Ju-la-la-la-la-ly 2016 Tarotscopes


Tis Picnic Season!!!

Hiya! My birthday month is here and I’m super kicked, for no reason whatsoever! Last month’s Grand Mutable Cross was quite intense — perceptions are changing, and not necessarily in a good way. But then again, let’s not forget we were also dealing with the easily-perceived slights and repressed-emotion purge of retrograde Mars. Now that you may feel like you have some of your power back, your thinking might mellow out a little.

But there’s still tetchy energy in the air this July so expect sparks every now and then. (And also chemistry in some cases. 😉 )

Whatever you do, remember the plotline is still fluid and meandering because there are still all those planets in Mutable signs. Take nothing for granted. Good starts to look bad and bad starts to look good.And the switcheroo keeps going on.

(Sorry! No pictures this month. This is a rush job due to unavoidable reasons. But the readings hold good! All the best.)

As usual, read the scope for your sun sign as well as your rising sign. Some months one resonates more than the other, sometimes a blend of both, sometimes neither, because these are generalised readings for the whole world. To know your rising sign, please fill your birth details here: http://www.cafeastrology.com/ascendantcalculator.html. Jumper Cards are cards that pop out during a reading for an extra message from the Universe. If you want a specific reading for yourself, do drop me a line on my About Me page.

What Next?

Queen of Wands (reverse); 7 of Pentacles (jumper):  You’re not your most social and fun-loving self this month. Irritability is high. Part of it has to do with restlessness as you wait on the results of something (a project/an investment/medical work). The heart of the problem seems to be your desire to bring some order in your life, and it continuing to elude you. (People, things or errands keep coming at you, preventing you from getting it together). The solution is to realise that suspended animation and/or constant little niggles are there to help you buy more time to understand what it is you truly want and why. The ‘why’ is important. (For many this will reveal underlying emotions, past hurts or self-sabotaging ideals that are outdated yet continue to inform  their goals in the present).

Show Me the Money

Magician; 6 of Wands (jumper): You’re spinning gold this month! When it comes to material security, you call the shots and get what you want. Also a project or new job opportunity comes through and there are accolades for you.It’s an upbeat month for all the reasons you usually like. Only beware hogging the limelight or getting overconfident to the point that you end up miffing the people who helped you along the way. This is especially true for partnered Bulls who might end up taking the reins in the relationship to the point where the other’s needs and wants are waylaid. A great month to throw a party!

Two Become One

2 of Cups; The Hierophant (jumper): Marriage, business partnerships and other legally binding contracts are where it’s at this month. Or it’s possible you meet your soulmate at a wedding or group event. Also, there’s a conventional tone to your choices this month. In the past you might have been betrayed or perhaps things didn’t go your way so this month you choose to take a more tried-and-tested approach. For some this signals the start of a relationship that will heal past wounds. For some, this is the start of a new association with a group for a collective cause or goal.

Pum in Your Runch!

3 of Cups; 9 of Cups (jumper): Just in time for your birthday month, you’re emerging from a twilight zone where a lot of details were fuzzy and you didn’t know what to do. Clarity is here. Things start to move forward. But this month isn’t for big leaps. Rather, it is one for celebration and being punch drunk, and enjoying the knowledge that life won’t stay in Dullsville forever. Soon things will change. For now, enjoy the company of friends and family. Plan a packed calendar of dos. And…..and get ready for at least one wish to come true! 😉

Don’t Be Knotty

2 of Cups: This month you connect with someone (newly) special or an old friend who could become special anew! If you’ve been feeling isolated recently, or like you have to go it alone, then this month will show you that the experience taught you the importance of distinguishing between real ties and superficial connections. You may have also got to know yourself better recently. Those with health imbalances and problems will also feel some harmony restored, but not without some careful thought given to diet and well-being.  All in all, it’s a nice month – you’re connecting better within and without!

Heads or Tails?

