Virgo in 2017: The Silver Dream

Dear Virgo,

This will be a year of laying down a strong emotional and physical foundation for yourself. Marriage, relocation or renovation could play a part in this process. But as we begin 2017, it’s likely you’ll be rocked out of your comfort zone. You might have to move out of your house quite suddenly. Are you being evicted? Or told to leave by a partner? Or perhaps some kind of electrical or water problem makes conditions inhospitable? Whatever be the case, this will signal a fresh start and a clean break from a situation that was getting tiring anyway! So take it in your stride and look forward to the change as the world becomes your oyster.

The enforced change of the first quarter of 2017 propels you from April through June to travel, or go house hunting, and in general, explore new destinations for the future. A friend (or more) might play a part in helping you look ahead. It seems like you’re in high spirits and optimistic about future adventures but the cards advise that you be a little discriminating as well. You might also want to seek the counsel of a shrewd, smart woman in your life who is likely an expert of some sort and can give you much-needed perspective. If you find yourself being courted by a passionate, happy-go-lucky suitor or prospective collaborator, run a fine-toothed comb through their proposals because it is possible that at this time your usually keen mind might not pick up on lacunae.

Some time between July and October it looks like you’ll find the place to call your kingdom! If this is about a relocation then you’ll likely be busy hosting many friends and a grand house-warming party or two. Some of you could also start an enterprise — linked to travel, adventure, performance arts, PR or events —Ā  and things will start to get stable. If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to start a family! At this time you’re advised to connect with your emotional side to complement the practicality-based decisions you’re making. For some of you the advice is to connect with an intuitive, emotionally sensitive woman you know — for the single men out there, perhaps it’s time to find yourself a wife? šŸ˜‰

After a better part of the year spent moving into, searching for and establishing a new order, the last quarter of the year is a quiet one. You’re in the mood to reflect and rejuvenate. Most of you will be settling back into a routine — the one thing your sign loves most! šŸ˜› Some of you might be preparing for the arrival of a child early in 2018, while others of you might be making future plans regarding a creative idea. This will be a good time to take a long holiday to some place relaxing. This is also a good time to consider a new experience or education program that might aid your plans or widen your horizons.

This looks to be an interesting year with a mix of everything in the right balance — practically perfect for the perfection-loving Virgos, even if it sometimes seems like things are not exactly going according to plan.

Have a hopping, aping, popping, pipping, yipping 2017!

What’s on the cards for Virgo in 2017

4 of wands

General theme: Homing

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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