Feb-don’t-rue-ary February 2017 Tarotscopes are here!



February is here.

Hopefully we’ll all have something to cheer.
May you be surrounded by those you hold dear.
May your troubles melt away along with your fears.

If your sun sign’s tarotscope is not clear,
look to your rising sign, which you can determine here: http://www.astrologycafe.com/compatibility-ascendant-birth-chart-tools/

These are general readings so they won’t always be exact my dear.
But if you like I could do one just for you, and it’ll hit bull’s eye like a spear.


loversLove brings difficult choices. Love also brings some soul searching. As a sign that is more inclined than most to take a devil-may-care attitude, this month you’re being urged to think of the impact of your actions on your near and dear ones. The result? A fresh start, perhaps in just a change of attitude, that makes you feel lighter and more motivated about everything in general. For some, this marks a time of reckoning, especially in romantic relationships — should you say ‘I do’ or go? Follow your higher needs and not just physical/material concerns. For some, this is also a time of exploration or education and again, you are confronted with the challenge to establish a working harmony between reality and fantasy. Enjoy the mental exercise!


5 of SwordsNo matter how hard you try to get along with others and just do a good job at the end of the day, it’s never enough is it? This month could see you feeling cheated like this or in some other way. Or you might decide to speak up for some reason and that could result in a battle that will see no winners. Some of you could find you’ve been overlooked for praise or a promotion despite having done your fair share at work.Those of you getting their houses renovated may get the bad end of the bargain from renovators…steel yourself, keep a sharp eye out. In better news, if you’re competing against others for work or elsewhere this could be your moment to slay ’em. General advice for the month? Pick your battles as well as your words wisely.


loversWhere do you go from here? It’s possible you moved into a new place recently, or got newly married, or perhaps left home for new shores. And now come the difficult decisions. Perhaps you’re having second thoughts or buyer’s remorse about where you are now? A lot of you though should be enjoying peace and stability. Some of you will be enjoying a free run of choices in your new setting — each one better than the other. For some of you a passionate encounter leads to moral conundrums over short-term gains versus long-term goals. This is definitely a ‘charged’ time, but it’s also a period where you can pave the path to inner peace should you follow a higher calling.


HeirophantSigning on dotted lines could be a big part of your month. As could be the formalisation of a relationship. If you’re caught between choices then the conventional option might be the better bet. Some of you will attract a partner who is a leader of an organisation or social group. For some of you, the advice is that if romance comes calling it will be a good idea to maintain a slightly reserved stance and not rush in as fools are wont to do. Following the form of formal courtship will help you maintain enough objectivity and distance to make the right moves. If you’re looking for a partner then joining a meet-up or website could help. If you feel like your health has seen better days, then now is the time to seek professional help from doctors/dieticians/holistic healers who will help you with fixing on a regimen. If you’re confused about a partner and it’s still early days, ask to meet their friends or family.


7-of-pentaclesYou’ve made a move, now you await the results. Did you recently make some bold decisions or life shifts that are failing to bear the kind of fruit you hoped they would? Don’t worry, be patient. New developments are gestating yet so you can’t exactly see them. For some of you it may seem like you’ve been making far too many compromises of late and that somewhere in the midst you’ve lost a grip on your own hopes and dreams. If there is some kind of ennui sinking in, plan a mini adventure just for yourself! For some of you, this ennui could do with a relationship you’ve been trying to put a happy face on. Again, take some time out for yourself. Are you thinking of a career change or financial growth? Think bold but don’t go betting on horses!


ace-of-swordsThis month you have the clarity of thought and consequently, the energy to dispel your fantastic notions to replace them with healthier dreams. Some new facts or someone’s true colours coming to light could help you see things clearer. It may not feel great but you’ll be happy for at least being able to work with the truth rather than misleading assumptions. For some of you this is a time to leave a drug or alcohol problem behind. There is a positive shift in perception many of you will experience. A special word of advice for you though, is to ride out the lows with patience and hope. Indeed, there will be moments when you’ll feel like detoxing is not really worth it, or that perhaps you should return to that unhealthy (co-dependent?) relationship after all….but stay strong. This month marks the lull before good things start flowing your way!


