Leo in 2017: Between the Acts

Dear Leo,

The year 2017 is a time for you to unplug from your usual distractions and take a long, hard look at the path you’re on, and if it will lead you to genuine, soul-enriching fulfilment. This year might see you making a new move or two, of career or home. Finances will play a big role in decisions you make — you are advised to be pragmatic.

From January through March it seems you’re making waves in communications. Perhaps you’ll decide to start your own website, or launch a media campaign of some sort? Or it’s just that you’re more expressive, vocal and witty than usual. You’ve got a new idea or insight that has the potential to become a full-scale project. Run with it! The advice in anything you do — from blogging to schmoozing — at this time is to stay consistent, focus on the benefit and learning opportunity offered by the activity, and perhaps even invest a little money if need be. Some of you might make a new, (younger) witty friend who could introduce you to a new circle of people.

Between April and July it looks like you’re moving! Are you looking for a better house? Or a new location that feels more like home? For some this could relate to wedding bells! For some this could also mean someone moving out (or in!) of your house! There seems to be a fiery/joyful individual (other than you that is!) involved in many of these cases. Otherwise, you’re advised to take a passionate approach to whatever is happening. For example, choose a new home based on YOUR desires and dreams. Go where you want to go. Some of you could be leaving home in order to pursue higher education as well!

Paperwork, formalities, rules and regulations, contracts etc., most likely to do with your aforementioned move, see you confused at some point between July and October. But keep at it advise the cards! Also, if there is a pause in your plans, don’t take it to mean a complete end…things will pick up pace soon enough. You might have two difficult options to choose from but don’t feel stuck, go with your gut! Take the time to listen to your inner voice, take your in time in general, and don’t get too bogged down by what others are saying.

New horizons await you in the last three months of 2017. A fresh start is on the cards! This does definitely seem linked to the move mentioned in the entire reading but also, it could have to do with a fresh partnership opportunity for some! The partnership, be it business or romance, will be perfectly matched to you. But do make sure you’re doing your bit to create a win-win situation. Also, be patient with the other. Some of you might get an exciting job offer and just in case you don’t feel up to it the cards tell you, think with a clear head and you’ll realise that your past experience has equipped you indeed, to take on this thrilling challenge!

This year, your mind and heart work in perfect tandem — when one is in doubt, the other will do the work. There will be phases when you will be working more with logic and there will be times when you will let emotions rule. Remember to tap into your philosophical outlook too though. And take frequent time-outs to be with yourself and get to know yourself better.

Have a homely, astute, perky, poignant, yahoo 2017!

What’s on the cards for Leo in 2017


General theme: Philosophising

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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