Possibly Maybe, May 2016 Tarotscopes


Not the lantana I planted. The buttercup ‘weed’ I chose not to mow down much to my family’s chagrin…

Just as the month of May began and began the season of Taurus (the sign associated with earthy Mother Nature kind of stuff) I potted my first plant ever. I’ve been meaning to get into gardening and this just happened to happen now. But as I was tending to my freshly sown lantana and listening to my grandmother explain the importance of weeding I had an epiphany: Gardening is racism.

Gardeners have forever been seen as the placid life-nurturers, but I’m not sure plucking out green life that naturally floats its way into cautiously arranged pots and gardens of specific species is anything other than being anti-immigration (I’m not making any political statement here, mind) and even, *shudder* a full-on eugenicist, do you? Puts a lot into perspective. Planned cultivation is racism too. But where would humans be without agriculture?  No, I’m not defending racism. And I’m definitely not trying to get into any political/ideological debate here. My brain is just a wee bit fried at the moment from realising discrimination is everywhere I look. How can I begin to be politically correct now?

Is your brain fried by some conundrum, personal or political, just now too? Well, with so many planets retrograde, who’d blame you? The answers will start to come soon, just as one by one the planets start to go direct. But there will still be some internal ruminations or external encounters with the past to contend with all the way to August.

It’s a great month to ground ourselves with some earthy, Taurean, sensual activity — take in fresh air somewhere away or loll about in crisp cotton sheets or dive into a tub of ice cream or get spa treatments or well, pot a few plants.

Sure there are many outdated situations or people we need to weed out from our lives at the moment but can’t we shift them in some win-win sort of way?

As usual, read the scope for your sun sign as well as your rising sign. Some months one resonates more than the other, sometimes a blend of both, sometimes neither, because these are generalised readings for the whole world. To know your rising sign, please fill your birth details here: http://www.cafeastrology.com/ascendantcalculator.html. Jumper Cards are cards that pop out during a reading for an extra message from the Universe. If you want a specific reading for yourself, do drop me a line on my About Me page.



2 of SwordsBe honest, a struggle in your life might be over but you’re still smarting from being short-changed. Is that why you’re closed to anything new coming in? An issue or chore (that felt like a ‘dirty job but has to be done’) that you thought was done and dusted might also seek your attention once again. Quite uncharacteristically, this month you might also choose to keep your own counsel — you don’t wish to share your thoughts with those who don’t deserve to know! That’s OK. As long as taking no action and staying mum is keeping you calm, stay there (if only just for this month). Some of you might be asked to mediate a situation and I can see you’ll take your time to give your considered opinion.

Under the Sun

IMG_20151013_185018A perfect card to describe the fresh feeling most of you ought to be feeling in your birthday month. If in the recent times it has felt like you had to defend your position constantly and to everyone; or as if you were up against the world along with a world of chores, that burdened feeling will melt away under the spotlight of a new solar return for you. Those of you who have been under the weather or suffering some ailment chronically will also start to come back to life. There is truly a sense of feeling lighter and brighter after having toiled against the clock or the grain for some time. For some of you this will mean ongoing struggles (of a legal or emotional nature) will be over. Strife in any area is on its way out and you’ll be born anew.

Clarity and Movement

6 of swords.jpgA hope or a wish that in the recent past showed signs of coming through, may not. But you’ll have the support of at least one close friend/associate/partner to move on to different shores from here. I know this isn’t heartening news but perhaps what you had your heart set on wasn’t right for you in the first place — no matter how enchanting it seemed all the while. Some of you will be disillusioned too. This could relate to an individual revealing their true colours. Or what you wished for you get and find that it doesn’t really do much for your happiness after all. Or a place you wanted to rent has some issues and now you’ll have to settle for something else. Again, the silver lining is a new destination — one that you may not have planned for or mapped even, but one that may yet prove itself to be the Utopia you’ve been trying to reach.

Work Grunt Work

Emperor.jpgLooks like you’ve been hard at work diligently finishing projects and trying to apply greater self-discipline in professional and personal matters. Many of you might have started a new health-care regimen or resolved to be more systematic with diet or work or in fact any other area of day-to-day concern. This month you’ll find it a little challenging sticking to your  carefully crafted daily schedule — this could be for happy reasons such as more work coming in (especially for independent professionals) or more social activity; or sadly, because an authority figure in your life (a boss or even a difficult partner) is being more demanding than usual. Some of you might feel your creativity being stifled by a difficult person. There could also arise issues of power imbalance in close relationships. Consider all of this a test of your resilience and self-control. Soldier on. Life gets better by August.

This is classic control freak-y energy — but in your case I’d say it’s more likely you’re subject to this. Stand your ground, O hard-shelled one!

Nothing To Fear Here

overview and scorpio rxLike your neighbouring sign Cancer, you too have been soldiering on diligently.Many of you have been working hard to master your trade, fine-tune your skills, or simply become a greater expert in your field of work. But where are the rewards? Is it that that which earns you money does not satisfy your soul? I see some fear/frustration/fatigue/restlessness on your part this month with how it’s all going. Rest easy my friend. If there are any blocks you’re experiencing, they’re down to a general slowing down or erratic energy of the multiple planetary retrogrades. If you feel progress is halting, wait it out. Your feelings of unease could also be about a relationship (the stable domestic variety), where you’ve invested much time, effort and money without reaping any dividends. Do you feel like you’re the only one doing all the work? In other news, are you worried about the state of some of your financial investments? None of it is as bad as it looks — that’s always the message of the Nine of Swords card. You’ll see.

