Weekly Tarot for All Sunsigns (Sept. 4-11): Something A Little Different Than The Usual

2 WandsEnergy Theme of the Week: Entertaining a possibility that’s ‘foreign’ to our current behaviour/life pattern. A new way of thinking or doing things. Joint ventures of the romantic and business variety abound. Don’t trust a potential partner on face value, do do due diligence.


Do Your Thing/Beware That Sting

20150819_180744-01There’s an energy that’ll make you feel lighter after a heavy period. A change in the scenery or a desire to begin something new will put a spring in your step. True,  you may not have enough resources yet to make your ideas come alive fully, but you’ll know how to go about getting them. Some Aries may also be planning to travel or make contact with someone in the near future. That’s awesome. Whatever takes you to horizons previously unexplored will be a great idea. Just be aware when you’re drawn to a beautiful person/idea/thing it could possibly have a sting. Stay upbeat but also stay cautious.

Also, something/someone from your past/present could try and hold you back from moving forward. Consider including only those ‘old faithfuls’ in your life that are ready to come along for this new ride.


Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

After a period of isolation or introspection, you’re ready to let your feelings gush forth or 4 cups rxtake some action where emotional matters are concerned. If there’s an offer of love that you’ve been considering (or a reconciliation with a current or past lover), please make sure it does justice to your self worth. In the past few weeks you have got some emotional insights on ‘who you are’ that you can apply even at the workplace. You understand yourself better now and that will have a positive effect in every area of your life.

If there is something you desire from your emotional life, you may have to wait a little. It may not seem like it right now, but

Jumper Card

Jumper Card

perhaps your Big Romance is making their way to you…Patience, my friend. In some cases, your suspicions about a person are about to be confirmed.


That Rollercoaster Feelin’ Inside

Knight of Rods rxI got a heart in throat feeling when I pulled out this card for you. It feels like you’re going through some energy highs and lows at the moment. Passions going this way and that? Stalled bursts of energy? Is there some new venture you ought to be excited about but aren’t? May be what you once thought was a good idea now no longer feels like it. In which case, hope you haven’t already signed any dotted lines. Perhaps the energy low has to do with you recovering from a recent phase of ill health.

Don’t trust your intuition/feelings too much right now. Weigh your decisions with a logical mind. Also, try not to pick fights with people around you, especially those of the Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


Free Your Heart And The Rest Will Follow

You’ve been working hard on yourself, building up your self-confidence independent of 9 Pentacles rxexternal validating factors. You’ve toiled to put some cash in the bank, kept at it to see your creative project through and even learnt to love yourself whether anyone else does or not. This new way of being has given you the poise to step out into the world like a star. Now is the time to take the ‘New You’ out for a spin. Reconnect with friends and party.

10 of cups

Jumper Card

If the lack of romance in life in recent times has hardened your heart a bit, it’s time to start softening too. If you make yourself vulnerable (yes, even to rejection), there’s a good chance an emotional celebration or big event will be in your future. Lose some of that self control!


Because You’re Worth It

20150819_180140-01You’re going to be at the receiving or giving end of a gift/praise/cash. If you’re doing the giving, make sure it’s not OTT (over the top). Right now you may be prone to being too generous. Also, may be you are making the mistake of thinking ‘you are what you gift’? Self worth is generally not a problem for you lions and lionesses but self image can be.

Also, if an authority figure is making you a job/salary offer, do be aware of what you’re worth. Take the time to get a very real idea of what you bring to the table, and what it merits.


Be Cruel To Be Kind

If your material/sensual/physical well-being is not tops, there is need for you to take20150819_180733-01 decisive action. Sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind…to yourself. This is the time to cut loose those elements in your life (people/situations/habits) that are making you feel less than awesome. Some of you may have a helpful interaction with an authority figure, most likely an Air sign (Gemini, Libra or

Jumper Card

Jumper Card

Aquarius). Alternatively, perhaps you’ll assume an imperious, air-sign-like shrewd quality that will allow you to cut down obstacles in your path to feeling good.

Get worries and fears outta your head sweetheart, you got this! Just be just.


The Time To Be Happy Is Now

7 of pentaclesYou’ve been saving and skimping and working hard, making no

Jumper Card

Heirophant Jumper Cards

time for fun. In times of climate change, does saving up for a rainy day make sense? Money in the bank is no fun when you have no one to share it with. So let down those rules and rigid stance that you’ve adopted and make time for fun in the present…not in the future. Is there an authority figure that’s making you feel defensive? Alternatively, are you lording over someone in a menacing manner? Either of those situations are creating an atmosphere of discontent and defensiveness.

Also, if work is sapping your sense of wonder, how about exploring new career or hobby options?


The Wait Is Over

3 wands rxYou have had some ideas swirling around in your head, but till now you were stuck in introspection mode. Good news is, it’s movement time! You can now begin to materialize your ideas. Even in health matters there will be progress. No more anticipation. Some of you might have been waiting for someone to come on board — now you’ll know for sure if they will or won’t. Some of you might have received the short end of the stick — this same stub will now spur new growth for you. Thank your haters. They inadvertently kicked you into action!

Also, 3 is a magic number. What does this mean for you?


Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Do you find yourself longing for the past — a bygone era? That is so not like you 6 Cups Rx
forward-looking Archers! Still, there might have been some endings in the past three years you regret. Some people may have left your universe or you might have been forced to shed a cherished aspect of your personality. If you’re contemplating a reunion with the past, don’t be sure it will go well. The better idea would be to learn from your losses. Let memories play out like a film reel. Is there a relationship that has seen better days but is now teetering on the brink of the end? Consider that you might have outgrown each other.

To get your chutzpah back, how about doing something you haven’t in ages? Cannonball into the pool. Binge on a tall pancake stack. Go skateboarding!


Turn Around/Don’t Look Back

5 of CupsIs there a situation that you must move on from — that gives you more trouble than happiness? Are you scared of venturing beyond known waters to find what is missing in your life? Well, the good news is, something that is already in your life will help you feel better. In some cases, that missing emotional satisfaction will come from a situation that was brewing in the background but you didn’t realize. Don’t be your usual perfectionist self though. Just

Jumper Card

Jumper Card

because something doesn’t play out EXACTLY the way you want it, does not mean it can’t give you happiness.

If you do have to leave something behind, I would say it’s more likely an attitude or mindset that sabotages you.


Stuck Like A Limpet

This is yet another week when the Two of Swords has shown up for you. Since you’re a 2 Swords rxFixed sign, it is indeed difficult for you to make a new move in areas where you’re stubbornly clinging onto certain beliefs or situations, which may or may not have any merit any more. But this week your intuition and clarity of emotions could help you make that choice between staying and going, or between one and the other. May be a nurturing figure of a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) will help you decide if your instincts can’t.

Jumper Card

Jumper Card

Try and make this decision by the New Moon (also partial solar eclipse) on the 13th to make the most of momentum planetary energies around at that time to zip, zap, zoom forward.


Check Mate

2 Cups rxThe bliss of togetherness keeps evading you perhaps due to some imbalance in your union. This could be in a personal or professional partnership. This week though, justice of the karmic or legal kind will perhaps get equilibrium back. Some of you may be dealing with divorce issues, some with misunderstandings in mutual contracts. When it comes to romantic associations, you do have a tendency to get addicted to a person. This week you should

Jumper Card

Jumper Card

perhaps assess if what you feel is love or just co-dependence.

Also, for good health, maintain a balance between your thoughts and emotions. Lean on logic to prevent depression.

…Until next week! 🙂

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