Popcorn Poppin’ October 2016 Tarotscopes


‘Tis The Season of Bare Bones Beauty

This month, apart from the usual instructions (given below), do read the tarotscope for the sign opposite yours to get some perspective on what you’re attracting into your life. I say this because Libra, the sign of partnerships, is the theme this month, and this feels right. So if you’re:

Aries read Libra too (and vice versa)

Taurus read Scorpio too (and vice versa)

     Gemini read Sagittarius too (and vice versa)

      Cancer read Capricorn too (and vice versa)

                                                    Leo read Aquarius too (and vice versa)

                                                      Virgo read Pisces too (and vice versa)

As usual, read the scope for your sun sign as well as your rising sign. Some months one resonates more than the other, sometimes a blend of both, sometimes neither, because these are generalised readings for the whole world. To know your rising sign, please fill your birth details here (scroll down for the ascendant calculator): http://www.astrologycafe.com/compatibility-ascendant-birth-chart-tools/. Jumper Cards are cards that pop out during a reading for an extra message from the Universe. If you want a specific reading for yourself, do drop me a line on my About Me page.


Trick or Treat?

ChariotOn the back of an important transition you’re feeling stronger and more in charge of your own life. It’s possible that a small piece of good news in the recent past (or even a reunion with friends) may have energised you to accept that life is a constant play of good-bad, black-white, highs-lows…So you’re feeling ready to proceed ahead with your career, education, or even a location shift. There still might be opposing forces to contend with, but you’re in a better frame of mind to deal with them — this may be because you’re feeling supported emotionally by your friends, family or just that one special someone.Career matters, most significantly, move forward.


Fall Connection

emperorLooks like you’ve been taking care yourself, perhaps with some retail therapy as well? Hmm? Anyway, you’re looking good, and most likely feeling good. An important authority figure, elder or just a powerful figure is impressed with you too. An older, wiser person may take keen interest in your development and have some important professional or spiritual advice to give. Your boss might give you a raise. Many of you are moving towards a time of laying stronger foundations in your life in some way. Some of you could be wearing the pants in vetoing important decisions at home. Don’t get too bossy! Don’t let yourself get bossed either!


Changing Colour

IMG_20151011_205059You’re in your element this month, and for many of you news of some success or promotion is on its way. Whatever you achieve will bring with it further developments for future success. You’re clear-headed this month too and finally able to shed an unhealthy habit or situation. If there is a contract you have to sign, pay close attention to details. Some of you might even have to consult a legal or financial expert to get out of a contractual arrangement perhaps. If paperwork and fine print is on your mind then know that you shall get the better part of the deal thanks to a vital piece of information or insight you might get! It’s a victorious, glorious month!

Jumpers: 6 of Wands + Page of Swords


Pumpkin Coach

A new era of prosperity, security and opportunities awaits you, Ace of Pentaclesperhaps outside the confines of the known world. Or perhaps your world is getting a touch of something exotic and pleasant. You’ve been working hard to secure your base, tending to your health, home and hearth (and perhaps family in need), so it’s only fair that you get your reward in a new beginning of some sort. Some of you might get a job offer or cash gift. Some of you might even get a diamond ring! This is also a time to get more social and be less languid. Don’t fear any change that comes your way, there is a strong promise of stability come what may.


Lighting Bonfires

queen-of-wandsAfter achieving domestic or emotional stability you’re now in action mode. With the support of someone (likely a Water sign — Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) you are getting creative projects going. It’s also a fertile time for you in other ways…ahem! Many lions will be throwing parties, getting everyone into fun costumes. Whether you’re entertaining or being entertained it’s likely someone might catch your eye from across the room. Va, va, voom! This month you’re in your element, feeling at one with yourself, doing the things you enjoy the most, and there ought not to be many complaints.


