Gemini in 2017: Brave New World

Dear Gemini,

The year 2017 is your march towards success, as long as you keep your team-mates on your side and an open mind about identifying and eliminating your own shortcomings. There will be times when you’ll feel alone (in a crowd) — these are disguised blessings of much-needed pause in chatter to enable contemplation. Developing mental fortitude in the truest sense is an important theme this year. In the first quarter of 2017, it looks like you are moving location and/or generally moving into a new phase in life. This move, be it literal or thematic, will have something to do with you finding a secure base for your physical or financial well-being. Money is definitely on the mind. And security issues too, for some. You are advised to look beyond the physical or material aspect of your concerns and make choices based on higher principles. Ask yourself: Will this action/money/job/move/decision give me real, long-term spiritual satisfaction? Is this a short-term distraction from my responsibility to build lasting support structures for myself? True harmony feels more satisfying than plain material comfort. You’ll perhaps be faced with choices in this period that will test your understanding of this difference.

From April through June, don’t fall into the trap of indulging in any kind of excess (sex, drugs, rock and roll, even food or sleep!) just because you’re on your own or there is some enforced solitude of some sort. Some of you will use this ‘alone’ time, however it comes about for you, to take a long and hard look at your life, the people and things that keep you chained in some way, preventing you to come into your own. The cards advice you to embrace and even initiate endings based on your insights. This is truly a great time to shed bad habits or associations and cultivate healthy practices. Those of you feeling nostalgic about a past relationship should realise that that ending was the beginning of your blossoming.

In the third quarter you’re probably dealing with legal work, papers, contracts and such like. If you are, then it’s likely you’re feeling confused too! The cards advice you to seek the counsel of a wiser person — an authority figure you can look up to. If you gave up some addiction or relationship in the previous quarter then it’s possible that this period is marked by a need to regain emotional or physical balance. Once again, seek help! Also, strength training exercises could benefit you.

The last three months see you on top of everything in your life and in a position to initiate new beginnings in earnest (if the start of the year saw a relocation-based beginning, then this will be things truly getting into gear). It’s possible you undertake a trip that sparks a creative idea. It will be a good idea to explore travel or social groups to find a fresh source of inspiration. Whatever you do, do it for passion, and find a bunch of comrades to amplify your energy!

2017 has success written all over it, but it comes on the heels of some inner work. Gemini are always great at communication — now how about using that talent to connect with yourself?

Have an honest-to-goodness, awesome, priceless, poignant, yippee 2017!

What’s on the cards for Gemini in 2017

6 of wands

General theme: Victory

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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