Flaming June 2016 Tarotscopes

IMG_20150523_195002.jpgAh! Now here it is already the sixth month of 2016. And all this month stern father Saturn will cast his questioning glare at joyful Jupiter and numinous Neptune. Cold hard realities will ask to audit your beliefs (in systems, people, philosophies, regimens) and for some (with natal planets in the degree range of 10-15) this could also reveal a snake in the grass. Especially since, let’s not forget, Mars is doing over Scorpionic ground dug up in February 2016 and June-August 2015, to take final action for complete closure. How will we deal with this? By talking about it …a LOT! Of course! Channel the communication and
information-gathering prowess of Mercury to give an outlet to this auditing energy. With your words and hands, chat, chat, chat. Stimulate your mind in new ways. Gather some fresh facts for your established ideals to chew on. Get out and about and explore your surroundings with fresh curiosity. May be it’s time to think differently? Perceptions and perspectives will change. For many, they HAVE to. There’s too much extremism and fanaticism of all sorts rising up in the world just now,  there’s got to be some checking system in place goshdarnit!

A crucifixion of thinking patterns is in order when a Mutable Grand Cross hangs above us on the New Moon of 4th June (conjunct Venus) in Gemini. It’s essentially a battle between data/logic/analysis/proof/detail/realism/mental stimulation/momentary pleasure/sight/here-and-now/paranoia/sanctuary versus philosophy/universality/belief/faith/eagle-eye  perspective/optimism/ spiritual stimulation/lasting bliss/vision/spacetime/pronoia/escape. It’s about what you know versus what you think you know and what you’ve believed without question (to add to the fun, retrograde Mars is plumbing our psychological depths to dredge up all our mental chimeras). And it’s not about which side wins (because the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, are notoriously ‘chameleon-like’ because they are so open-minded). It’s about integrating it all into one healthy mindset, which the world is in desperate need of right now. That, and temperance. Don’t ya think?

(Fair warning though, this is also a time when people act out in confusion, facts go missing, plans get derailed. Stay in the flow, don’t hang on to anything too tight)

It’s trickster-hermit-nomad-alien time! Enjoy!*

Deeds and Entitlements

Justice.jpgYou’re dealing with an imbalanced situation or perceived injustice. But could it be, good golly gosh!, that it’s you who has been too pushy or demanding in a situation? May be what you’re not getting is simply something you got greedy/overly particular (my-way-or-highway) about? Perhaps you’ve felt an exaggerated sense of entitlement? Some of you could find a wish melting away right when it looked like it could come true. This too has to do with karma in some way. If none of this has happened, then consider this a fair warning to go easy in situations that involve contracts, legalities or ‘equality’ partnerships in some way — you could end up asking for more than your fair share, without knowing it even, and thus jeopardising the entire deal! For some of you, recent excesses may have translated into a physical imbalance. Get it checked.

Done Deal

10 of SwordsIf you’ve felt alone, or hopelessly stuck in a situation, or just plain exhausted from daily struggles then welcome June as the end of one cycle of toil. Soon it will begin anew! 😛 Just kidding! Certainly looks like some kind of ‘end of an era’ feeling here. And it does have to do with a situation where you felt despair or fear. The good news is there’s a glimmer of romance already in the air for some you. Some of you may have met someone recently who felt like an ideal match but perhaps you’re scared it won’t work out, or that it will be like all those other disasters in the past? This month, you might start to entertain the idea of taking things further with this person. Others may yet meet this ‘soul mate’ material. If not a romantic other, this could also signify a creative/professional match made in heaven. Do take the time for some R&R throughout the month though.

Dotted Line

IMG_20151006_002304There’s a momentous decision in the offing, a contract (or even a decision to get hitched) is coming through! This is an awesome month in general. Many of you will be shedding addictions, bad habits or toxic relationships and feeling healthy and rejuvenated. Many of you are shedding the practice of a lifetime. There’s definitely a decision involved here and it could do with signing up for a new healthcare program or a professional alliance or even a move that takes you away from a place that made you feel trapped to a place where you can feel free. There’s also someone out there waiting to exchange numbers with you for romantic reasons…ahem! You’ll meet them soon enough!

2 of Cups

Jumper Card

Release Form

king of wands.jpgHave you been yearning for a new beginning or feeling less-than-super about your body, your life or generally, just everything? Well, here comes a month when you’ll feel on the top of it all, surging with disciplined energy, glowing with social charisma too! If you’re wondering how this could be even remotely possible, then it’s possible that these qualities will be displayed instead by someone you meet (most likely male, of a Fire sign persuasion). They’re not necessarily a romantic introduction (but could be, for those attracted to males) but will be super fun to hang out with. They could be from a different part of the world too! Whatever sphere they affect you in, there looks to be an encouragement to leap into the unknown. But it looks like you’ll keep your enthusiasm in check. Which is not a bad thing; just don’t let scepticism or fear about this acquaintance’s future ruin the moment.

The spirit of the staircase bids me to tell you: For many crabs this is a month they emerge from their shell and go big on communication — it could just be networking among friends but it seems to have more of the flavour of launching a website/blog or taking some platform where you make yourselves heard. This marks a shift from shyness to confidence — a new, more ‘public’ phase in some way.

Lottery Ticket

Queen of Cups.jpgThings at home are looking good. Celebrations might be in order. Some of you might be getting ‘good news’ from the storks. ;) All in all, domestic bliss is yours to enjoy this month. Many of you could be playing host to some smashing parties — is it BBQ season already? For Leonine males out there, a woman of a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), or at least someone fitting the ‘intuitive nurturer’ archetype, might steal your heart. For a lot of you, this woman might also be a friend or motherly figure who will add to your joys in some way. The only warning the Universe has for you this month is to not pile your plate too high with too many commitments (for pleasure or work). Also, time management might be an issue that could leave you feeling a wee weary. But hey! You’re the party animals of the zodiac, surely YOU can handle this!

