Wake Up! It’s September, 2016 Tarotscopes


Jupiter enters Libra on September 9 for a year of ‘younique’ partnership opportunities

Planetary Energies this Month: What a weird and wonderful and disorienting month this will be. While your plans — or life in general — start to open up, there is A LOT of energy in the air designed to confuse you. It’s like the wicked Universe will enjoy releasing the handbrakes on us only to watch us careening zigzag with a reluctant clutch and overzealous accelerator. As we all emerge from a stasis, we’re going to want to move things forward fast. But just for kicks our enthusiasm will be thwarted by wrong turns and dead-ends and rigged sign boards. It’s going to look like cooped chickens escaping, running helter-skelter all over the farm! Your plans could be on a collision course with another’s! And oh my God! The noise of all the information coming at you!

Dithering over new decisions is a GOOD idea this month! Simply because you’ll definitely not see things as they are. Also, new information affects your plans. Either the past comes back with a new offer, or emerging information of the present causes you to step back and return to something else. Even if time journeys aren’t on the bill, there will be some confusion and information jumble.

This IS a good month to feel through the changes you sense are coming, but not a great month to take concrete action. Still, this IS a great time to meet people. Love and opportunities await you in the realm of partnerships of all sorts.

Starting September, for the next year there will be partnership opportunities for all (in different areas, depending on your chart), but with one important rider: The balance of power must be equal and your individuality must be nurtured. Which means marriages of convenience will not pay off, more so if they restrict you or discourage your pursuits in some way. Forge win-wins where you can be you, without being beholden to anyone; explore unconventional partnership formats and those different from your ‘type’ as partnership prospects.  Seeing both sides of a situation and putting yourself in another’s shoes will become easier now…if you like!

You’ll have to excuse the absence of tarot card pictures this month. Still I’ll try and add them by and by.

As usual, read the scope for your sun sign as well as your rising sign. Some months one resonates more than the other, sometimes a blend of both, sometimes neither, because these are generalised readings for the whole world. To know your rising sign, please fill your birth details here: http://www.cafeastrology.com/ascendantcalculator.html. Jumper Cards are cards that pop out during a reading for an extra message from the Universe. If you want a specific reading for yourself, do drop me a line on my About Me page.


Knight of Pentacles: A time of aimlessness and insecurity is replaced by promising advances in health/money matters. You might find yourself in a different landscape to where you’ve been but trust that anything that has left your life or that you have voluntarily left behind needed to go. It is being replaced by a job/investment offer you might receive. Some of you might decide to take new steps towards improving your health or adding to your loved ones’ sense of security in some way. You’re feeling strong this month and able to think of your next move. Some Rams who have recently ended a relationship could be courted this month by a reliable, earthy suitor with a calm head on their shoulders. Just remember: their placid exterior hides volcanic sensual passion inside.

Still, this month the Universe does recommend you spend some alone time. And if you don’t think the following suggestion to kooky: Befriend a tree.


Page of Swords: This month sees you campaigning forth with a travel/creative project. In the wake of some new information, you’ll be able to slice through the winds. Perhaps you learn something helpful about legalities or governmental provisions that aids this progress. Perhaps it’s just that you’ll be feeling more energetic and clear headed for things. New tips or methods to do things might also help your health. Don’t be too impatient though and don’t get so overexcited as to compromise on meticulousness. Whatever new endeavour you undertake, remember to do your homework and take an eagle-eye view of things. There’s a lot of young energy surrounding you this month.

To keep calm in the face of exciting changes September suggests: Walk barefoot on grass every now and then (if the weather allows!).


Four of Pentacles: Dual-personalitied (yes I know it’s not a word!) like most Geminis is your forecast this month. Scenario 1 is that you might be called (or have been already) to spend on someone/something/charity and you’re not feeling too generous about that. Perhaps you’re unsure of their intentions? Scenario 2 is that you’ve been gifted money/received a raise or well-deserved earnings, and now you’re acting like a right Mr. Scrooge, wanting to hoard it all. For some of you: a person’s generosity is making you wonder about them. For some others: you’re wondering how you can live more freely. The cards recommend you open up! Buy someone special a gift even if you don’t want to — the joy of giving will translate into increased energy that will in turn, help you achieve more!

September suggests: Take a spontaneous (albeit short) trip to a scenic place.


Strength: Things start to really move and flow for you Crabby! You’ll feel your energy, health and passion return. Just don’t take on too many things in the overzealousness you might find sparked in you from a change in energies. There might be one cranky person you might need to take care of this month (or it could be a Leo friend needing you). Daily tasks are going to be slightly more breezy at this time. Also, some of you may be faced with a test of passion control. Perhaps there is a new lover or a preoccupied spouse you’re raging to get it on with. Play it cool just now (people might have other concerns; also you need to keep your head on straight). Take cold showers if you must! Health wise you’re stronger. Impatience might be your Achilles’ heel.

September suggests: Dance to happy music.


Six of Wands; Jumper – The Devil: You’re celebrating teamwork this month as your income and outgo finally even out. This could be with a domestic or business partner or even in your department at the office. Those of you who undertook some charity work (or are about to)  will receive recognition and accolades. This is true even if the charity was for just one person in need. There is, indeed, some kind of victory party in the offing. Just make sure you don’t squander all your ‘winnings’ on the festivities. Or on a gifting spree. Also beware of getting a bloated ego; don’t let success go to your head. Acknowledge all those who have supported you, not just directly but also indirectly — like your parents who imparted you the skills perhaps to get the job you did, done. Riding in on the heels of your achievement might be a new (job) offer or contract of some sort. Don’t jump into it straight away. Devil is in the details, pay attention!

