Weekly Tarot (Sept. 12-19) for all Sunsigns: A ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Kinda Week

Energy Theme of the Week: After a long period of stalled advances, reversed 8 wands rx RWdecisions, endless mulling and a general feeling of stalemate, we’re ready to go forth with renewed energy. Astrologically speaking, the past few months were not easy because of the many planets either in retrograde motion or changing signs. This caused some of us to make errors of judgement while others were frustrated by their desired actions meeting resistant forces. It was an atmosphere designed to help us love ourselves, question what/who we value, and make lasting behavioural changes. Now, more grounded and renewed, we’re raring to do something new! The eclipses this month will make sure there are culminations and beginnings. But not so fast! Because Mercury going retrograde for three weeks will ensure we go slow in communicating our new selves/new resolves to the world. For it to be a genuine win-win, we’re going to have to wait for others to catch up and sync. Rest assured, the ‘Arrows of Love’ card indicates a welcome influx of passion and energy for all of us!


Tilting At Windmills

jumpers for aries

Jumper Cards

You’re moving out of an emotional and low-energy funky knight of swords rx RWphase. You’ve sifted through your past, stopped waiting for others to change your present and even discovered potential in the future. This could be in the realm of emotions or even creative/passionate endeavours. Excessive detachment may be a problem though. Some amount is good. It keeps you sane and clear headed enough to take care of yourself and your daily obligations. But too much of working from logic will make you seem cold, aloof and ruthless. You’re a passionate Fire sign sweetheart, don’t try to do Air. Slow down a bit or risk losing grasp of important details.

Also, a caustic Air sign person (Libra, Gemini or Aquarius) may stoke you. What’re you going to do about it?


Reaping What You So-so Sow

7 pents RWIt’s a ho-hum kinda week. A harvest you were looking forward to is underwhelming. You’ve worked hard to earn the green and yet you’re not laughing all the way to the bank. May be there’s more to life than just feeling secure? With Jupiter now in your house of romance, creative ventures and babies, this is a good year to take a risk or two to do something exciting. Ahem! What’s stopping you? Your problem is the inability to ever give up on assured returns (even in romance) in favour of adventure. Which exciting new place is that taking you?

For now, you may need to sort through reassess what you value in life. Clear your head to connect to divine inspiration!


Taming The Beast

King of pents rx RW

Jumper Card

An out of whack Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or strength RWCapricorn)/authority figure/even a difficult spouse, is really testing your patience this week. They’re being stubborn or parsimonious or indolent. It’s almost as if they’re deliberately trying to provoke you. And typical to your sign, you’re beginning to get restless with them. So this week is a test for you to show just how calmly and tactfully you can get them to cooperate. With Saturn now moving out of your sector of daily schedule, work and health issues, you’ll certainly have the energy to work through this issue.

For a change you’ll have to be the grounded, measured one. How exciting! 😛


Go Forth And Rule

Jumpers for Cancer

Jumper Cards

A fresh wave of energy and passion will finally make you see there’s more to life than what you’re currently stuck with. They might not be visible yet, but you can now sense there are gifts (of the emotional kind) on the horizon waiting. It is up to you to get closer to them by simply doing a new you — one that is not afraid of going out of their comfort zone to stand in their own splendour. Yes, there is romance, creativity and even children (for hopeful mums who’ve been thwarted by Saturn since 2012) in the future for you. But just not right away.

Empress Rx RW

To deserve a glorious future, you’ll first have to show some restraint in the present. Don’t run desperately after any new opportunity. And like your best-friend Virgo, organize your schedule for a healthy work-life-love balance.


No Returns On Energy In-wasted

jumpers for leo

Jumper Cards

Something happened recently that has made you feel less than fab about yourself or others in your life. It has caused you to look at all the energy you invest at work, home and in loved ones and perhaps the paltry returns you get. Regal as you are, you often find it difficult to talk about emotions of hurt and resentment perhaps because you think it’s unbecoming of your glorious visage? Now is not the time to keep up appearances. Rather, it’s time to turn inward and philosophically process your emotions. Then, when Hermit Rx RWthe time is right, you’ll have the right words to speak your truth to others.

I’m suspecting the astrology of the upcoming lunar eclipse on 28th in your sign will keep you from making any big moves till then.


