So Not Je-June! Monthly Tarot For All Signs (2017)


Get your June buggies out!

After a time of frustrated action, stalemate or simply quiet preparation and even perhaps an epiphany or two, we are getting closer and closer to lift off. June will be the month when you take the inaugural step, however small or insignificant seeming, towards a grand plan, which will unfold and be realised over the next many months or even a year or two. Signing papers or getting information is usually the flavour of the Gemini season we are in. Also of benefit is meeting, chatting and mingling with youthful minds, and friends with whom you enjoy great bants. You never what important piece of info or idea emerges through these activities! Beware though of those who can only seem to tell you what you can’t do; beware too of that disparaging voice inside your head. Heed the naysayers though but only as the Devil’s advocate, to check if you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s of your plans.

General tarotscopes written en masse for everyone of a sign can tend to sound so generic you’d be forgiven to think astrologers and tarot readers use ambiguity to give an illusion of accuracy. But that’s not true. Look from one sign’s scope to another and you’ll realise it’s about different, though overarching, trends that are affecting everyone in a sign, albeit in specific ways for every individual. It’s akin to a big event like an economic crisis affecting everyone but uniquely — some become homeless, some merely need to fire their butler. some make money off the crisis, some discover a different calling as a result of joblessness. So please, apply these general readings in a broad sort of context for yourself.

It also helps to look up your Ascendant and Moon sign scope (to find both signs out for yourself visit this link: Ascendant sign is ‘AS in’), because sometimes they explain your situation better.

Of course, when you get a personalised reading from me, there’s none of that ambiguity and just direct, clear messages meant for your specific situation. So if you feel like  getting one, do mail me at I take PayPal payments on a pay-as-you-like basis.

ARIES: Self-preservation is the theme of this month. You seem to be emerging from a time of heartbreak, a painful decision, betrayal or health problems; June is when the wounds start healing. If it’s not physical well-being you’ve got on your mind, then it’s money issues that have you preoccupied. It is also possible that you’re being extra defensive or, dare I say. miserly with your resources towards others because someone let you down and left a bad taste in your mouth. While you’ll keep a sharp eye out for any more bullsh*t coming your way, you’re advised to keep from erring on the side of being sharp tongued in the bargain. Question others, politely; don’t pick fights to test them! Be it in matters of health, wealth or work, do look out for yourself by all means, but don’t end up alienating others by being too close-minded or tight-fisted. A recently-made tough decision will bear the fruit of stability for some.


TAURUS: Slow and steady is what usually wins the race for you. But in June it looks like a move to calmer waters (read a career or house shift) is slacking in forward momentum. Whatever new job, investment-related plan, or location change you had initiated recently could be temporarily stalled due to your own worries. Or perhaps you need an ally to help you through? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It looks like an Air sign male (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) or someone who is a professional expert will be able and available to help. If you don’t know anyone like that yet you might meet them soon. They could engineer the realisation of a goal or wish. Or perhaps a chat with them or advice from them will uplift you. It’s also possible that someone who was stonewalling you before opens up now. Fun times could ensue!

To be honest your jumper cards have confused me a little, so if any of the above transpires in any shape or form, do leave a comment because it will help me refine my readings in the future.

Those of you who’ve been suffering from mobility issues might experience a small setback but nothing that can’t easily be solved with timely, expert advice. Go slow!

Jumper Cards
(Please let me know how they translated for you)


Main Card

6 of swords

GEMINI: Go forth and conquer my friends as stalemates end and progress begins. This forward momentum most likely has to do with work and the team or people you collaborate with. Where once there was confusion or disagreement over the path to take there will now be consensus. This could also have to do with a job-related relocation. Whether it is a project getting the green light or a physical move you have in your sights, or even a new car you wish to purchase, make sure there are clear rules and boundaries you are working with. Still, the overall feel is good: Of a small victory leading to a big leap.

For some of you though, a recent promotion could have put you in charge of an uncooperative team. But this month they will be digging their heels in no longer if you work with a spirit of unifying opposing forces and differences into one mellifluous structure.

In June future directions become clearer and if you had joint issues then movement becomes more supple. Have a good month! And happy birthday! 🙂


CANCER: Reviewing and revising emotional goals is on the cards. Many of you will be ditching an outdated dream of the proverbial white picket fenced happy family in favour of a more free-flowing aim to find happiness in any shape or form, wherever the winds take you. If you’re not feeling quite so much like a rolling stone, it is recommended you cultivate that feeling in the interest of your own spiritual and emotional evolution (because happy surprises are around the corner!). Many will be leaving a long-term or past friendship, partnership or family relationship behind in light of the realisation that this association is more discomforting than forthcoming with any real joy. You stay guarded around an individual and loyal to a fault in hope of a happy outcome or recognition that is ever more elusive. Forgive and move on says the Jumper Card!

