April’s Fools’ Monthly Tarotscopes ;)

IMG_20160313_155042Spring is usually a good time to spring into action but with Saturn just turned retrograde in Sagittarius, Mars about to (April 17), Jupiter still reversing in Virgo while Chiron (‘The wounded healer’, minor planet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus) conjuncts the South Node in Pisces, this is a month to test the robustness of our structures, be cautiously optimistic and mindful of details, and to self-analyse to make sure we’re not making past patterns and hurts the moral high horse we sit on to scare away any change that comes our way.

Anyway, given all the weird and horrible news of violence and odd behaviour we keep hearing amid a growing realisation that our thinking needs to change, cautious optimism truly would be the mantra for the moment. I associate the reversed Fool card with this term and I would’ve put that as the lead-in picture if this ladybird hadn’t caught my eye. ๐Ÿ™‚

As usual, read the scope for your sun sign as well as your rising sign. Some months one resonates more than the other, sometimes a blend of both, sometimes neither, because these are generalised readings for the whole world. To know your rising sign, please fill your birth details here: http://www.cafeastrology.com/ascendantcalculator.html. Jumper Cards are cards that pop out during a reading for an extra message from the Universe. If you want a specific reading for yourself, do drop me a line on my About page. Who knows, I might even do it for free! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spring Clean!

Knight of Pentacles

I don’t mean to be mean but you’re sorta outta sorts this month. Sort yourself out! You may be prone to jumping the gun or thinking without doing. A job/venture/endeavour that promises earnings may not actually be as good as it seems. Plus, even though you might think you’re thinking big, you’re probably not. Some of you could be getting extra needy, some of you could be getting greedy, and some of you might be thinking seedy. The silver lining? If you observe yourself objectively enough, a light illuminates your dark side so you may spring-clean it and emerge the dashing, independent, warm, ambitious, caring hero you are!


Jumper Card

The Present is a Present

Page of Swords

New horizons may be beckoning, your life may have started moving in a different direction, but are you so busy extrapolating on the future that you aren’t taking the time to tend to the details of here and now? Don’t over-think or be extra-cautious — that’ll affect your objectivity. It’s ironically similar to having the brain-fog of rosy optimism. Also, you might end up over-doing the speaking-your-mind bit to the point where it might become an act of aggression rather than an assertion of individuality. Some of you may receive disappointing news pertaining to travel plans or creative ventures. But understand that all setbacks at this time are helping to clarify your future. Pay attention to finer details now.Stay safe around electrical appliances.

What a V-you!

5 of Swords

Change is on its way! Whatever you thought you had lost or could never attain will now make way for better things. Emotionally and intellectually, you’re starting a fresh chapter and the emphasis is on being you! Many of you are breaking away from groups, organisations, cultures or social norms, or any kind of an established collective system that no longer resonates with you. For some of you, struggles in a particular area or even long-crippling thought patterns are ending. Some of you might choose to work independently. For all of you, trying something new will open the doors to good things. Blessings come in twos for you. And if faced with choices, go with what feels most like ‘you’.


Jumper Card

Dare to Bare


Who stole the sun from your heart? Never mind answering that. Playing safe is a thing of the past now. There’s a lot you’ve lost along the way and learnt therefore that holding on tight only leads to anxiety, never security. This month, you could be more prone to worrying over your health or wealth. But that worrying will only aid the fulfilment of your gloomy prophecies. Focus instead on what makes your heart sing. Why not finally pursue for a living a passion? Why not tweak your eccentric food habits into something that can become a healthy practice? Welcome life with open arms. New adventures are waiting for you to accept that you truly can be born again and start over.

Miles to Go Before You Sleep

3 of Wands

Have you recently felt a rush of new energy to do something exciting with your life? Whoa there, explorer! This month, rather than focusing on fresh pastures and distant horizons, you’ll do well to review the details of where you’re at currently. Your vision of the way forward might not be entirely on the ball. Amidst exciting plans of new ventures, the nuts and bolts of your ship need tightening before you set sail. Still, you might receive news that prompts immediate action. Fortune is turning in your favour. So if in case things seem, for a moment, to not be going according to plan due to something unexpected, use the breather as an opportunity to replenish your energy. You’ll be needing lots of it where you’re headed.

