A Gust of August Tarotscopes

IMG_20170211_094340What turbulent weather we are about to have! The winds are gusting in, sweeping through our lives as inspiration, devastation, confusion, motivation, life, death, fear, hope, atrophy, ingenuity, a loss of bearings and the discovery of a new path.

This weather began with a New Moon at 0 degrees in Leo conjunct Mars in late July, and it continues through a Lunar eclipse at 21 degrees Aquarius on 7 August and a Solar eclipse at 28 degrees Leo on 21 August. Notice how the beginning and the end of the Leo sign are energised i.e., we are going through an entire cycle of recognising the spark of creative intelligence within us, feeling the collective unable to recognise its brilliance, and mastering its expression on our own, with or without an appreciative audience.

As the Solar eclipse trines Uranus in Aries, it’s about doing your own thing no matter how eccentric or odd it seems to the public. You shine in areas where mere mortals don’t tread!

If you have fear or anxiety about a particular area of your life then the eclipses along the Leo-Aquarius axis are telling you the solution lies in something that allows you greater self-expression and actualisation perhaps at the cost of your connection to an existing network, group, marketplace ideology or even system of doing things. This is a time of revelation and discovery. Perhaps something that is revealed about your associates or system of doing things goads you to go your own way and do what feels more like ‘you’. You may not want to keep going along with what your ‘group’ says any more. Leo and Aquarius are both creative, eccentric signs, but Leo channels creative intelligence towards self-fulfilment (and glory!) while Aquarius makes creative connections for the good of the collective. Something you were expecting your associates, network or ideology to deliver may not come through; people and systems may disappoint so you may finally get the drive to break away and do something that actually makes you feel alive. Too, a surprising turn of events might bring you the attention of an appreciative audience for a talent you did not even know you had!

Whenever there’s change in the air, there’s confusion, unease and anxiety — like when you anticipate the next descent of the roller coaster. Hang in there, it’s not as bad as it feels!

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