2019 for Pisces

Hi Pisces,

Happy New Year! For your 2019 tarotscope I pulled 13 cards, 12 that correspond to respective areas of human life represented as ‘houses’ in the typical astrological natal chart, and one that represents the overarching theme of 2019 for you. Given below is a diagram of a natal chart explaining the various houses so that you may have a better understanding of the cards I have pulled pertaining to each. Astrologers use this chart to divide the planets and constellations that appeared in the sky at the moment you were born in order to derive corresponding potentialities for your life in various areas. So, typically, this chart with the houses contains a map of the planets with their exact degrees as well as the zodiac constellations as they were placed starting from the one that was rising on the Eastern horizon. Please note that the house meanings given here are not an exhaustive list and therefore I may mention themes pertaining to houses that do not show up in this example graphic.  Given below the chart image is your reading for 2019! May it be a good one for you!

Your 2019 Tarotscope

Knight of Cups1st house matters:  In 2019 you might find that your usual romantic or idealistic way of viewing things does not serve your best interests and endeavours. If you do not consciously apprehend the need to be more practical and in fact, downright shrewd, in your affairs then you might find yourself encountering others whose money-mindedness brings you disillusionment. Your creative projects and romantic affairs will require you to guard against those who act wantonly or manipulate information to their own benefit. Health-wise, it might be time to detox and cut down on stimulants. Also, watch for a  tendency towards imbalance in fluid intake (like excess or deficit water) as well as issues that arise from imbalances in other bodily fluids (I’m not a doctor or mediaeval physician, but this sentence is coming to me as a message…I hope it means something more substantial to you).

The World2nd house matters: A very positive card in this area signals the dawn of a new era for you. There is a maturity about you that understands the value of judicious use of ones resources. It also seems as if you have found a new way of earning money, a new job or career perhaps? Some of you might even return to a previous place of work or profession but older, wiser and much better at it now.  For those of you graduating this year and starting a career the advice is that you take into account current and projected future trends and choose a path that seems more stable in the long run.

9 of swords3rd house matters: You are too much in your head Pisces! At least when it comes to communication, siblings or matters pertaining to trade or other exchanges. You might find yourself feeling misunderstood, or perhaps communication may break down on account of faulty technology. Short trips or transits too could be a sort of worry. In fact, there might be fear involved with your dealings in any of the above areas. But this card reminds you that your fears are simply a play of shadows that exist in your mind alone. You’re over-thinking things! But, at the same time, fears or obstacles that do arise are there to help you refine your methods, or look for creative solutions to whatever waylays you.

7 of pentacles4th house matters: You might need to check your perfectionist tendencies and impatience regarding matters to do with the place you call home (your house, society, family, culture or country). You might feel as if it’s ‘high time’ things improved or that perhaps you should break the bank to upgrade your living conditions. You might even be questioning the worth of your loyalty to any of the areas mentioned above. But the message of the card here is that everything blossoms in its time. Perhaps just now is not right time to shake up the status quo. It might feel like stagnant energy but that is because your attention is needed in so many other areas of life.


5th house matters: Slow and steady progress in creative, romantic or procreative enterprises is indicated for you. Build whatever you do one solid premises and with a practical outlook of what might bring sustainable success.




6 cups6th house matters: When it comes to matters pertaining to daily chores or imbalances in finances or health you look like you’re in a sweet spot this year. You might feel rejuvenated or just a little less weighed down. Too, some of you might be returning to your roots or rediscovering childhood pursuits that aid in your mental and physical well being. IF life gets you down at all this year, indulge in some innocent fun for best results.


Queen of Pentacles7th house matters: Your partnerships, business or romantic, look good this year. The focus might be on bettering the financial or material side of things. An Earth sign woman (or someone who is more feminine, or identifies as such) might enter your life as a partner who is reliable, grounded and also nurturing towards the earth or the arts. This person will provide you with that practical perspective you need to make your creative (or procreative) visions a reality!


knight of swords rx RW8th house matters: In 2019, beware existing business partners or individuals with whom you trust your finances (joint or managed) that might have narcissistic tendencies, a sharp tongue and no compunctions in bending the truth. This year, slow, deliberate action is your friend, and any offer that urges you to take short-cuts or quick decisions isn’t. You might also be a little accident prone this year so move cautiously and s.l.o.w.l.y. Speed limits are your friends. Avoid also rash decisions and heated arguments.


Lovers rx RW9th house matters: Personal evolution, matters regarding innovation, or spirituality and religion might face a moment of crisis this year as you might be tempted to go with ‘what others say’ rather than what feels right for your higher good. There also might be a question of loyalty that arises to give you pause for thought regarding the ideologies your espouse and regarding what you consider to be ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.


10 of Swords10th house matters: Worrisome trends are coming to a conclusion with regard to your place in the world, professional status, your achievements, your body, and the integrity of social and physical structures that you exist in. A phase of healing begins as the constant fire-fighting that kept you on your toes, at least mentally, on one of these fronts ceases. There might be a tendency for you to conflate setbacks of the past with present circumstances but don’t let that prevent you from noticing that indeed, a new day has dawned. Whatever stress you acquired from dealing with organisations or managing your career will now start to wane. Things will start to feel lighter. For some you closure comes only after you’ve dealt with some lingering issues but trust that whatever is happening is in your favour ultimately.

Empress11th house matters: Be careful what you wish for, and be mindful of whom you call your friends. This year might have you question the value of those associations that seem to be skewed heavier on the side of taking than contributing.  This might apply to sources of income too — you might take a close look at investments and revenue streams that you thought were profitable, but on second glance, may not be so. The card calls you to take a closer look at the ‘natural dynamics’ that exist in the areas pertaining to this house and judge for yourself if they seem to ultimately benefit you. The seasons of profit from your memberships to associations or vehicles of investment should be at least as long as the seasons of drought. Also, consider new, earth-friendly areas of doing business. In a few cases a grandmotherly figure who was previously generous towards you, or perhaps a source of financial or material aid will cease to be so.

Queen of Wands12th house matters: Thoughtless, impulsive action — doing something just for the sake of doing something — or buying into sales pitches by attractive faces will not serve you well this year. A hot-headed woman (or someone of any gender who you see as a ‘drama queen’) might be working behind the scenes to undermine your efforts.  Since 12th house is also the area of self-sabotage, it is possible that somewhere, in a strange way, fear of female wrath might lead to a drain in your energies. On the other hand, for some of you this might be the year you experiment with some BDSM! 😉 Someone who is proactive and claims to act for your joint benefit may not actually be all that. Guard against misguided actions and intentions.

5 of cupsOverall theme: An emotional loss from the past finally begins to lose its hold on you. This also applies to health issues — you might start to feel better this year, albeit slowly.  In general, you might be able to see how unhappy events that occurred in your life did so for a reason. There is a silver lining in all of this, and the chance to discover previously hidden treasures. In all cases, attention to detail  will help you see what you haven’t been all this while. It will also show you a path out of sticky situations. Temperance, moderation and deliberation are your magic words this year.


Have a happy 2019 and see you next month with the regular monthly tarotscopes! 🙂




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