From Saturn to Jupiter, Karma to Fortune

A quick note on an observation I made which might be of interest to fellow students of astrology.

With my Ascendant in Capricorn and Saturn the strongest planet in my chart as per William Lilly’s dignity scores, and indeed, even before I knew of the scoring system at all, I always associated most and sympathised with Saturn, the much maligned planet of karma and 3D existence. In myth, be it Greek, Roman or Vedic, Saturn is seen as the power-hungry one of the ‘crooked counsel’; he stands in your way to success wherever he sits in your chart. This is the traditional view of course. New age astrology is far more charitable to him, but since I’m still experimenting with the modern and traditional systems to make up my own mind about which works best, I err on the side of the traditionalists for now mostly because they have far many more years of data backing their observations (even though the modern mores and lifestyles may render many of their observations moot).

However, my recent foray into the study of the chart Almuten, using Ibn Ezra’s method (or Daimon), revealed to me that my guiding light is in fact Jupiter! According to ancient practice, one’s Almuten is the planet that one’s soul vibes with the most. Therefore, propitiating that planet, and more importantly, indulging in activities associated with that planet is usually the best route towards self-actualisation and life satisfaction.

This blew my mind. Because as much as I have felt love for Saturn (perhaps because of all the persecution he seems to face for what he thinks is best for all), indeed, what fulfils me most tends to be Jovian in nature — travel, philosophy, study, innovation, adventure etc.

But then I realised what this was about really. As a self-castigating individual (Saturn-ruled Capricorn Ascendant with the South Node in it), I agree with Saturn when he wants to punish me. I associate with him to the extent that I feel whatever lessons he represents in my life, I had coming to me. But then my Almuten Jupiter is telling me now that I need to shift my mindset from determinism to free-will based optimism — from fear to faith.

Ironically, the question thus arises: What place does predictive astrology have in this shift in thinking?

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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