October for Capricorn

You might have experienced some sort of a major ending to a long-drawn traumatic or unpleasant phase in a certain area of your life in the recent or not-so-recent past, and as a consequence you might have entered a period of reclusion or ennui after all that drama. Whether you have been mulling over bygones or not, this month has some fresh perspective in store for you regarding the ending. I cannot really say what the nature of this fresh insight (or even new information) might be. Perhaps you’ll realise that even the things you do miss about a situation past, are not really worth thinking about. Perhaps fresh inspiration or unexpected communication might revive a situation you took for dead and buried. Perhaps the proverbial baby that was thrown out with the bath water shall be recovered. As William Faulkner wrote in his Requiem for a Nun, you might just realise: The past is not dead. It is not even past.

Your cards for October


Left to right: Context, this month

Since general readings don’t apply to everyone in the exact same way, please take what meaning you can from the general theme implied by these readings, in whichever area of life it plays out for you. Sometimes, your Rising sign or Moon sign reading might apply to you better (Get your Rising sign here: https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-ascendant-sign.html, and scroll down the page for the Moon sign calculator as well). And if you’d like a reading more specific to you, please feel free to email me at yinyouryang@gmail.com

…Until next month! 🙂


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