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P.A.C. SSr

There’s a difficult situation to do with others that you just cannot escape right now. Sometimes the only way out of a problem is through it. This is not the time for a flight response, nor is it time to … Continue reading

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P.A.C. 35

Your keyword is evolution. If you picked this card then you are in a period of apprenticeship or self-improvement of some sort. No matter how old or expert you are at what you do, or how you do things, it … Continue reading

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P.A.C. 11.1!

Your headlining message at this time is to add a dash of whimsy and fun to whatever you are doing, no matter how serious. Childlike wonder will be the charge your work needs in order to proceed and grow into … Continue reading

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23 February: To live is to change

Plants in pots can appear to be alive for years before you realise they are dead. I thought I had successfully transplanted a jade plant stem, a vain experiment, (I noted it hadn’t sprung new leaves, nor had its existent … Continue reading

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18 February 2019: Virgo Consciousness

A muscular maiden (hair knotted up in a messy bun, long-seeming, streamlined legs support confident glutesĀ  holding up just-so fitting runner’s shorts) goes about business like wiping off the hob, the ‘hearth’ all you see is the back of her … Continue reading

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13 February 2019: The Void, This Life

Before any beginning the void then the rainbow-striped snake slithered across filling it with things, colours, illusions ‘reality’ could just be Dhumavati’s Kundalini uncoiling Dhum Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Svaha  

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Sartre’s Oracle for the Existentially Challenged

Your February tarot readings are here Umberto Boccioni, Dynamism of a Man’s Head, 1913. Public Domain,   As Chiron hovers on the critical, final degree of Pisces bringing up issues related to attachment, love, transcendence, parallel worlds, escape, release, … Continue reading

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Pisces in February 2019

Impatience, poor sense of timing, lack of discipline and restraint, or a tussle between spiritualism and materialism are distinct themes emerging from your reading this month — any one or all could apply to you. All the tendencies mentioned aboveĀ  … Continue reading

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Aquarius in February 2019

Everyone is talking about Marie Kondo’s mantra for de-cluttering our lives. She asks us to ask ourselves, “Does this (insert name of object) spark joy?” to decide whether it stays or gets binned. Perhaps inadvertently you have been following this … Continue reading

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