October 2018: Fall in Love Tarotscopes


James Tissot, Without a Dowry or Sunday in the Luxembourg Gardens. Public Domain

There is nothing terribly unusual about Venus turning retrograde, it happens every 2-3 years. But this retrogression is more unusual than meets the eye….if you haven’t already felt its impact.

I wrote a bit about it in my Dancing in September Tarot Update. I mentioned this to be (hopefully) an important period for women’s rights as it bears the energy of Venus in Scorpio (from where the retrograde begins) — the lady who fiercely guards her own, but also herself.  And already we have witnessed the bravado of Dr. Lord at the Brett Kavanaugh proceedings, not to mention the questions it has raised, among the many already up in the air, about gender-based representational inequality in political and social institutions. Venus reversing into her own sign of Libra — the sign that epitomises abilities in perspective-taking, harmonising, equalising give and take, compromise, partnership, business and deal making — is a very big deal. In our personal lives as well as in the larger public sphere, formal and social contracts will be revisited, either to be rewritten or entirely discarded. This is not a good time to initiate new contracts or partnerships because your decisions might be misinformed or misguided by the fear of loneliness , or nostalgia. This is also not a good time to spend money on big purchases, entertaining others etc., unless you wish to do so for altruistic reasons i.e. you don’t expect anything in return for your ‘investment’.

Not only is Venus returning to her sign of Libra, but once she resumes direct motion, she will re-enter Scorpio to cast her gaze upon her own sign of Taurus, placed right opposite, where Uranus has just about, but not quite, begun his disruptive eight-year journey to redefine what we call our ‘cash cow.’ Previously, Uranus in Aries brought us a new era of people’s revolts, the Arab Spring, the lone wolf attacks, introducing us to new, but not always entirely welcome, ways in which one could assert one’s will. Which is to say, how Uranus might inspire Taurus to express its energy is going to be ….different….to say the least. But before Uranus can begin his full on journey through Taurus, Venus gazing upon the early degrees of the zodiac sign, where Uranus has already been briefly, with support from Saturn in the early degrees of Capricorn, could well set the directive for Uranus.

We often forget that while Uranus, with his clockwise rotation, is the maverick of the solar system, he is not alone. Venus rotates clockwise too, unlike other planets and bodies, so she too, marches to the beat of her own heart. Let’s see what diktat she issues to Uranus with regard to self-protection and merging, contracts, transactions, and materials of ‘value,’ what we can afford.  In sum, money and partnerships.

With Saturn in Capricorn involved, this could pertain to structural changes from the foundation up, right through the very visible fronts. The relational or exchange dynamics (social, or even physical) that inform these structures may need to incorporate new clauses. I wonder if (astro)physicists might experience a breakthrough or two — very recently, in the Venus in Scorpio period they announced the discovery of a bulk of atomic matter in the Universe that hadn’t been previously locatable. (The story: https://www.wired.com/story/astronomers-have-found-the-universes-missing-matter/)

I find the story behind John Tissot’s painting Sans Dot (or Without a Dowry) to be an interesting metaphor for this time as well. It might be worth a read: https://victorianparis.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/without-a-dowry/

Bear in mind that the full impact of the above movements and shifts might not be immediately apparent, but this is an important period of insemination. For our personal lives, this is a time to reach understandings that will inform our future endeavours, with or without the other(s) currently involved.

P.S. Despite everything mentioned above, when turns Venus retrograde it’s a great time to enjoy one’s freedom from the desires that on other days keep slave-driving us.Interestingly, Venus moves in reverse for about forty days — the forty-day fast has a special spiritual significance for salvation in Abrahamic religions.

Of course, on the flip side, we can be so used to constantly chasing our desires that an experience of sudden (if temporary) detachment from them can be disorienting enough for us to overcompensate the absence of want with more want. Keeping this in mind, enjoy the coming period as an opportunity to savour life through a clearer lens.

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