Weekly Tarotscopes for All Signs (29 Aug. – 4 Sept.) — An ‘Emotions Can Derail You’ Kinda Week

Weekly Overview: It’s been an intense build up to the Full Moon in Pisces on 29 August, so it’s just as well that we should still be reeling from all the mental confusion and from surprises (good or bad) that may have come our way. This week it’s all about taking one step at a time, and regaining the balance between our heart and head.


Eat, Pray, Love

Aries 29 A- 4SHas a new beginning in your material world stalled? Chances are you’re either a little under the weather or quite anxious…perhaps for no reason? Could it be that the recent Full Moon got your mind wandering to scary places?

Worry not my friend. Any hurt, fear or fever you’re ailing from will soon be gone. Nurture yourself a little. Take a break from your favourite steak dinners and drunken binges to may be give some green tea and apples a chance to detox you. I know! Yetch! But you need it this week!

Also, in case things at home get you tetchy, make tea not war…


A Beautiful Mind

Taurus 29A-4SYou’ve got plenty of options this week. And all of them have got to do with enriching your creative side. You could:

  1. Stay at home and work on that book/painting/blog/podcast/papier mache vase/dance move/embroidery/DIY bookshelf you keep promising to start
  2. Step outside and do something you’ve never done before (like visit an art gallery or attend a traveller’s meet up). The chances of meeting a kindred spirit are high if you do.
  3. Invite a like mind or two over to your place for a games/movie night extending to a sleepover.

Whatever you do, make sure it relaxes you. Which means for a change, keep dating and networking agenda on the back-burner please. Stick to doing something purely for the joy of that thing.


Back to the Future

Gemini 29A-4SYou may have recently been beset by health concerns or a betrayal. But the Sun is coming out again for you! Now it’s time to forge new partnerships and get back on track with your progress plan.

A dynamic young person, most likely an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), will have a business or financial proposal for you. Or may be you’ll get fresh ideas on how to make more money or build secure foundations for your health or family life.

Whoever you combine forces with, make sure the give and take is equal. Also, make sure you know everything you need to about them. Once you’ve done your due diligence…full speed ahead!


Love Actually

Cancer 29A-4S

You’ve been through a lot of emotional battering in the past few years. And all those emotions came crashing in the past week didn’t they? So no one blames you for feeling defensive even if there’s reason for your heart to feel a aflutter…even if just by a tad.

You’re considering someone’s amorous advances or you’re considering letting someone know how you feel…in any case, there’s a LOT of feelings going round and round in you this week. So your productivity at work may take a hit. But so what? The heart’s about to feel young again! Just don’t expect things to happen fast…easy does it.


The Colour of Friendship

Leo 29A-4SYou’re feeling ready to move forward with a cherished dream or wish, but have you got the right allies to take along with you on your mission?

There is a slight chance that the people/person you are relying on is less than sincere or may be, just too self-absorbed to give a hoot to your desires.

This is a time to reflect on those you call your friends or loved ones and separate wheat from chaff. Balance you must maintain absolutely in all your equations as well as between different spheres of your life.


The Fight Club

Virgo 29A-4SA professional organisation/social group/spiritual association is no longer giving you the satisfaction it once used to. If anything, it’s beginning to stifle your voice and freedom. This could even be in the context of a romantic partnership where Beauty is now revealing his/her hidden Beast.

You know you want to move away from this association but still don’t know how. Suspend all decisions for now. Don’t overthink your strategies or choices. Let time reveal more.

In the meanwhile, it’s your birthday month! Enjoy!


Terms of Endearment

Libra 29A-4S

For a sign that is hardcoded to seek balance in everything they do, dealing with disarray is nothing new. The trick this week to handling imbalances in your life is to focus on the areas you DO have growing control. If your finances or routines are all over the place, then take another look at the external influences that affect them. Are the people you call your partners serving your higher interests? Or are they draining you?

The past few years have taught you to be in control of your emotions and actions and make some difficult decisions. Use this talent now to use tough love on others, lay down some boundaries, and get your life back in order.


Blast from the Past

Scorpio 29A-4SYou’re about to get a visitation from the past — an ex re-establishing contact, or dreams/memories opening your eyes to something you’d previously ignored. But don’t let nostalgia skew your vision. Don’t long for something that perhaps never was.

Another theme this week will be the need to look after your health. You’ve been working too hard of late (mentally or physically), and the stress will start to manifest in allergies and fevers if you don’t take care.

Read a book, go for a massage, chill!


The Wolf of Wall Street

Saggi 29A-4SYou’ve got an array of choices in front of you, perhaps two involve a fresh start in your career — one option appeals to your passion, another to your intellect. It could also be a choice between two lovers — perhaps an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) versus a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). Whatever/whomever you pick should enrich your internal world. Do not choose the one that will purely make you ‘look good’.

Also, if conflict at home or with loved ones has left you weary, distract yourself by doing something you love. Focus on your work.


Something’s Gotta Give

Capricorn 29A-4SYou gotta be tough, love. A new emotional beginning may have you walking on air but, remember your opposite number is human. Don’t get so overwhelmed by love that you give in more than you should. Stand your ground. You might also have to defend your feelings to others — don’t feel obliged to. If you don’t like something, you just don’t. *shrug*

What’s getting you down may be is a job or creative endeavour that you no longer have your heart in. Well this might be the week to take the scythe to it. Rip it out of your life and find new options. Choose something that promises to take you to horizons new.


Finding Neverland

Aquarius 29A-4SSome elements in your life are not letting you be the young and free spirit that you are. If there’s an emotional connection that’s causing you the blues, it’s time to lay down the law and make some boundaries. It could also be time to move on from that commitment-phobe.

There are also certain habits, arrangements, routines or investments that are causing a drain on your finances, and not really rewarding you with much in return. Plug those holes as well. You need to get your emotional and daily life back in order. As eccentric as you are, these two areas of your life cannot afford to be.


Sweet Home Alabama

Pisces 29A-4SIf it feels like life’s not going your way, wait a while. Things are too hazy right now for you to know right from wrong, up from down. Meanwhile, are you thinking about moving house? Or perhaps going back to a place you once called home? If you do, it will be a joyous homecoming/house-warming.

But before you can build new foundations, you may have to cleanse yourself of bad habits, addictions and philosophies that are preventing your progress. Also, are you seeing evil where there is none?

Until next week! 🙂

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