Aries in 2017: A Fine Balance

Dear Aries,

2017 is going to be about a little bit of this, a little bit of that. A little bit of pull, a little bit of push. A little bit of generosity, a little bit of cynicism. It starts with a period when you’re probably exercising self-restraint due to concerns over finances or health. But the cards suggest you can afford to let loose a little — explore ways to have fun within the limitations of a tight budget or healthy habits! Can’t afford to treat your boo to an expensive meal? Instead of proposing to go Dutch, how about making a fancy meal at home?! If you find yourself being emotionally miserly, lighten up a little!

April onwards you’ll be happier with yourself. Between April and June, you could receive a job offer or a suggestion from your partner to get more serious. In either situation, while it’s a happy one, you might feel out of your depth. The solution? Firstly, work with the mind not the heart. Secondly, seek advice from an expert (in the case of a job contract or legal paperwork) or someone who’ll give it to you straight.

In the period of July to September your measured approach and a little help from divine sources leads to the beginning of a creative project or a fresh phase in your emotional life. If this is about a new relationship, be aware that it will be slow progressing and shall take some concerted work from you. For many of you, this time will be one of refining skills and creative expression. Some of you could also be welcoming a baby into your life so naturally, the hard work on the cards is about learning to tend to the tiny tot!

In the last quarter of 2017 life really begins to look up! A long-held dream might be well within your reach. Or in general you’ll feel like you’re on the right track because, you might not know this, but the Universe is gently guiding you to a happier place. What you need to do now is wield your creativity and knowledge without hesitation. Make good of the slightest opportunity that knocks at your door! For some of you, travel to places you’ve been dreaming of features in the mix.

Be compassionate yet discerning in 2017. Love everyone but trust a select few; welcome everyone with trust, love a select few. 😛 Learn to ask for another’s perspective. Having fun inside the box is the key to happiness for you this year.

Have a healthy,adventurous, peaceful, prosperous, yummy 2017!

What’s on the cards for Aries in 2017


General theme: Discernment

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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