6 March: Background static

Our brains have a life of their own,
ours is the life they own.
How much of what I think is my own?
How much of it is just chemicals moving along
paths they have become used to,
like addicts?
Suddenly I can hear the static in my brain.
The constant chatter underneath my own chatter,
the voices from ‘downstairs’.
How do I stop them?

Mercury retrograde in Pisces is subtle but big: the parting of waters to show us what or who has been there all along, informing our actions without us knowing it. My brain static, I just realised, could be the reason I feel so enervated all the time. But how to change that script, or silence it completely? Well, spotting and naming the problem is always a good start! I’ll let this Neptunian New Moon in Pisces show me more in time, in good time.


About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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