Charity Begins at Home


You’re a giving sort of person but do you receive equally? The universal structure of balance demands that all transactions, interactions and relationships remain equal always, else they can’t be sustained. So this month assess the aspects of your life that are imbalanced in give and take. It could be that you’re overworked and underpaid. Or perhaps you’re forever pampering boo and thriving only on ‘thank you’. Money definitely has a role to play for many of you this month when it comes to equality issues. Also, when you give of yourself limitlessly to anything (even drugs) you’re offering yourself on a plate to energy vampires! Pamper yourself this month.

Balm-y Time

10 of Swords

The theme of your reading from March continues to indicate you’re really working on making peace with the past. There was injustice you suffered, possibly even a betrayal, but you’re getting over it now. The good news is that since you have had your quota of pain our sometimes sadistic Universe will let you off for a bit :P…so things should start looking up soon! You can accelerate this process by opening up to people, joining a common interest group or taking up some kind of relaxing collective activity that reconnects you with the good side of humanity and introduces you to new faces that might decorate the landscape of your fresh start in the future!

Are We There Yet?


There was some kind of struggle in your life (a clash of interests?) that’s now coming to an end. But it looks like instead of closure it will just lead to stagnation. Why? Because that struggle, whether internal or external, was serving to veer you towards a new path. The new peace brings with it complacence. Perhaps a series of tiffs with your S.O. was giving you an excuse to leave an undesirable relationship? Still, if something hasn’t ended perhaps there’s something of value in it for you to discover. Also, don’t hang on to tried and tested activities and endeavours because you’re too afraid of failure. If there’s a change or ending you’re resisting it’s only a matter of time before it exits your world, forcing you to become a better version of you. Might as well simplify the process by taking the initiative. ..

Well Begun is Half Done

8 wands

You’ve got fresh spunk and resolve that you’re using to carry out new explorations and ventures.It’s a slow-seeming month and perfect time for you to temper your enthusiasm with cold, hard logic. Communications and movement in any endeavour you’re investing your passion in may not be as fast-paced as you like but that gives you time to think each new step through — which is not very much like you, but still a good thing to do. (It will also give you the time to notice I rhyme! :P). Those of you who think this is just the continuation of the uphill struggles you’ve experienced lately are completely wrong! This is new. This is now. And it’s unfolding beautifully!

4 of swords

Jumper Card

The Rule of Love

King of Cups

You might meet or connect with a kindred spirit this month which could lead to an exciting partnership, business or romantic or creative, later on. If it’s not another person you meet then there will be inner harmony that you shall enjoy. Through an agent, internal or external, this month will find you reaching an emotional equilibrium that is ever so gently buoyed with love. If another person has any role to play they are most likely going to be of a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) or akin to one. This is also a good month to use your intuition when it comes to interpersonal matters and deal with them with a gentle touch.

You Cream-eating Cat You!

5 of Swords

Looks like you’ve got the winning hand this month. No longer slave to misplaced nostalgia or old emotional patterns, you will now outwit an ongoing emotional issue (or issue with a partner) and arrive at a happy place for yourself. Those who done you wrong in the past will now be served just deserts by smarty-pants you! All this could also apply to your dynamic with troublesome individuals at your workplace. Main point being, you’re winning! And whatever transpires, by the end of it, you’ll be feeling mighty good about yourself.

9 of cups

Jumper Card

Turn Around, Bright Eyes


If you’ve suffered the consequences of wrong choices or inability to defend yourself lately, you’ll now arrive at a much calmer place, free of the baggage, feeling lighter. If a project or message you’re waiting on does not go through, count it as a blessing. The past is being purged in some way. If you’ve been feeling low on energy then that too will return to you. Some of you will make an important decision pertaining to a ‘Should I stay or should I go’ question. Do turn around for a second and make sure you’re not walking out on something with promise, prematurely.

3 of Wands

Jumper Card

…Until next month! ๐Ÿ™‚

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