Juley, July! Monthly Tarotscopes for All Signs (2017)


A silver lining to every cloud! 🙂

In the rainshadow of the Himalayas, in the oxygen-deprived beautifully barren, coldly inviting land of Ladakh, the ruddy-complexioned natives have a sublimely joyful, exquisitely complex word: Juley!

It is an all-purpose word meaning “Hello!”, “Goodbye”, “Thank You” and I suspect many other adjectives and nouns. It’s quite a resource efficient way of putting one simple sound to many uses without wasting too much breath, but to a visitor not in on the nuances of  their communication it can lead to complications. ‘Is this person welcoming me or asking me to leave?’ It doesn’t help that the Ladakhis keep a placid countenance at all times!

The planets have spoken a complicated language since 2008. There are a precious few left among us who haven’t experienced a total and utter transformation in at least one area of their life in the space between that year and now. The tense/energetic build up to the Full Moon of 9th July is going to punctuate the story of that one area of your life in a rather dramatic (even if silent) fashion. Which part of your life was utterly destroyed in the past few years? Where did you rise from the ashes? Where did you enjoy blessings in horrific disguises? Where did you find yourself once helpless now powerful? Where has there been the establishment of a whole new order? In July there is one final climax to be dealt with (in your head or in real life), this could very well translate into something explosive, depressive or highly charged and passionate. Err on the side aggressively nurturing others rather than self-protective destruction. This month, in the time of roots-loving, emotionally sensitive Cancer, it’s time to say Juley!

Bid farewell to your past; say thank you to your present; welcome the future.

Say thank you to your past; bid farewell to your present; say hello to your future.

Say hello to your past; welcome your present; say thank you in anticipation of the new adventures to come.

Now you have been freed of structures that did not serve you; now you are ready to begin again.

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I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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