October for Cancer

Hard work pays off. There’s truth to that maxim even if you didn’t think there was. Actually no, you do think it true. Your cards show a remarkable tranquillity and optimism surrounding you, and it comes from all that time and effort you have invested in yourself and in your surroundings, assuming complete agency over your experiences. This might be the first time in your life when you chose not to confuse an impulse with a calling, and instead, stuck with what is slow, steady and therefore more lasting and reliable. I see it playing it out in such situations as forsaking serial dating for a looooong spell of singlehood for the sake of an ideal; or choosing a study program for skill enhancement over a job offer that would have been the same old in a slightly different package. This month, that which you have been working towards seems  closer than before. You can feel the positive changes in the air. But for now, it is still in the realm of indications. Something in the external world or a wave of inspiration may well give you reason to hope for fruition, but stay and savour the potentiality of the moment this month. Don’t push for changes to take place before their time. Go with the flow. This is a beautiful time. Share your positivity with the many others around you who will need it.

Your cards for October

Left to Right: Context, advice

Since general readings don’t apply to everyone in the exact same way, please take what meaning you can from the general theme implied by these readings, in whichever area of life it plays out for you. Sometimes, your Rising sign or Moon sign reading might apply to you better (Get your Rising sign here: https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-ascendant-sign.html, and scroll down the page for the Moon sign calculator as well). And if you’d like a reading more specific to you, please feel free to email me at yinyouryang@gmail.com

…Until next month! 🙂


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1 Response to October for Cancer

  1. lol Also, there’s an Aquarius who’s subtly but persistently pursuing a long term deal. It’s renewing my faith in my own worthiness. Still weighing up since I suck at cutting cords to the past 😦


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