Love With Borders

EmperorAha! Like them Cancers I see your life being thrown off balance too! But in your case this might have a lot to do with your own over-indulgence in wining, dining or giving of yourself to others. You could be the tetchy one this month and get overly bossy with people around you. Why? Because you feel the give and take is out of whack, especially with younger people (family or employees) in your life. But equally, you could feel you’re losing control of the empire (domestic or professional) you’ve built because someone else is taking over, overstepping boundaries. Remember, not everyone is as proper and courteous as you. Some people out there take a mile when you give an inch. Doesn’t mean you treat everyone with suspicion. Healthy boundaries  is your key theme.

This is classic control freak-y energy, and since you’re more prone than most to go extreme in that direction, consider this a caution to keep your behaviour in check.

Revel In Revelations

IMG_20151011_205059A recent spat with someone, or something someone said out of the blue, or something you realised on your own, brought home a difficult truth for you. But rather than wallow in it, you’re extricating the wisdom of that revelation to become more clear-headed and objective in your approach. This does not mean you’ve become numb to warm and fuzzy feelings, just that you’re also looking at things as they are, not as you wish them to be. Which is good! Because then you’re operating in reality — and reality can be fantastic! For those of you who received an troubling diagnosis in the recent past, control over health will be regained. In fact, you’ll emerge stronger. Also, is there a trouble child in your life? Deal with them not with a tyrannical hand but give them reason and logic.

Truth Is In Here

Ace of SwordsIf you’ve been feeling hazy about the details of an area of your life, or if you wished you knew more, don’t go looking for that information outside. You don’t need more facts, you need fresh perspective, which you will get if you get some quiet time for yourself or focus on your dreams instead of seeking answers from others. Some of you may be struggling with some of depression or just a decrease in physical vitality. Your ruling planet Mars has turned retrograde so all this is natural. Don’t fall victim to self-doubt or brain fog. Meditation will really help this month. Or just listen to music for a few hours everyday.Whatever gives you emotional pain at this time is self-inflicted — don’t replay painful memories or succumb to feeling marginalised. For some of you, like Libras, this is a time of revelations that may not be joyful but will bring greater clarity to heal old wounds.

Get Cuddle Therapy

judgementNew beginnings are in the offing but won’t take off just yet — not in retrograde season! You’ve got debts to clear — karmic, emotional, familial or financial — before you can move forward. This is about closures in areas that have jeopardized emotional/physical/financial stability in your life. Is there something you need to let go of? Is something/someone draining your resources insidiously (sometimes even the people who love you the most can unwittingly drain your happiness with expectations that keep you tethered)? There is definitely an offloading of some kind that needs to take place before you can move on. But it IS in the works. No need to rush. In the meanwhile how about conjuring up a feeling of ‘home’ with some cuddles or a night under the stars?


Jumper Card

Earthly Bliss

lovers.jpgThe wheel of fortune is beginning to turn in your favour. If you’ve spent the recent past plodding on with work and unrewarding self-improvement then it’s time to let your hair down. Good times are a coming! A lot of you will throw caution to the wind and jump into the social scene like you haven’t in a while, and many of you will also be breakfasting in someone else’s bed…ahem! But beware of being too self-focused as to forget your Ps and Qs when it comes to others’ sensitivities. You could be riding a wave so high that you take a joke too far and hurt someone. Or express yourself so freely that it comes across as arrogance. Which is to say, indulge yourself sensibly. Also (I don’t want to be the negative nanny here), bear in  mind that after every binge comes a hangover. So don’t venture too far beyond your usual limits as to regret it next month. This applies to picking up tabs with friends or even picking up new lovers…. 😉

Some of you will see a lover from the past return. Even if they’re an unwelcome surprise keep a civil tongue in your head. And if they’re a hope come alive, go slow.

Knight of Swords.jpg

Jumper Card

Where’s The Party At?

8 of CupsDid an important reunion/celebration get cancelled? Or were you hoping for a get together that took place? Was it just circumstances that stalled you and your person/people, or is the Universe trying to tell you something? There is a relationship/friendship/group association that you seem to have outgrown but you seem to be staying on due to some false sense of loyalty. Or perhaps because you think things will change over time? The baseline is: Seek out joy. It won’t come looking for you. It won’t arise spontaneously from under your feet while you stay mired in the same old, same old. If something isn’t (and hasn’t been) effortless, it’s not worth the effort.

Dis Harmony?

2 of Cups.jpgYou’ve been juggling with your emotions my friend, trying to keep it up with a relationship or friendship that seems to be going nowhere. For some of you this is about keeping the ball rolling at work or in general life even though your physical state may not be excellent. Some of you might be feeling more susceptible to headaches. Stress, emotional, physical or even financial, is an issue. And the solution lies in letting go of the aggravating factors. Don’t try too hard to please others. For some of you it looks like because you refused an obligation wilfully you’re now having trouble with a close associate/partner.  Well, if they don’t understand your point of view, are they really as perfect for you as you imagine them to be?

Yeah, this is not exactly the most pleasant of months, but it gets better towards the end. Until June! 🙂


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