might formalise a long-distance relationship. Should you choose to go on a vision quest, you’ll be rewarded with others’ respect.

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Capricorn: This month sees many of you ditch your rigid routines or moral codes for a little bit of freewheeling. Some of you could be making travel plans..or you could just wing it! (Or you might get a work assignment abroad) Others will be feeling energised to take action on paperwork and official matters. Those of you in positions of authority may also launch a new business strategy (your competitors won’t know what hit them!). While you’re directing others’ actions, there’s positive energy around your decisions. And a lot of you are in a more exploratory mood than usual!

Get your full 2017 tarotscope here: Capricorn in 2017: The Master and Margarita

towerAquarius: Clarity comes to you, but not quite in a sugar-coated pill. A truth revealed might be bitter but would you rather live a lie? The cards show you getting disillusioned about something you were emotionally invested in. Or may be someone reveals their true colours and it’s a shocking revelation for you. May be you were blissfully dreaming of some positive development that does not materialise and instead, the opposite happens. Come what may, it’ll be for the best in the end, you’ll see! For some of you this could also mean the end of an addiction to a mind-altering substance due to some kind of a sudden event. None of it sounds pretty, but I believe it’s a well-timed clearance of the bad stuff to make way for a better, more fulfilling 2017!

PS: Some of you could also lose your data from your Cloud storage — be careful!

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10 of Swords

Pisces: A foolishly optimistic course of action has betrayed your hopes from it. Did you mistakenly put your faith in a person or scheme that hasn’t brought you much comfort? Or is it that this venture is sapping you so of your life forces that the benefits pale in comparison? Well it’s coming to an end anyway! Whatever has turned out to be a dud, is now dead beyond belief (or it’s just that there’s no way you can carry on with it any more!). For many of you this month is warning you against partying to the point of exhaustion. Be more disciplined or it might take a toll on your health and/or finances. Resolve to not overindulge in any person, activity or venture.

Get your full 2017 tarotscope here: Pisces in 2017: Investigations of a Dog

…Until next time! 😀

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