September suggests: Make a thank-you list of everyone who has made a difference to your life.


Six of Swords: Either you’ve been merrymaking at the cost of your budget or you’ve been juggling financial concerns/investments. Or perhaps it’s a bit of both? Some of you might also have been working two jobs. This month marks a move to calmer shores but not without a preceding jolt. This could be positive or negative. For the spenders, a sudden rain (expense) on your parade might cause you to dial it back. For the workaholics, there might arise a reason to slow down. Some of you could discover a cheating partner. But the good news is, you will have support. Someone might help you mitigate expenses in some way or get you a new job. For those of you who have been dating or indulging in casual flings, this month might be a time when you decide to give up on it and get more ‘stability’ oriented. The cards advice you to choose at least one confidant and share your concerns with them — you never know what brilliant new idea a heart-to-heart might spark!

September suggests: Do one random thing everyday. Or schedule at least one day of no schedules!


Four of Wands: A project (home renovations?) comes to an end and celebrations commence. Some of you might be moving house and throwing a house-warming party; or you or a close family member’s getting married. Others will be attending weddings. It’s also possible that some of you decide to reduce your workload in some way (early retirement? downsizing clientèle?) so you have more time to socialise and such. For many of you this month marks the end of a period of relative isolation (social Libra are never really alone) and a fresh phase of coming into your own. Many of you have experienced a spiritual detox — even if it may not have felt like it — and are now ready to test drive their new values/world view ‘out there.’ One word of warning though: Look past appearances, things might not be as ‘happy’ as they seem.

September suggests: A long soak in a pool, bath, jacuzzi, hot spring or pond.


Knight of Cups: Ooh, what a heart-warming month! There’s finally some peace and stability in a key relationship (not necessarily personal or romantic) and you are able to move forward with love in your heart. Some of you will be ‘popping the question’ (or being asked it!) after recognising how well you merge with someone. Some of you will enjoy the contentment that comes from mental equanimity or peace at home and be buoyed by that to embark on a creative venture. Will you try your hand at poetry for the first time? Some of you could also be planning an inspiring holiday. Looks like you’re learning how to live with others in harmony in general. Well done!

September suggests: Bake a cake for someone who least expects it from you!


Knight of Wands: Life’s taking a positive turn! This month comes naturally to you — you’re out and about in the world either socialising or travelling (or planning) to dream destinations. Either way, you’ll be meeting new people and embarking on a journey to get in touch with goals for the future. You’ve been in a sort of tired, stalemate of a situation in some (or all!) areas of your life. But just when you thought there was no fun ever to be had again, there starts a phase of renewal and inspiration. Your health and energy are great too! Do whatever you feel like or must to get new ideas for realising your ideal life. Just be careful of your spending. Also spend your new-found energy wisely –don’t squander it on short-term romance, use it to go skydiving instead — and you’ll benefit in the long term.

September suggests: A trip and/or a head trip! 😉


The Lovers: You are faced with choices but things are nebulous at the moment. Many of you are coming out of a quiet, contemplative period and perhaps, in a bid to shake things up in your life, you’re wondering whether to follow a materialistic goal or a spiritually-invigorating dream. For some of you, a period of review might lead to a fork in the road for a relationship — you’re either breaking up or getting married! If faced with partnership decisions, please make whatever move you will for the right reasons. Please don’t let fear, insecurity or ‘sensible’ thinking guide you. Choose only that which stirs your soul. Still, this month it’s best if you don’t make any big moves at all. The landscape is still shifting; go with the flow! For some of you, September spells the end of a period of rest and recuperation as your physical state regains balance. It’s funny though, it must be said, you’ve been getting The Lovers card a LOT these past months — what’s going on?!??

September suggests: Experiment with your look. Or try previously unexplored attitudes on for size! 😀


The Hanged Man: You’ve decided to pull an honest-to-goodness ‘Aquarius’ on the world this month. You’re leaving the established order and exploring new ways of doing and seeing things. You should by now be fearlessly introducing your unique ideas to your political, corporate, social or moral environment with the mission to break free from a suffocating set of rules. Some of you will finally ‘see the light’ about a stifling partner (or close one) and choose to go solo on the highway. Some of you might decide to leave a corporate job and go on a hiatus to get fresh perspective. If you’re one of those Water-bearers lamenting the lack of movement or action (pun unintended) in their life then understand that this period of stagnation or ‘lack’ is meant to make you see things from a different angle. Watch your thoughts for some brilliant ideas dying to get your attention!

September suggests: Go diving, do a handstand, get on a roller-coaster; try something that gets you upside-down! (if your health and age permit). OR read a book upside down!


Judgement: After a period of restrictions comes release. If you’ve been experiencing clashes at home, with a partner or even at work, then this month is going to see some important movement in the area of your concern. Some judgement calls shall be made. It’s time to air your feelings honestly too. Some of you might have been having an internal debate with regard to a decision to move (house or jobs) and this month you shall receive your answer or inspiration. Still, take some time to reflect on the long-term viability of whatever you choose to do. Talk to a trusted friend or even an expert to double-check any decisions. For some of you September sees the release of creative work after a period of much editing/hemming-hawing/scrutiny at the hands of your sponsors or a marketing team. Good luck!

September suggests: Stare at yourself in the mirror till your face loses meaning and reflect on the vision that replaces it.

Until next month! 😀

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