The Ace of Cups in the Rider-Waite tarot deck is special because it is the only card that in its reversal too has an indisputable symbol. As the ‘W’ on the cup becomes an ‘M’ when upside down many speculate it connotes Mary Magdalene, some say it hints to the great Mysteries of life. Either way the message is: The internal joy you derive from numinosity is far more rewarding and resilient than the happiness you get from external sources.

The reversed Ace of Cups also means happy new beginnings are in the works, but for now, work on your own inner peace. Soon baby, soon the sun will shine on your patch!

PS: Beware of coveting what others have. Their happily-ever-after might just be your “Quick! Get me a raft out!” Contemplate your own unique fairy tale this month.

Also, the fact that all cards came out reversed tells me that the time isn’t right for you to know where you’re going next. This month could be the universe’s way of testing your ability to surrender to the moment. Ommmmmm!

Jumper Card

Ace of Cups

This Month’s Cards (two came out!)

LEO: Most Leonine manes will be in a tangle over confusing choices, fallouts and even moral dilemmas. Some are just about getting over a recent betrayal or quarrel in a key partnership and contemplating leaving the union entirely. The cards suggest you take some time out and see things from a different perspective before you make that final decision. Even those of you dealing with infidelity should retreat and wait for matters to unfold or information to reveal itself gradually. Some of you are having to make some tough choices over material matters  — walking a more spiritually satisfying path could mean giving up on some creature comforts. But are you ready to do that? You could be convinced to by a wise ‘ascetic’ type you might encounter who inspires you give it all up for a bigger dream. For some, this is a period when physical (surgery?) or emotional wounds are healing but the body and mind aren’t back in balance just yet. If this is related to medical matters, check with your physician if you can do Yoga or Pilates to aid healing. Or try meditation. If you’re avoiding making a choice or getting restless about making one, be diligent to look at things from all angles, not just those related to material issues.

There are many different areas of your life where this could apply but in a nutshell: There is a difficult decision to be made, possibly an element of deceit to contend with, and the need to look at the issue, person or thing from a different angle.

In more ways than those mentioned here, Leos in June will be spurred by imbalance or discomfort to find the ‘right fit’ for themselves. In simplicity, austerity and spirituality might lie your answer.

Jumper Card

Hanged Man

Main Monthly Card

Lovers rx RW

VIRGO: An uncomplicated reading for an uncomplicated sign. You have had your nose to the grindstone, working hard at learning a new skill or producing a piece of work for yourself or for the organisation you work for. Now is the time to reap the rewards for all that toil! If you’re graduating from an educational/training program, you’ll get a job offer. If you’ve been slaving over an independent project, you’ll now be able to present it in its full glory. Even if you’re a stay-at-home mum or dad you could be revealing something like a treehouse you built to surprise your kids with. If you’ve been on some health regimen, you’ll have a beach bod to flaunt just in time for summer; or good health to glow with after a loooong time. Some of you might get proposed to by their romantic partner who is finally appreciating your loyalty and sincerity towards them. One way or the other, be it an internal feeling of a new beginning or through the agency of an external event, there is a fresh start in some aspect of your life this month following a long period of perseverance, honing, and sincerity.  Enjoy the just desserts! 🙂


LIBRA: You are coming out of a fairly inward looking time when you were perhaps (emotionally or physically) unavailable to dear ones. Were you wrestling with confidence or health issues? Or creative blocks may be?Well that changes this month when you start to feel more secure and stable in some way. Your domestic situation is looking calm. Some of you might even experience a money windfall. All this means that in June you’re not so “What about me?” focused and more interested in spending quality community time. Some of you could see the return of a child who had flown the coop (for happy reasons) so that your family unit is restored to its usual integrity. Health wise you’ll reach a milestone on the jogging track to greater strength. Additionally, in the wake of incoming stability, you might decide to take a trip somewhere, or make new friends through your hobbies or start a new physical activity. Some of you could get involved in a hot affair but bear in mind, it’s just for fun. A new fiery friend could also enter your life (could be Aries, Leo or Sagittarius). Word of caution: You might have a tendency to get too stuck in old ways and habits to the point of stagnation. Keep an open mind!

