New Moon in Virgo, 20 September 2017

IMG_20170918_215521I am always up for a yummy New Moon, when my mind is at its sharpest and my emotions at their clearest. And I am quite looking forward to this New Moon in Virgo on 20 September. It has such silently powerful potential to liberate our will and ‘can do’ through force of discipline rather than aggression. It offers the opportunity to serve our own agenda without stomping all over others’.

This is going to be an excellent time to get past an injury (to the body, mind or ego) that has kept you cloistered (literally/figuratively) to make a fresh start towards better health. If you were disillusioned by your faith in a belief system or person, this is a good time to purge the offender from your life. If an addiction or mental health condition took a toll on you, a new routine could help restore your body. The conditions will support your choice to fight whatever addiction or repeating pattern keeps you beholden to the experience of loss.

Somewhere in your life there is an element of self-sabotage or damage you are inflicting on yourself by choosing (whether you realise it or not) to lose yourself or your dignity. Somewhere you are continuing to do something that does not bring you true joy, yet it is something you cannot break away from (even if it is from a misguided sense of duty or guilt). It could even be that you are in fact addicted to the pain that a situation or thought pattern brings you — can you look yourself in the eye and say that you aren’t just indulging yourself? This is a great time to recommit to your rehabilitation and self-care away from this hole of self-destruction.

At this time, that which once felt sublime starts to look old and tired. Time to shed that dead foliage.

Still, as in all planetary movements, there is some icky potential for things to wrong too. So beware:

  1. Signing up for a job (paid or voluntary), personal routine, medical/healing program or course of study that ends up enslaving you to someone’s agenda or cult of personality. Scrutinise the people you will be involved with in your undertakings like you would a contract’s fine print. This caution also applies if you are bringing home a pet — because they could turn out to be a problem somewhere down the line. Take on new obligations with full awareness and information. 
  2. Being drawn into an arrangement, contract or partnership where you end up doing all the work or incurring losses through needless expenses or legal matters, or someone else’s sense of entitlement. Recognise the difference between service and slavery.
  3. ‘Telling it like it is’ to ‘balance the scales’ in a way that hurts someone deeply or complete ends the relationship with them (which ironically will tie you to them karmically, across lifetimes, for so much longer that you would like!). Let go of people in your life with grace.

Quite poetically, the Earth Magic Oracle card I pulled out for this New Moon (shown at the beginning) says it all. I am posting an excerpt from the book that came with this deck, for additional guidance:

Now is the time to let anything in your life fall away that is no longer useful or needed for the emerging expression of who you are. Allow yourself to gradually shed what has become burdensome and no longer congruent with your soul’s purpose. …With release comes a sense of being much lighter, just like the trees that openly bare their nakedness once their leaves have departed and give room for whatever new Life is ready to birth following a period of quiet and gestation.


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I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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