Cancer in 2017: Good Omens

Dear Cancer,

The year 2017 is going to be hard work, but not without inspiration. You get rocket-fuelled in the first few months with some exciting developments that will require you to commit to getting it right. The overarching theme for you is forging win-win situations with others and for your own work-life harmony.

In the first quarter there is an exciting development, a new introduction that could change your life. Depending on what you’ve been wishing for, this could be a professional or romantic connection — or perhaps one leading to the other! Even if you are generally wary of new people, you are being guided by the stars — assess this person from an objective place and not your fears and you might find something fruitful blossoming.

From April through June, you are focusing on organising the financial or domestic aspects of your life. Perhaps you are collaborating with this person you met earlier on a professional project? Perhaps you’re renovating the home? Perhaps planning to move in with another? Perhaps you’re planning smarter financial investments? There does some to be a strong link to this quarter’s theme with the aforementioned introduction…

While the first half of the year seems action-oriented and full of new developments, July onwards beings a phase of realising potentials, which for you involves managing difficult people and your own demons as well! Rest assured that any obstacles coming your way are meant to help you achieve emotional and mental equanimity. When your family life or work is stalled by opposing opinions, you’ll learn to not get so hung up on being right and achieve consensus instead. Taming your temper or impatience might also be a theme. On another note, Between July and October, wherever there are discussions or relationships involved, try to get things down in written commitments or contracts.

It is possible the hiccups you face in the second half of the year send you back to a place of despair where “nothing good ever happens”. It’s all in your mind! Things are progressing indeed! Just that when other people are involved it is rarely a smooth ride! The end of 2017 sees you worn out, but with hope on the horizon! You have weathered some rough times demanding integrity and unconditional giving, but you have done your time. Work through your fears and disappointments even as the people that matter let you know how much your work has been (silently) appreciated.

PS: If this entire year is prominently about one theme alone (as so many Crabs are wont to be single-minded!), then it’s about a professional or personal relationship going from the high of meeting and building something together to the (expected) low of dealing with certain incompatibilities. If that is the case, know this, the end of the year sees a monumental decision being taken about this relationship — and most likely it’s a happy one! It’s like the entire life-cycle of a relationship compressed into one year! Guau!

2017 is neatly divided into an uplifting and demanding half, but in its entirety it is a year where externally and internally, a new, authentic you emerges!

Wish you a heart-warming, amiable, peppy, pragmatic, you-nique 2017!

What’s on the cards for Cancer in 2017


General theme: Harmonising

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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