The August August 2016 Tarotscopes


Life in August: Waiting to bloomin’ bloom (I love how the periwinkle bud unfurls)

In keeping with the message from the recent Mutable Grand Cross energy (that still lingers in all the mad actions around us) to look at things from a different perspective, I’ve made a mental note to always, ALWAYS, also communicate the potential manifestation of the lower vibration of planetary energies in astrological readings — always looking on the bright side can blind one to important realities that are needed to inform one’s actions. In July, I expected the Mutable Grand Cross to bring some kind of fresh understanding to the painful issues that surround us; a broader outlook resulting in some inspired resolutions. Instead, what actually went down was a whole load of irrational acts carried out by people with frazzled brains, literally! (Many incidents of violence this month were initiated by individuals with mental health issues.). For those who followed the whole #savemarinajoyce palaver: Don’t you think this points to problems in collective mental health? The way in which so many jumped to the scariest conclusion and then worked so hard to prove it was the right one? Indeed, a lot of Mutable sign action has got us thinking in twisted ways. (Remember that when you take a grim view of your situation/world)

So in the spirit of objectivity let me say, August is not going to be a joyride. If anything, it’s going to get tetchier this month. Mars will re-enter Sagittarius to conjunct Saturn (now direct) in a classic driving-with-the-brakes-on dynamic, while Uranus will turn retrograde thus repressing our rebelliousness and expressions of individuality  to create a frustrating situation where tempers could easily fly off the handle. And all this happening in the Fire signs means our general exuberance, energy level and chutzpah will be affected. Also, since the Mars-Saturn clash will happen in Sagittarius, our sense of what’s just and right for greater good might be impaired — it’s akin to a clash of generational thinking.

On the positive side, the ‘wading through treacle’ feel of the planets combined with the playful energies of the Sun and Venus in Leo, could help us fine-tune our creative output. A retrograde Uranus can also be a great tool for self-discovery — what makes you unique? Are you ‘different’ because you truly are or because it gets you attention? Jupiter in Virgo joined by Mercury will help to deal with the details of your expression and work in an upbeat way! If you’re the sort who likes to take it sloooooooow, you’ll handle this month better.

Whistle while you work, let divine inspiration come to you in its own time. That would be the bigger message of August, I reckon.

As usual, read the scope for your sun sign as well as your rising sign. Some months one resonates more than the other, sometimes a blend of both, sometimes neither, because these are generalised readings for the whole world. To know your rising sign, please fill your birth details here: Jumper Cards are cards that pop out during a reading for an extra message from the Universe. If you want a specific reading for yourself, do drop me a line on my About Me page.

Sunny Side Up!


You might have been feeling direction-less, irritable and inglorious. This month, pause to collect your thoughts. Don’t let dark moods and feelings get the better of you. To deal with a troublesome individual, place the association on ice and look to signs/dreams for solutions. If the problem is you: meditate! If you feel your individuality being suppressed by someone or a process, try and see why this might be an essential rite of passage at this point. A special message from the Universe says a new beginning, fresh creative inspiration or revitalisation shall be yours to enjoy soon. You’ll feel physically bouncy if you only follow the light.

ace of wands.jpg

Jumper Card

Bring the Bacon

Queen of Pentacles

Either you’ve experienced a spiritual spring clean recently or you’ve given up on a project of passion (an affair?). Either way, it’s been for the good because you’ll now feel more clear headed and better organised to take control of your well-being and domestic/financial comfort. Which is good because it looks like there is an individual in your life — most likely a legal/financial advisor — who isn’t giving it you straight and worse, is being more than economical with the truth. In a few cases this could also be a partner. But it’s all good. Because you’ve got what it takes this month to vanquish the troublemakers. You’ve got your priorities straight and trained on self-preservation. Which is why, don’t pay any heed either if there is some boss or client or daddy figure who’s giving you grief and being irritable. Just do what is most comfortable and sensible to you!

king of swords

Jumper Card

Cool Your Cucumber


Have you been pondering over existential questions lately? What’s it all about? You win some, you lose some. What do you value most — people? Or things? Or experiences? This month your energy is one of mixed feelings. Looks like you achieved something recently, but it wasn’t exactly a resounding victory. Something is missing. Those who might have started a new relationship recently may find the enthusiasm…waning, a bit. As if the conquest was all that mattered. This month, take some quiet time, do something by yourself in order to reconnect with your real desires and feelings. This can usually be difficult for always-restless Gemini, but do try. Pay attention to that little voice inside you (the voice of cosmic guidance) that wants something magical for you, and has a brilliant idea or two!

Spice Up Your Life

10 of wands

It’s not that things are bad. It’s just that they are plodding along. Even ‘fun’ makes you work for it these days, isn’t it? Many of you are beginning to feel a tad washed out, some of you might also suffer from back pains, joint pains or general body aches. The toil’s kind of reached the point where you’re wondering if anything exciting will ever happen.If that be the case then rejoice! Because you’re reaching the finish line of some project(s) — or a string of errands or worries — this month. New opportunities in every sphere can be expected next month onwards right up to the end of 2016. However, this month, you’re cautioned to curb your enthusiasm (as if!). Because after a long dance with the blahs, you’re vulnerable to jumping at the first proposal for fun that comes along. Thar be dragons, love! You can afford to be picky, y’know. There’s top quality joy coming in..soon!


