Cancer in July 2017

Happy Birthday Cancer! Have a nice one!

In July you have your eye on an investment, job or skill-development opportunity that is taking its time to get off the ground. You have in your hands a seed of an idea but you don’t quite know how to get it to grow. Perhaps you feel the need for a complementary partner who will help you in this project? Perhaps your life is out of balance and not enabling of this constructive activity. Perhaps this new beginning is not in line with your spiritual good? Some Cancers could experience this in the realm of health — a new exercise or diet regimen could have birthing issues if your body and mind are not aligned and ready.

Some Cancers could see their professional/personal partner back out of a joint project idea which has financial or material implications. Some Cancers could have trouble with their children’s health. Some Cancers could be dealing with a churlish individual who wants everything their way.

As a Cancer myself I’m not best pleased by this underwhelming birthday month prediction but the message I’m taking away from it is that there are some finer touches or details of daily life that need to be looked into in order to make ourselves ready for new beginnings.

This month is about self care rather than external developments. Deal with the little niggles, balance the yin and yang of your life and don’t forget to eat cake!

page of pentacles

If this reading doesn’t apply to you, check out the reading for your Ascendant and/or Moon sign (to find both signs out for yourself visit this link: Ascendant sign is ‘AS in’).

General readings don’t always apply to every individual’s unique situation or if they do, they do in a broader sense of the word.

Of course, when you get a personalised reading from me, there’s none of that ambiguity and just direct, clear messages meant for your specific situation. So if you feel like  getting one, do mail me at I take PayPal payments on a pay-as-you-like basis.

Until next month! 🙂

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