August 2017 for Taurus

It’s time for an important conversation my friend. You’ve been thinking over something for so long now that instead of shedding new light on deep recesses you’re simply going round and round in circles, like a cat being teased by a laser pointer. Take whatever insight you’ve gained in the recent past and table it for a discussion with concerned parties, then see if new understandings emerge. If you’ve been a bit withdrawn from your partner, this is a month where you will find it easier to merge back into harmony with them again. It may also be time for a key decision regarding a prospective partner. Before you make any final declarations you might want to hear their point of view. Those of you who have been cloistered away for a while might be guided to a fated encounter with someone who feels like a soulmate — you might see ‘signs’ to reaffirm this. How this will play out though is not guaranteed.

In any case, this month two minds are indeed better than one so do seek out experts or comrades who can add to your ideas and give you some more fodder for mental nourishment. Some of you might receive important insights from divine sources, pay attention. Mindfulness is important in August.

The Jumper card says you have the power now to convert your ideas — that were seeming to go nowhere –into profitable ventures. For some this could simply mean a month where you are prolifically and deftly upcycling waste into beautiful utilities. Don’t let anyone tell you that focusing on material well-being is not the path of spirituality — it is only when we’re comfortable physically and mentally that we can turn our attention to higher thoughts. ‘Bear’ necessities are important! 😉

If this reading doesn’t apply to you, check out the reading for your Ascendant and/or Moon sign (to find both signs out for yourself visit this link: Ascendant sign is ‘AS in’).

General readings don’t always apply to every individual’s unique situation or if they do, they do in a broader sense of the word.

Of course, when you get a personalised reading from me, there’s none of that ambiguity and just direct, clear messages meant for your specific situation. So if you feel like  getting one, do mail me at I take PayPal payments on a pay-as-you-like basis.

Until next month! 🙂


About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium! I'm mastering the use of intuition and logic to help people lead balanced, magical, joyful lives
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