Jumper Card


9 of Wands.jpg

One minute life was as usual then something out of the blue toppled at least one structure of security you relied on. It could have been your partner leaving you sans warning, or the discovery of a health condition, or domestic upheaval of some kind, or even a financial matter (debt or expense!) coming to light. That’s why this August you’re walking on eggshells, even though it’s your birthday month! But take heart, lightning won’t strike twice in the same place. The event(s) that took place wanted to draw your attention to an imbalance in your life that needs addressing. Are you working so hard you have no time for loved ones and partners? Are you partying so hard you have no time for healthy habits? Don’t be scared. Take stock of what you’ve learnt. And start your personal new year with some serious resolutions. It’s quite unlike the usual King-sized birthday celebration Leos are used to. But consider this prep time for a bigger, more meaningful celebration this time next year! Oh and! Happy Birthday! 🙂

Builder’s Tea Time

3 of pentacles.jpg

In the wake of something that reached its natural conclusion recently (a job contract? a relationship? a lease? an investment?), you’re busying yourself this month with starting afresh. You’re eager to build something new — to make your money grow, to attract a lasting relationship, to spruce up your home, or even to remodel your body and appearance. You are indeed, always at your best when you’re focusing on the details and getting a job done right. HOWEVER, the Universe says, wait! Retreat. Take some time out. You need to look at things in a different light. What if, instead of buying a house, you take off to travel the world for a year or two? What if you pursue someone who is not a ‘safe bet’ for a change? What if you invest in chocolate instead of buying more stocks? Serious and boring isn’t always the wise thing to do, BTW. Wisdom is doing what’s right for you. Spend some alone time this month to find out what that is.


Jumper Card

Cheers, Mate!

3 of cups.jpg

People of your sign have the uncanny ability to look at both (or every) sides of a situation, fairly and squarely. However, it is this very noble virtue that impedes swift decision-making. You’re forever trying to balance the pros and cons of various options; forever debating whether to take the short-cut or the high road. If you’re feeling stuck in life right now, know that it’s because you haven’t made any moves! In August, a reunion of friends or social activity is where the answers are. Get chatting to get fresh ideas! For some of you, it’s also possible that an opportunity for change will fall into your lap bringing with it a celebration of some kind. Some of you could also be moving locations or bidding a happy farewell to someone else moving. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a ‘spirited’ month. * hic*

Spill the Beans

6 of swords.jpg

You’ve got stuff on your mind — fears and misgivings — that you ought to get off your chest. Speak your mind, tell it straight from the heart, to someone you know understands you. Talk to someone whose judgement you trust and you’ll realise a lot of your mental chimera are just that, imaginary creatures. Some of you might be hesitating over a move (a break up or even a house shift). Talk it out. A few of you might be suffering from niggling health concerns, insomnia comes up too. The interesting fact is, it’s stress making your physical condition worse! IF you learn to relax, you could see a remarkable improvement! This month, don’t stay in any situation or state of mind that isn’t making you feel good. At the same time, don’t prematurely run to escape it all either. Heart-to-heart conversations shall be your salvation.

Wading through Treacle

page of cups.jpg

August finds you rather uninspired. Where’s your creative muse? Where’s your childlike wonder? Where’s your wild sense of adventure? Don’t go mad asking yourself these questions. Don’t become your own Spanish Inquisition! Patience is key, my friend! Some of you might still be hanging on to the past in some way — something that has ended, or ought to have. Consider how this part of your life might be dragging you down. Also, find some stillness without and within (time for a nature retreat?). Those of you trying to make  babies could find this month unproductive too. What’s the big message here, then? All great creations take time! Be it a child or creative output, the best sort of cooking is slow cooking! 😉 Granted life may not have been as jet-setting as you’d like it to be, but the Universe is teaching you the value of slow processes. Slowly!

Souped Up!

Ace of Cups

It’s a bitter-sweet feeling, but you’ve gone and rid yourself of a bad habit/bad company, fear/obsession or old emotional baggage that was keeping you chained to an outdated way of being. Welcome this month a new beginning in your internal world. Sure, you might still long for what you left behind (even post-break-up blues are a form of withdrawal symptom!), but you’ll know soon enough how you HAD to do what you did. Because once you’ve conquered your demons and started to feel good about yourself in a more wholesome way, you’ll become aligned to fresher, more pleasant experiences. This month, focus on self-nurturing and regeneration. Don’t fight back tears if they spring forth. Let the blues flow as you let them go. A cupful of joy awaits you around the corner.

Oh, Honey!

king of wands

You’ve met someone, haven’t you? If you haven’t already, you soon will. And they’ll be just right for you with their fiery energy (they could literally be a Fire sign — Aries, Leo or Sagittarius!), charming presence, spontaneity, warm humour, sex appeal and a sense of adventure! There are strong chances this could be someone from the past. If you’re not into playing the doubles game, then this energy will be expressed by you. You’ll be 10x more charming and attracting ’em like bees! This is also a great time for putting yourself out there at networking dos, or starting a vlog. Wherever a ‘performance’ of some kind is required, you’ll shine! Have fun!

Have One’s Cake with a Pinch ‘o Salt

5 of Swords

You’ve got the better of some situation or person, but you’re not feeling as kicked about the win as you thought you would. Are you? For some, this could be a legal matter that you won, but not without some toil or soil erosion. Some of you might have recently lured someone out of their hiding place and forced a (much-needed?) conversation. Some of you might have made seductive, or big, promises to win someone’s love. Whatever the situation, how did it end? You won, yes, but how do you feel? Not so great, huh! This is a good time then to reassess what you value in life. And enjoy this moment when everything is stacked in your favour!

Until next month! 😀

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