Aquarius in 2017: Papillon

Dear Aquarius,

Chaos leads to new beginnings — you should know!, being the architect of many an upset yourself! 😛 This year, if you find yourself losing your mind over fears or unfulfilled hopes tell yourself a new beginning is right around the corner, because it is!

Weirdly enough, your year starts similar to your neighbour Capricorn, with a legacy or financial windfall. It’s possible that issues of division might arise and it might see you seeking an ombudsman or professional counsel. This could also pertain to the sale of a house. Whatever be the case, the cards advise you to play fair and divide the assets equally with others. The other advice that is coming through is to engage in some community work or charity — you’ll find it to be surprisingly beneficial for your own emotional and mental health as well!

The period between April and July is ALL loved up!!!! There’s an ‘I love you’ coming your way and a romantic affair follows. Some of you will be getting marriage proposals as well. Family, weddings, romantic dates — that’s where it is at at this time. Some of you might unwittingly lure in an admirer at a wedding or related event. For some of you the good news is about what the stork is bringing! Hello mum/dad-to-be! In general this is going to be a happy time for you.

From July through October the happier times of the previous months now make way some hard work and hard thinking. You are faced with some tough decisions mostly likely to do with your work, studies or livelihood. You’ve been working hard at something — perhaps a self-owned business? Perhaps some skill enhancement? Perhaps just plain ‘ol nose to the grindstone? You might have to choose between an option that promises you wealth and comfort versus one that calls to your spirit and independence. Funnily enough, the cards suggest you go for material well-being. Some of you might choose to work from home at this time (perhaps because there’s a little one on their way?). If you receive a job offer at this time, take the one that offers more money. For singles, this is especially about choosing a bigger pay cheque versus something that, let’s say, allows you to spend more time with your romantic interest.

And so we come to the final quarter of 2017. For the expectant parents, it looks like you’ll have to go for a C-section — the baby may not want to come into this troubled world! (Of course, since this is a general reading, this is not going to be applicable to all). Still, the news will be good! For others, it’s possible that the decision to go after your own material well-being in the previous quarter causes a temporary break-up with the partner. Worry not! Stay happy…it’s most likely temporary! However, there are some of you who, for the first time, will prioritise their own need for comfort and security over their partner’s whims and choose to go their own way. If that be the case, awesome! Trust that better things are on their way! The other trend that could play out is that you either feel betrayed by your SO in some way or become a bit too perfection-oriented at this time and therefore become a little less loving. If you’ve been slighted or wronged, give them a chance. You never know! This crisis could lead to a deepening of the relationship! For those of you who might have to go through a surgery at this time, the news is good! You’re healthy, safe and sound!

In 2017, there will definitely be a point where you leave your fears and dark thoughts (You know? The ones you never tell anyone about?) behind and feel renewed hope for some reason.

Have a hearty, airy, pleasure-packed, pert, yackity 2017!

What’s on the cards for Aquarius in 2017


General theme: Sensuality

(Special note: Due to software restrictions I could not show that the general theme card Ace of Pentacles came stuck with the Moon card; the 8 of Pentacles came out stuck with the Magician card)

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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