Jumper Card


Main Card


SCORPIO: A male in your life has been wanting too much of your attention lately but now it’s your time to shine. the difficult male in question might turn around and shower you with their warmth and affection. This could even play out at the workplace with a bossy boss. Alternatively you could have found your own emotions all over the place and as a result thrown a tantrum or two about how no one cares. In June you’ll be singing a different and happier tune. For some of you, a child, or a product of your creativity, could be the source of much pride. If you’ve been suffering from issues related to bloating, swelling or water retention you will start to feel better. If you’re not there yet, the cards recommend some time in the sun. If your house was plagued by issues related to dampness, it will start to dry out. If you were suffering from creative blocks, especially as a teacher, chef, nursing practitioner or musician, June will be a more productive month. Get the general drift? Here comes the Sun!


SAGITTARIUS: This is one hubbub of a month dear Archers. You emerge from a time of trials, feeling lack, suspended animation or reviewing life, into a  period filled with chatter, emails, meetings, things to do, places to go, people to meet (and even do? ;-)). Some of you receive enlightening information that spurs you to get back at someone. Try not to indulge in pointless battles of wits and ego. Don’t let your ambitions make you too cut throat either (Your time will be better spent in stimulating debates or competitive sport). It is possible you become more holier-than-thou and put people off with your cutting words. Think before you speak whether what you say will be constructive at all or simply raise everyone’s hackles.

If you end up having an altercation with an Air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius), it will be because they are being too hasty or pugnacious and it looks like you’ll be putting your foot down. If it’s a Pisces you’re clanging your sword with it might serve you well to at least listen to their point of view, which may enrich you in some way.

Your mind is sharp as a razor as you cut through bullsh*t; your wisdom also shines through in the decisions you make. Enjoy the busyness of June!

Knight of Swords

CAPRICORN: Illusions dissipate in the wake of revelation. Bitter the truth might feel at first but then you’ll realise how living a lie is so much worse than this transient hurt. Seeing the dream you built around a person, or goal, for the flimsy castle in the air it really is has been a long time coming but here you are now, eyes wide open.  Something you have been waiting on or wishing for has remained elusive for a long enough time, and now you realise it never is going to happen. Truth is, whether you know it or not, you have outgrown this dream the universe is now forcing — if you don’t volunteer to — you to give up on. But here’s where things start to get interesting. Your Jumper Card says that almost at the instant you shed this inutile dream or person from your life, something new will come in to make you happy! So hurry up and get disillusioned already! 😛

If a person starts to look a bit dodgy in the clear light of day, take not a second extra to move on. If there’s a dream that remains ever distant like a mirage, turn the other way! Happiness is coming.

If you have been worried about an ache , pain or symptom that has escaped diagnosis thus far, it could come to light in June, which is good because then healing will begin. Now is also a good time to give up on an addiction or habit that you know is bad for your mental or physical health. All the best! 🙂

Jumper Card

Ace of Cups

Main Card

7 of cups

AQUARIUS: All the bad things that have brought you pain — physically, financially or emotionally — climax and conclude this month. Difficult as this might be for now, the good news is, it means a new day is dawning soon. A job, investment or relationship that would bring you greater security has proven to be a dead horse. And I think you’re just so tapped out by all the effort you’ve put in that you wouldn’t be able to carry on with it anyway. Some of you might experience losses in income. Some of you might discover that a stable-seeming partnership wasn’t quite all promising as it looked to be. Some of you are just tired from working at it patiently without any real results achieved. Whatever sad feelings you’re feeling, let them sink you then wash over you in June. Don’t hold back tears if you want to cry. And seek a friend out if you can; you don’t have to suffer silently. If none of this applies to you then the caution for you is to look after your health as you might be fine one minute and fall ill the next. Also, read all the fine print before you invest in anything lest you get swindled. It’s not the happiest of readings I agree, but it heralds the end of an exacting cycle so happy new beginnings can have their turn.

In some cases I’d say everything is all right but your own fears and concerns are making you see cloudy weather cast over clear skies. Don’t self sabotage!

10 of Swords

PISCES: Is there a megalomaniac that has been giving you trouble? Is there someone in your life — at home or at work or in your social network — who is all about me, me, me and getting under your skin? (This could be a Fire sign – Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) Looks like you’re picking a fight with them this month. But before the gloves come off beware! Your victory could come at the price of moral or spiritual discomfort, and even the support of your compadres. Think before you speak, words carry the immense power to endear you to or isolate you from the people around. Where you might think you’re healing someone with the truth pill, they might think you’re destroying them with a rude bomb.  It could also play out the other way around where this troublesome individual plays a dirty game and profits off your losses in some way — like diving in for the promotion you were going to get on the day you’ve had a bit of a struggle with your boss. Something like that. It could translate in any area of your life. In June, stay vigilant yet open; stay honest yet polite. And accept the challenge of building a constructive dynamic with even the worst of individuals.

5 of Swords

Until next month! 🙂

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