Pisces in 2017: The Adventures of Sinbad

Dear Pisces,

Your sign, while considered Mutable in astrology and therefore changeable/flexible, can also be prone to extremes in that you can lose yourself in a pursuit and reach levels akin to addiction, becoming blind to everything else in a self-destructive way. This year you’re being asked to snap out of it! Whatever ‘it’ is for you — a particular mood, pursuit, hobby, relationship, job, location etc.You’re being asked to expand your world in some way.

The first quarter of 2017 sees you lost in your head. Either you’re suffering from brain fog or you’re drinking or drugging yourself to oblivion. This likely has to do with some kind of loss (of a relationship? a near one?) that you suffered in the recent past. You might be experiencing something akin to the dark night of the soul but we know that that always ends with the dawn of a new beginning and the rise of a higher consciousness. Whatever ails your mind and heart, trust that it is leading you to a new you!

 The cards in the second quarter indeed herald new beginnings as after a rather inward-looking or reclusive period, you seem to be entering a new phase of life. This could also be tied to a graduation, wedding or some other kind of ‘life’ milestone — it looks more like marriage or domestic relocation actually. Health-wise too you’ll be feeling brighter and taking charge of how you feel. The advice this quarter, whether you’re moving in with a partner or initiating healthy habits, is to take baby steps. Getting to know someone when you start sharing a house with them is a whole new adventure. In everything, take a learning-oriented approach. If this is about changing houses or jobs or even entering a new phase in education, keep your financial risk low — don’t spend more than you have or take credit (in the case of new job a small raise is all right — the job might have better potential in the long-term). ALSO, very importantly, pay attention to the details — the Devil could be in them! BTW, whatever this ‘move’ is about, it sure seems like it’s not entirely on your terms, you will need to take into account clauses, needs, requirements, rules that aren’t entirely to your liking but hey! the friction will be a learning experience!

From July through September life looks action packed for you. You’re probably meeting a lot of friends, there’s a lot of chatter around you, and it has something to do with a big celebration or event (it possibly has to do with the ‘transition’ mentioned in the previous quarter). The only advice for you at this happy time is to make sure you get enough downtime and good sleep.

What have I got myself into? I hear you say. From October to the end of the year is what looks like the ‘hangover’ phase from the last quarter. You probably schmoozed so much that all you want to do now is veg out! There is a small word of caution: For those of you newly-wed or in a new job etc. (refer to the transition of the second quarter), it is possible that you’re having ‘buyer’s remorse’ during this period. You could feel like you’ve put yourself in a situation that is now beginning to feel more like a trap! Also, it IS possible for some of you to discover a clause in your job/house contract (or something about your spouse) that does indeed bind you to something you didn’t know you were agreeing to! (the detail Devil of the second quarter?) The cards advise you to take things in your stride, remain emotionally calm and deal with the problem with a light touch. Don’t fly off the handle at a nasty discovery or become mean-spirited because you’re feeling hemmed in. Treat this is as an opportunity to challenge your ability to be Zen! If you are able to remain level-headed you’ll discover a hidden blessing or a loophole! It’s there! Don’t not see it just because you’re blind with rage or despair!!!

2017 will be a year when many dilemmas confront you as you’re challenged to step outside your comfort zone and discover a whole new world! Enjoy the ride!

Have a hot, alternative, pretty party-tastic, yin-yang of a 2017!

What’s on the cards for Pisces in 2017

2 of Wands

General theme: Adventure

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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