March Madness Monthly Tarotscopes

IMG_20160307_025327How’s 2016 going so far? Promising? Vague? Promising AND vague? Those are all the energies swirling around. Don’t expect to get anything concrete going any time soon, but do expect life to change, and evolve, if you’re hip to it. So keep dreaming big and making plans to realise your vision. Just take it one small, considered step at a time.

These monthly tarotscopes are good for your sun sign and rising sign (sometimes one reading resonates more than the other; sometimes it’s a blend of both, that’s how it goes with general readings). If you know your time and place of birth you can find out your rising sign here for free!:

Be Good

queen of swordsIt’s a cleansing sort of month for you. You’re being called to delve into your own psyche and offload any extra baggage, or deal with unresolved issues from the past. Get more organised with your daily life as well. There might be times you may get too tetchy, stand-offish or emo for your own good. Allay the existential angst (or emotional unease) with gardening or a similarly mundanely therapeutic activity. Be aware that in the quest for justice for yourself you might err on the side of being unfair to others. Stay alert to any hypocrisy in your words or actions. And don’t let your tongue loose!

Stay Open

moonOpen your mind, eyes and sixth sense this month.Don’t jump to conclusions. Watch your dreams, listen to your intuition to resolve any area of confusion in your life. It’s likely that an important truth shall be revealed to you. This can also happen through careless words uttered by others in an argument. This might seem like a time of paused action or you might feel restless in general. But things are moving, even if you don’t see it yet. Learn to be a silent observer of others and your own life this month. Also, don’t jump into arguments needlessly. And if a clash of opinions does indeed occur, focus on the academic/intellectual value of the experience rather than get personal. Can’t stress enough: Take a note of your dreams. They’ll be entertaining at the very least!
(Jumper Card: High Priestess)


Go Slow

5 of PentaclesTroubled by a recent financial or health setback,you might be eager to get a certain idea rolling, but you need to think it through. You also need to rest a little. If there’s a troubling issue or even a fresh idea that you’re spending a lot of time thinking over, don’t. Sometimes solutions come easier when you take a step back from the problem. In the meanwhile you could perhaps treat yourself to a nice massage or expand your horizons with something different than your usual leisure pursuits. Try the theatre may be? Or even a local fair? It’s possible some of you might feel a little…left out…by your family or friends. It’s an eclipse month and everyone’s thinking a bit wonky like. Don’t take it personally.
(Jumper Card: Four of Swords)

Share and Care

EmpressIt’s going to be a good month Crabster! If you’ve spent some time on yourself these past months getting healthier, smarter and gorgeous-er, then this month will bring you opportunities to utilise these talents socially, creatively and professionally. It’s a fertile month in all senses of the word (so umm….take care if you’re not planning on a family). If money’s been on your mind for some time then that problem too could be solved in some way. Take charge of your empire. And if there is any unsavoury element trying to steal your mojo (an irksome partner, neighbour, friend, anyone), then you’ll have the star power to simply blank them. Yeeeaaaahh!!!!



Get Glorious

HeirophantThis month you’re the teacher’s pet, the boss’ blue-eyed prodigy, the SO’s SO. This month work done in the past gets you much deserved glory with at least one powerful individual in your life. This is one of those months when playing by the rules helps. Professional or social groups are also places where you shall find much joy. Working with others will be fun! For some, a raise, promotion or special attention from an influential mentor type is on the cards. So keep doing that thing you do and dress for success. Is there a downside? Well, don’t ignore your near ones and remember to lend them a listening ear even if all you want to do is bask in your own awesomeness.

Get It Together

3 of pentaclesPerhaps it’s the moon madness but you’re not being your usual logical, straight-thinking self this month. You might end up saying things you regret or falling out with your squad, especially at work. If there’s a group plan that didn’t quite take off, or you find yourself squabbling with a partner, see if it isn’t because of your own reticence in certain matters? May be the people around you aren’t really sure what you’re thinking, hence the lack of enthusiasm or action? Still, in cases where you feel you aren’t being heard, you could consider going it alone…but don’t do anything rash. Also, if there’s any reason you want to abandon your ethics for a change…don’t!

Say Goodbye

TowerVisit the past this month to relinquish it. If you find yourself going over past hurts, focus on the hidden blessings that have emerged from your losses — there are always some (in terms of learning or self improvement or timing) for those who seek them in earnest. An event in the past that shook your world still brings aftershocks to you every now and then, perhaps in the way of nightmares or cruel reminders. This month you can put an end to all of that, once and for all. Fill your heart with hope and watch how it attracts all the good things to you. Beware of victim mentality, please.

Come Home

4 of wandsCome home to sweetness in March. Many of you may decide this month to leave your dating days behind and settle down with a special someone. For others, this is an end to a period of some confusion and a time of stability at home or even much-anticipated renovations. There are various ways in which this could play out but the basic theme is a transition from uncertainty to feeling secure. If money has been a concern, you might find a comfy arrangement (professionally/investment-wise) helps you feel better. In a few cases where there was an issue with a cheating partner, that too will be solved and the relationship will evolve into a stronger union.

Be Sweet

king of swords.jpgYou’re not your merriest self this month and who could blame you? Something to do with health or home could be a looming concern. Or perhaps some kind of new beginning of a financial or emotional nature hasn’t quite taken off as you’d hoped? Or perhaps an expenditure has got you down? Well, getting lippy won’t help matters. Nor will it be of any use if you decide to ‘punish’ those around you with surliness. Your best bet this month is to keep your mind engaged (not with worrying thoughts, no!). Read something new, or hang out with a different gang of friends. Wait it out for next month! It always gets better! If there’s someone of an Air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) in your life giving you trouble (most likely an elder or authority figure) then wait a while before you talk it out with them else they might see you as being needy.

Be Happy

You might have had some arguments or differences of opinion to contend with in recent times, but it’s time for joy now. Home is where the happiness is this month. And the definition of home could easily be new horizons as something previously stuck comes unstuck now. Not to say it will all be smooth sailing from here on but you’ll have the support you need to forge ahead. For the wickeder ones amongst you: Don’t let an insidious desire for drama or excitement make you rock the boat in a steady situation especially in a romantic partnership.

(Will add tarot card picture later)

Wish Wisely

TemperanceCareful what you wish for. Detach from associations where it’s all work and no appreciation or confidence boosting. Feeling good should be your main priority right now and if that means moving away from familiar territory towards the great unknown, so be it! Finding inner peace and physical well-being is so much easier when everything else in your life generates satisfaction or passion at some level. The daily grind can be fun if you have the right support. New paths might appear, old ones may keep beckoning, choose wisely. Also, don’t jump the gun or make snap decisions this month.

(Jumper Card: Seven of Pentacles, reversed)

Win It

6 of wands.jpgA personal project comes through this month. Or a cherished wish shows a promise of being fulfilled. Work might be rewarding too. Collaboration and co-creation are the key to happiness. Some of you may be planning to pop the big question to someone special — do it! And if you haven’t in a while, then this is also a good time to indulge yourself in some way. Also, this is a good time to make plans for self-promotion in the professional sphere. Listen to upbeat music in March and get the verve to march ahead.

Until next month! 🙂

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