Capricorn in 2017: The Master and Margarita

Dear Capricorn,

Suits the stereotype associated with you — this year you take no prisoners, entertain no excuses but perhaps err on the side of being too cynical? 2017 builds up slowly, so even if you think nothing much is moving, things are!

At the start of the year it seems like you’re in deep thought or suspended animation, ruminating over the recent past. Some of you could be dealing with legacies received. Some of you could receive a windfall of some kind, or a rich return on investment. For some of you, matters pertaining to domestic security or family well-being have reached a (satisfactory) conclusion. What next? The cards tell you not to confuse calm for stagnation. Soon a new chapter shall begin. If you’ve got aforementioned legacy/windfall-related matters to manage, you are advised to be practical yet optimistic. Also, if you know a fiery, happy-go-lucky yet successful entrepreneur-type, take their opinion. For some of you this person is an admirer taken in by you….and may be they are seeing you as ‘sensible marriage material’! BTW, some of you could also be thinking of renovating the home (or is there a question whether to sell it or keep it?). If you do, do it with a spirit of fun not just pure functionality!

Some time between April and July things start moving. Either this is the time you’re physically receiving the legacy/windfall shown in the first quarter or perhaps you’re receiving a new job offer. Either way, it looks like you have some extra money to spare. Should you choose to invest, seek the vehicles or advice of a big company that has been around. Avoid experimenting with offbeat investments, especially those that may not be ‘morally’ right in some way. Think long-term stability.

While the first half of the year sees you dealing with material matters it is interesting to see that the latter half is more emotionally charged. Between July and October some of you might encounter a promising romantic prospect but it seems like they might ‘evaporate’ or there may be a break not much after a bond is forged. Don’t despair though. The cards suggest they’ll be back! For those of you STILL nursing wounds from a past relationship or dealing with loss, this encounter with someone new will bring hope back into your life! Turn around, bright eyes! This time your heart won’t be eclipsed! Health-wise, if you’ve been suffering (and the physical problem is likely linked to the mental), you’ll enjoy restored balance now.

The last quarter of the year sees you setting off towards new horizons! A physical move or a plunge into deeper emotional waters is in store for you. Some of you might decide to finally pursue that big dream of yours. And the cards say: Fortune favours the brave! Go forth and find that big love; that one thing that will make your soul come alive. For some of you this will mean things get more serious with that person you met in the previous quarter — perhaps they’ll ask you to move in with them? Perhaps you’ll decide to travel around the world with them?! On a slightly less exciting note, perhaps this person you met left you with a thirst for more from your life and that is a good thing!

In 2017, shrewd thinking will serve you well in the first half where the nuts and bolts of the daily grind are concerned. But in the second half, try to soften your glare a little and open up to fun….

Have a happy-go-lucky, awesome, prosperous, party-filled, yodel of a 2017!

What’s on the cards for Capricorn in 2017


General theme: Benevolent Dictatorship 😛

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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