Swept-ember September 2017 Tarotscopes

IMG_20150531_191609The month of Virgo is generally a time when we are getting our house in order in the area of  life that the sign of Virgo rules in our natal birth chart.

In plainspeak it is a time to be industrious, diligent and conscientious in dealing with credit card bills, health matters, daily grind and obligations, employees, pets, enemies, frenemies, studiousness, discipline, phobias, and the factors that undermine the balance in our business and personal relationships. In the aftermath of the eclipses of August, this year, September will be the time to monetise, actualise or realise the promise of the new beginning that we were shown at the end of the month. The inspiration we got last month will now need the nuts and bolts to become reality. Even the most talented artist needs to put in the hours of practice, after all! (If you did not feel the energy of this new beginning yet, don’t worry, it is coming!)

‘Heavily Virgo’ people (with many planets in Virgo in their chart) love practice, discipline, industriousness so much that they can tend toward reclusion or on another extreme, escapism, prompted by the pressure they put on themselves. Beware the shadow side of perfectionism. Being so demanding of order and correct form as Virgo can be, it can also make us critical of others who don’t seem to match up to our own ideas of commitment and dedication. This can result in arguments, break ups, disease caused by overwork or overdoing discipline.

In that spirit, please remember to take these tarotscopes with a pinch of salt always. There’s no destiny you cannot avert through sheer hard work and self-discipline! Adopt the Virgo mantra this month: All suffering can be alleviated through service.
















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