Jumper card with a special message


StarA long-distance relationship is on your mind! This relationship involves one person who is more concerned about the penny-and-pound realities of life and another who is more idealistic or romantic. Both parties are aware of this mismatch at one level and feel like it won’t work out, yet, both are thinking of each other as one goes about their daily business and the other waits for a phone call! Will the twain meet? The Star says that there is a bit of divine guidance navigating this situation. You never know! For those to whom this relationship situation does not apply, this month is a time to take a break from your worldly concerns and tune into your inner yearnings. What do you REALLY want from life? Surely not the same old grind! Perhaps a relaxing retreat will help you come up with some answers!


4-of-pentaclesMoney or health concerns are on your mind! Something a boss or doctor said to you has you slightly worried that you might lose your hold on a stable situation. (Feels more like a money problem FYI). Perhaps you’re trying to still hold onto a job that has you feeling short-changed in some way. Is there a new organisational diktat that has you worried? The question is, should you stay or should you go? The answer: Choose the path of least stagnation! For some of you it’s possible that as a part of extended family, friends’ group or community you’re being asked to shell out some money and you’re not feeling too happy about that! How much do you stand to lose? How much love and respect do you stand to gain in its stead?


5 of SwordsA new love comes in, prompting you to break things off with your current partner — be gentle. A new love enters your life and turns out to have been a Judas of some sort — be brave. An announcement of a pregnancy or marriage starts to cause squabbles between a happy couple. These are some of the scenarios that could play out in your life. But hey! Being inherently learning oriented you know loss teaches far more than it takes! So don’t dwell on the unpleasant exchanges (regardless of if you initiated them or received them), take away fresh insight from them. Watch your words this month and make it your mission to learn the art of fighting gracefully so no one gets permanently hurt. Whatever fight you lose this month, however you are disarmed, will ultimately lead to a new way of thinking and communicating for you. Some of you may also find some solace in a new no-strings-attached breezy affair.


7-of-wands-2It’s a mixed kind of month for you — bittersweet in its offerings. On the one hand it’s a highly social time, it may also bring a happy reunion or a string of parties but at the same time this will cause you to struggle with keeping up with chores and perhaps, even add to your already long list! If you’re in the midst of planning a big social event (a wedding?) then you’ll feel beset by endless obstacles and the cards want you to remain strong! Some of you might also find yourself needing to fend off many admirers when you make your public appearances….ooooh! In general, this is a month where you’ll be pressed to think creatively and in fact even be inspired to! Enjoy!


Knight of CupsYou’ve been toiling away or studying hard behind the scenes and now it’s time to show the world what you’ve got! Many of you might be getting ready for an exhibition or presentation of personal work at this time. And you’ll be feeling quite good about it all! For some of you this month signals the need to take a break from work and make the time for some romance….FYI, a suitor could come calling! šŸ˜‰ Those of you who’ve been working on their bodies, this month you’ll feel ready to flaunt what you’ve got! Woo hoo! All in all, it’s a pleasant, inspiring and a tad dreamy month. Your work will be appreciated…and so will you!


This month an authority or father figure, someone who has passed on, or a senior mentor of yours plays an important role. With regard to this person, where you were once feeling at a loss, you’re now becoming more comfortable. Those who’ve been grieving the passing away of such a figure will now start to feel OK again. Some of you are at a stage in life where you are taking big, concrete steps to build a better life — this month your efforts will start to bear fruit as losses start turning into wins. Health-wise, you still might suffer minor symptoms but largely you’ll find your condition steadily improving. For some of you, there is a transition from working to early retirement! For some of you this is a month where you leave ‘the hard life’ or a ‘killer instinct’ behind to adopt a more genteel and gentle approach. I almost feel as if there are some of you who are leaving some kind of a criminal career behind and choosing to go clean! Peace!

Until next month! šŸ™‚


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