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Taurus in July 2017

There is an air of exhaustion and world-weariness about your reading. You have felt betrayed recently, or perhaps some situation came to a bitter end, or perhaps you’re too weighed down by your worries. You have been through or are … Continue reading

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Aries in July 2017

Imagine you have a great big party and it’s all fun and games till the next morning when you wake up with the mother of all hangovers and huge bills to pay for damaged property and out-of-menu orders. Was it … Continue reading

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Juley, July! Monthly Tarotscopes for All Signs (2017)

In the rainshadow of the Himalayas, in the oxygen-deprived beautifully barren, coldly inviting land of Ladakh, the ruddy-complexioned natives have a sublimely joyful, exquisitely complex word: Juley! It is an all-purpose word meaning “Hello!”, “Goodbye”, “Thank You” and I suspect … Continue reading


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