Bobbing Apples

IMG_20151013_185018It’s a refreshing month. New information might be revealed to you and it sets you free. OR a job or romance potential you were waiting on comes through, giving you something to celebrate. Some of you might also be enjoying the feeling of rejuvenation after letting go of an addiction or addictive relationship. After a period of stalemate and daydreaming comes a time of action. And even if you feel there are opposing energies and opinions slowing you down, pay attention — these are present only to refine your thoughts and actions. This month is good for casting away inhibitions and starting a dream project or letting someone know you want them. There might also be some good news the stork brings!

Jumpers: 5 of Wands + Ace of Wands



It’s time for sharing the fruits of your recent achievements as well as an emotional homecoming. You’re working well with a team (or someone special is all the team you need) and a joint action plan has either facilitated a reunion, or the revival of a long-cherished dream that brings alive childish innocence in you. Some of you might get nostalgic this month and miss family if they’re not around to celebrate some successful completion or the acceptance of a job offer. Others may be so excited by the offer, you’ll take a trip back home to reconnect with loved ones before you start a new phase. Some of you will meet a karmic mate. There’s harmony in your world. Actions are in step with feelings. Enjoy the balance!



knight-of-wandsHic, hic, hurray! This month offers up a time for passion, social activity and travel. It’s a time for much movement and action. You’re feeling good in yourself and ready to step out into the world. Some of you might also invest in a new look. And you’ve got at least one up-for-fun companion to stoke your will to be more daring. There’s also the possibility of you indulging in a sensual, feel-good affair. I can’t say if it will last long, but it will certainly energise you. Only word of caution for this period is to maintain some portion control in your intoxications, flirtations and acts of passion. This is a great period to start a creative project — the one that makes you truly happy!


Shedding the Dead

deathI see some endings in our life this month, but they might be more liberating than saddening. If a situation or relationship ends it’s because it has reached its natural conclusion or because you gained fresh perspective. And some of you might have been waiting for it to free you as you charge towards new opportunities. It’s a time when you are free to venture outside a situation that had become rather confining and explore a world that gets you genuinely excited. As you move towards new horizons, it has a knock-on effect on other areas of your life too! So my dear, remember, children aren’t afraid of death. Embrace endings. But remember to be egalitarian in your approach.



king-of-swordsRather than peeping leaves, spy with your little eye a snake in the grass, my friend. Or rather, close your peepers and use your instincts to sniff out the manipulations of a crafty soul in your life this month. You’re dealing with a clever fox who can trap you in their words, beware! Pay close attention to any documents you sign and don’t agree to anything that does not feel right. You’re thinking clearer this month and are no longer a slave to self-destructive thought patterns. Still, try not to make any big decisions yet. Wait for more information to come your way. Some of you might also be called to mediate between two parties — your wisdom shall be much welcome!

Jumper: 2 of Swords


You’ve Got Jack-O-Lantern Eyes!

devilTake charge and make magic. It’s time to leave sorrow behind; don’t be chained to sad memories when there is a new beginning at hand — one where you are the lord and master of your destiny. Some of you might have emerged from a time of emotional loss or a relationship low-point recently. In the latter case, if you somehow managed to make your partner stay or commit to something, know that this will end up unwittingly enslaving you. Perhaps there is a big price to pay in terms of freedom of expression for an understanding that the other only deigns to give you without any real joy. You are infinity, don’t confine your scope. There are new friends in your future, don’t stay stuck with the devil you know. You have the power to break free of your cage.

Jumpers: Ace of Wands + Magician


Crisp Air About

queen-of-swordsYou might not be too happy to note your feelings have sort of numbed as logic replaces them. You’re more rational and business like this month. This development follows a period of feeling lonely and unappreciated (this could also describe the situation of someone else in your life that you are close to). This month you are seeing the woods and the trees! Someone who rejected your love will want to meet you and you’ll grace them with a stern presence unlike your usual self-sacrificing style. This month also signals better health resulting from regained sanity. October is equanimity. Ommmmmmm!

Until next month! 😀


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