Chariot (reverse); 2 of Pentacles (jumper): Looks like ‘got-it-together’ Virgins this month are feeling confounded. Your world is in a bit of a topsy-turvy state (in the wake of a change that occurred last month perhaps? Or may be it is still to happen, but you know what it is). The cards suggest forward movement will require you to be less of a perfectionist AND IMPORTANTLY, you need to drop a few balls you have in the air. From everything you have wanted in life, cull the useless bits for now and move ahead with the most important stuff. Don’t let changes be stalled on account of minor details or an OCD to get it exactly the way you want it. For many of you there are choices to be made, and two options from which you get to pick just one!

Higher Love or Love on Hire?

Lovers: This month is about choices. It’s about making decisions aimed at bringing more harmony in your life. Things might be a bit up in the air and there might be a sense right now that whenever you try and put your roots down the ground beneath your feet slips. This also a time when some of you are dealing with the ‘morning after’ period of what seemed like a pleasant situation at the time. The party’s over and there’s a huge a pile of dishes to be washed — proverbially speaking. Perhaps you’re analysing whether a new person you met is really worth it. (They’re asking the same question!)  Wherever there’s confusion or lack of stability in your life, answers come to you when you make choices based on a long-term perspective (and ideals more than desires).

Who’s the Boss?

Magician (reverse): Things aren’t in your control this month when it comes to a joint project (either at work or at home). Consensus is hard to come by and no one’s letting you call all the shots (even if it makes matters more efficient! :P). Something you’re try to build is subject to outside forces, delays and obstacles. Take heart though. Whatever is stalled gives you time to see things in a new light. For some of you, the blessing in disguise is that someone’s lies or deceit will be uncovered so you can once and for all eliminate all the dodgy elements from your cherished venture. Those getting their house/office renovated will also thank the stars for bringing something important to light. Don’t trust blindly this month (not that you ever do!).

Pleased as Punch

9 of Cups; The Hanged Man (reverse) (jumper): What you may see as ‘being yourself’ and ‘taking charge of your own happiness’, others might see as stubbornness, smugness and lack of vision. Are you sure you’re taking others’ interests, needs or expectations into account when you take decisions? Or do you feel like no one merits your considerateness? For some of you, even if a dream has fallen by the wayside, this month it will be replaced by something else that’s joyful. Some of you will have a new plan/idea in the works that will make you happy. You’re definitely in a great mood this month compared to the last. But please, be nice, play fair, and don’t be so sure of yourself that you take a one-sided view of things that make you the fool in the end!

Back to Front

Lovers (reverse); 3 of Pentacles (reverse) (jumper): Yowser! This is the third month in a row when the Lovers card has come up for you — looks like you’re in two minds or unsettled about something major! Is it that your quest for peace (or going back to the way it was in the halcyon days) is unyielding of any results? Well this month definitely, progress is slow or even stalled. Many of you might want to change jobs even. Money may also need to be redirected from your ventures to a more pressing expense. (Some of you will spare no expense on a therapy or food that helps restore your health). At the heart of all obstacles is perhaps the fact that your life isn’t feeling like magic. But please don’t let that tempt you into reconnecting with past contacts with the idea that happiness lies there. Make contact if you please, just don’t expect it to be the answer. For now, stop and smell the roses!

Action Man, Action!

5 of Wands + 8 of Wands (both came out together): No more hemming and hawing over what’s next — this month is for action baby! In your usual rebel mode some of you may surprise people with a sudden move that takes you away from a stalled work/group/family situation to greener pastures. (This could also translate into a mini break you take to ‘get away from it all’) For many of you, conflict of interests will be the fuel you need to decide one way or another whether you keep investing yourself in some activity or relationship or group effort. Beware though of making a premature move in anticipation of any outcome (you might discover once it’s too late that your presumptuousness was indeed, just that!)

Learning to Learn

7 of Wands (reverse): If you’ve felt up against the world or in a stalemate where interests are conflicted and nothing ever moves, then the good news is that the situation is going to be easing up soon. The bad news is, you might proactively end a situation on account of stubbornness. Some of you are taking a grim view of what should be a healthy debate. Just because someone (or more) doesn’t echo your ideas and beliefs doesn’t mean they are against you. This is a golden chance to look at things from a completely different vantage point and switch your perspective! Also, this message for a few of you: Being bossy isn’t your thing. Might it be that most of your interpersonal problems right now are a result of you trying to be someone you’re not just because you ‘ought to be’?

Until next month! 😀

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