August 2017 for Cancer

It may not seem like it yet, but the breezes of new beginnings are beginning to blow your way. No matter how funky and down-and-out you’re feeling at the start of the month, you’ll soon be walking on sunshine! And who do you have to thank for this? Yourself! Your recent discipline and dedication towards self-improvement will start to bear fruit now; open doors to new adventures. If you’ve felt like you had to keep an eye on everything just to keep life under control, this month will give you the chance to let your hair down a bit. Some of you might be starting a new learning program, journey or career that makes you feel lighter. That’s the good news.

Now for some not-so-good news. Being a month of eclipses, August could throw your sharply honed intuition out of whack. Even though you’re one to always watch your step keenly, you might fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes, too-good-to-be-true job offers, or mesmerising new lovers at this time. If a new prospect like any of the aforementioned gusts into your life with the promise to sweep you away to new and exciting shores after what seems like a lifetime of drudgery, don’t rush in like a fool. It might be VERY tempting, but don’t. Lend an ear to those who seem to be giving dampening advice. Or simply take a LOT of time to make any big decisions.

If you don’t wilfully turn a blind eye to warning signs, and if you accept that you might not be getting the complete picture of a situation, you’ll be in the right mindset to enjoy the surprises coming your way! Have fun!

If this reading doesn’t apply to you, check out the reading for your Ascendant and/or Moon sign (to find both signs out for yourself visit this link: Ascendant sign is ‘AS in’).

General readings don’t always apply to every individual’s unique situation or if they do, they do in a broader sense of the word.

Of course, when you get a personalised reading from me, there’s none of that ambiguity and just direct, clear messages meant for your specific situation. So if you feel like  getting one, do mail me at I take PayPal payments on a pay-as-you-like basis.

Until next month! 🙂


About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium! I'm mastering the use of intuition and logic to help people lead balanced, magical, joyful lives
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