10 of wands.jpg

Jumper Card

Exit Clause

death.jpgThere’s a situation (that keeps showing up month after month in your cards FYI!) that you just can’t get yourself to move on from. You’re emotionally stuck to this (out of habit? Or fear?). Worry not. This month will make sure you come unstuck whether you like it or not — it’s for your own good! If an ending isn’t initiated by you the forces will do it for you. And trust me, you’ll be glad for it once it’s done! New beginnings are just dying to happen if you only let them! For some, a tired old situation might go through some change — positive or negative (but positive in the long run). Those of you who’ve already dealt with this ending, this month brings an emotional release from it. You’re finally ready to move on. And look! The sun’s just about to come up!

On Ice

4 of swordsSomething has got you thinking hard. There’s a situation that’s making you feel defensive or giving rise to PTSD as it comes close to hitting where a previous situation hurt. Is it an uncomfortable clause that has come up in a new contract? Or an uncomfortable pause in a new association? Or an expense you’d rather not bear? Or something else? Whatever it is, there’s a lot of think-y, strategy making-y energy in the cards. This is more about your fears (and hopes) than feelings (even if it feels otherwise). Strangely enough, the advice from the cards is that you put some distance between you and this situation (or person) for now. This is not about playing hard to get — rather it’s about stealing away for a bit and getting some quiet contemplation time. In the meanwhile, may be the other party involved will anyway feel your absence so it will work like playing hard to get….Ugh! All these mind games! Rest your brain dude!

7 of Swords.jpg

Jumper Card

Fresh Negotiations

Chariot.jpgYou’re coming out of a period of relative confusion (or even depression/brain fog), possibly with some new information or at least insights to work with. You’re ready now to accept your losses, make the most of what you have, and surge ahead. What’s helping in all this is that you’ll be feeling emotionally buoyant in general. Is this just inner joy gushing forth or some external agent of happiness and celebration? For some of you this could be about shifting locations –it’s not your dream destination but there are enough pros to it. Once you get there you’ll realise just how many! For some of you this month is about the clearing of confusion or iffy-ness in relationships and moving ahead (and in?) as one. All in all, a good, progress-oriented month.

Ace of Cups.jpg

Jumper Card

Out of Court

Queen of Pentacles.jpgA project, job or test that you were hoping to ace didn’t quite come through. Something you are invested in professionally or creatively is blocked. (And is it all because you’re stuck in a team that you don’t quite jell with?) Upsetting as this might be, it’s a sign for you to take the time to stop and smell the flowers abloom right now. This month, put your ambitions to one side for a while and spend some time with loved ones or nature. Talk to your sister or chat with the birds outside (the feathered ones I mean!). Spend time spring (summer?) cleaning your living space. Clear your head by grounding yourself. For some of you an Earth sign woman (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) or someone who fits the Pachamama archetype could introduce you to earthy/sensual pleasures. This may not be necessarily a romantic association, but could be for some. The special message from the cards for you is: It’s been a hard day’s night, but the sun will rise again on a happy day. You might be feeling beat by the struggles at work (or even at home), but it’s about to get better!

10 of Swords.jpg

Jumper Card

Tax Holiday


A repeat from last month, only upright this time!

If you’ve felt down and out on your luck and life in general in recent times, this month will make you feel upright and bright again. Well not so much bright as stable, I’d say. If you’ve been battling physical or mental health issues then too this month will bring stability and harmony. You’re in control of your world and the choices you make. Some of you could choose to take up some spiritual practice to seek unanswered questions. If there were issues with an authority figure, a controlling other, or a father figure in the past, then those could be resolved. Some of you could also be questioning the future of a friendship or partnership (because you’re in a sort-your-life mode). Balance is the key to everything this month.


Jumper Card

Prospective Ventures

2 of Wands.jpgThings are on an upward swing in your world right now and new horizons are beckoning. Looks like this month will see you contemplating a choice between known and unknown territory. This could be related to a house move, a career move, a relationship move, or anything where your passions and energies are invested. There’s a been-there-done-that mood in which you might be considering the beaten track. Will you stay in your comfort zone? You might be happy enough right now but what about that essential spice of life: Variety!? Even the cards are saying: Psst! The road not travelled looks better! For some of you this needn’t be a momentous change but just the decision to go abroad and travel farther than before this time. Whatever it is, go! go! go!

Stay Order

Chariot.jpgUnlike your neighbours the Aquarians, looks like you’re utterly confused about which path to take. The prevailing mutable energy has got you right and good my friend and I see you juggling between two options (they seem to be related to money or security issues — emotional or physical), which is preventing you from making a decisive move. This move could also be a literal one. Are there questions related to travel or relocation that you’re contemplating? Is there a should-I-stay-or-should-I-go question to do with a job or relationship? I don’t usually favour the method but making a list of pros and cons could help at this time when your instincts might be in a mood to mislead you. Defer the decision making but take the time to know your mind and heart.

Until next month! 🙂

*As usual, read the scope for your sun sign as well as your rising sign. Some months one resonates more than the other, sometimes a blend of both, sometimes neither, because these are generalised readings for the whole world. To know your rising sign, please fill your birth details here: http://www.cafeastrology.com/ascendantcalculator.html. Jumper Cards are cards that pop out during a reading for an extra message from the Universe. If you want a specific reading for yourself, do drop me a line on my About Me page.


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