Time To Speak Of The Devil

Devil RWThere are a lot of great changes promised for you by the year to come, but have you the necessary space in your life to accommodate them? If your heart’s still pining for that toxic ex, what will you give to that new soulmate of yours? If you’re still stuck in a way of life that no longer thrills you, how will you go on fresh adventures? You’ve had some time to think over your values and life’s harvests. The need to evolve will see you identify all your unhealthy, co-dependent relationships. And even addictions or habits that aren’t doing you any favours. Now is the time to break free of whatever keeps you tied to an old way of life.

Some of you may also have a passionate encounter now, but don’t expect it to have a happy ending.


Cutting Like A Knife

Queen of sword rx RW

Jumper Card

There’s no need to be extra strict, shrewd or ruthless with strength RWpeople around you. What has got you that way, babe? Did you recently have an altercation that has left a bad taste in your mouth? Or are you STILL replaying past hurts and keeping the pain alive so you get the steel heart you mistakenly believe will protect you from future let downs? Recognize that humans are animals too. Then forgive those who have behaved in a bestial way with you. You are naturally so good at maintaining relationships, but how is your relationship to yourself?

If you’re feeling like a grouch and can’t understand why, take some time off — treat yourself to a rare indulgence.


Stiff Upper Lip

You’re deliberately not making any move towards a new venture that wants to start. 4 pents RWPerhaps it requires you to invest more money or resources than you are willing to. Also some communication regarding this venture has caused you to go into self defence mode. Could it be that you’re just seeing dangers where there are none? Perhaps in your characteristic, intuitive way you can sense Saturn’s upcoming transit in your 2nd house of earned income, investments and material resources where you will be tested on how you spend and save?

Just don’t pass up an exciting opportunity on account of playing it safe.


A Bird In Hand

jumpers for saggi

Jumper Cards

The temptation to explore a new romantic/international prospect is preventing you from creating happiness in your world here and now. Are you stalling a decision to commit to a lover? This could be a happily-ever-after prospect you are squandering. As a natural born explorer, you will always want what is promised ‘out there’. But this attitude does leave many an Archer boat dock-less. You may fear that if you ‘settle’ you will be chained to lifelong blah.

Temperance RW

No situation turns blah until you stop being creative and imaginative within it. Do something new for a change — take a traditional approach.


The Wood NOT The Trees

ten cups rx

Jumper Card

Your fears are paralysing you into inaction. Oh! But if you could 8 of swords RWonly see the beautiful celebrations that await you on the other side if you take that big decision. Be brave, open your eyes, it’s not as bad as it seems. Are you waiting on some information before you make a move? For some, your current situation feels less than ideal. You’re feeling unfulfilled emotionally but perhaps don’t have any great ideas to break out of the rut. Hint: With Jupiter now in your 9th house of intellectual and overseas expansion, anything that feels absolutely unexplored will be worth venturing into.

Even if you don’t have resources yet to explore, you’ll find a way.


Flogging A Dead Horse

Lovers rx RW

In one way or the other, one relationship in your world is clearly long over but you are intent on dragging its corpse around because as a Fixed sign, letting go does not come easy, does it? Either the soulmate connection you once had feels jaded. Or you reunite with this person after a separation (of distance or time) and discover the spark is totally gone.  All of the above could apply to a lover as well as a friend or even business partner. Even if you feel breaking up will leave you alone and helpless, do it because you don’t understand just WHAT an energy drain they are. Best part is, it looks like you’re already over the hurt this farewell would cause.

If you still feel the ending will be premature, how about taking time off the relationship and returning to it with a new perspective?


Business Not With Pleasure

jumpers for pisces

Jumper Cards

Don’t let frustrations in your emotional life affect your 6 pents rx RWprofessional decisions this week. An Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) has a business proposition for you but you’re unable to apply your usual visionary mind to it. In fact, you are being downright stingy!!! Just because in the past you felt an imbalance in your partnerships, does not mean the solution now to getting a fair deal lies in withholding your natural generosity.

For an uber emotional sign like yours, the big lesson is to learn to intellectually process occurrences in your world, and not perceive everything only from an emotional lens.

Small_Red_RoseUntil next week!… 🙂


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