Taurus in 2017: The Doors of Perception

Dear Taurus,

After a time of restraint, you shall be breaking on through to the other side in 2017 to find yourself in a new landscape where you’re in control, creatively fulfilled, and ready to shine. True, there are still mental chimeras to deal with, and rumblings in the subconscious that wish to keep you in your place, but this year you’ll use your famous stubbornness and tenacity for the good cause of self-realisation. At the start of the year you’ve got work on your mind! And it’s most likely got some link to a physical or professional self-improvement plan. The theme for this period is moderation — don’t neglect your domestic life or family no matter how consumed you are. If it’s finances that you’re trying to improve, consider stable vehicles to invest in.

From April to June, the tide starts turning in your favour, the results of your hard work begin to show but your mind is not at ease. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by your tasks, or beset by adversaries. This is a trial that will see you develop some muscle and emerge as a strong, independent-minded person (more than before!). This is your perseverance being put to the test; and your courage evolving. You could have to deal with many unknown factors as you realise your project. The advice is to take things as they come, don’t plan too far ahead. For some of you, the test will be one of deciding where to take your life next and dealing with naysayers in the process.

From a fear of unknowns to walking through the woods blindfolded, the transition to the third quarter is really interesting indeed. Because you’re more than adept at navigating whatever new landscape you find yourself in (a new romance? a new friends circle? a new enterprise?). Indeed, you’re bold at this time and all about action (even of the bedroom kind!). The advice? Tune into your imagination, keep the child within alive! If you’re dealing with a new set of people remember to put forth your joyful side and don’t let your agenda or concerns come in the way of truly connecting. Don’t know what they’re thinking? Don’t care! Also, this could be a good time to connect with children.

The last quarter is where we see a major shake-up in your life (most likely in the area that you’ve been neglecting the most or that has been neglecting you the most). Sadly for some, this could well mean hearing a bitter truth from your partner as they decide to walk out on you. But it rather feels like it is YOU who is introducing a drastic change in your life, home or partnership based on your new-found independence and courage. Whatever side of the chaos you’re on, keep your eye on the financial aspect of it. Don’t let emotions sidetrack you (they don’t often do! :P) into getting a bad bargain. For some of you this could mean leaving employment to pursue independent work which will be connected to whatever creative pursuit has stood out as a theme for you in the cards for this year. In this case too, make sure your employers don’t gyp you as you leave. And, make that exit only when you’ve got your ducks of bucks in a neat row.

In 2017 you’re invited to shed your hardened exterior/interior and bask in the glory of your talents and hard work. Fun is important. Never forget that. It’s important for your health and to sustain you as you strive for success. Indulge yourself!

Have a hippie,amorous, peaceful, prosperous, yummy 2017!

What’s in store for Taurus in 2017


General theme:Emergence

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)


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