(Abandoned Post) 2016 Tarotscopes for all Sunsigns

Here they are! Get them hot off the press, your 2016 tarotscopes!

I have divided the ‘scopes into three sections to cover the important areas of our lives (the ones that we worry about the most! :P), for each section, I pulled out one card each for every quarter for the year (viz. January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December) and the base card to represent the underlying theme.

Please note, tarot cards represent prevailing energies at the time of the reading and as such, their ‘predictions’ should be considered fluid and subject to change based on your actions. Also, since these are general readings for everyone born under a sunsign/rising sign, you might not experience all these energies exactly. Some may play out in a tamer way, some not at all. Still, pay close attention because some of the advice will definitely resonate and be of use! 🙂


Truth, Love, Peace

Love/Social/Domestic Relationship: The underlying trend in this area for 2016 is about getting your fair dues and coming out of a period that was perhaps marked by strife, your way vs. their way, or constant bickering at the very least. You will get what you deserve this year, for the better! There will be a sense of home-coming. The year starts with you coming into your own and feeling open-hearted. From April-June, it’s possible you may meet someone who matches your passion, intellect and devotion, or your existing partner might begin to change in this way (for singles, this could be a person you already know or someone slightly older in age or manner, or someone from another culture/country).  Alternatively, this could even be you acquiring a new dimension of emotional intelligence that will bring peace to your relationships. From July-September, you will experience a fresh beginning in an important relationship (with the person mentioned in the previous quarter?) and it will be marked by stability, security and a sense of physical well-being. For some, this could be a time when they decide to be more present (in a material/physical way) for their loved ones, family and friends. For others, this could be a time when new resolves are made in terms of handling relationships. The last quarter is interesting, because it shows a move (literal or emotional) away from your comfort zone towards a new ‘home’. Perhaps the person you’ve started something new with in the previous quarters (or a partner you’ve been getting closer to) will give you the necessary support to move past any past emotional trials you might have been through. This person’s support may also lead you to new connections. Most likely this ‘move’ will also be kept a secret from others till the next year.

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: As far as work or finances are concerned, you’ve been driven more by what gives you emotional satisfaction (or by work with a higher purpose). At the start of this year you’re probably thinking hard about how you might balance money needs with those of your soul. Perhaps you’re feeling a little drained energy or money wise from last year? From April to June, you’ll be exploring new options. Money-wise, this could be a time when you’re also looking at investment prospects. Just be cautious that not everything is as it seems. This also applies to job offers. From July to September many of you could embark on a journey or decide to explore new options for study and/or work. This is prompted not by any need but more out of a choice to live the life of your dreams. And realise your dreams you will! October onwards marks a time when you will indeed be feeling GOOD about this aspect of your life.

Perhaps the exploration of work/study opportunities in the third quarter will prompt that physical move (assisted by a near one) that I spoke of in your Relationships section, in the last quarter, and this move will end up making you very happy indeed!

Spiritual/Physical Health: At the start of the year you feel energised about changing something about your routine/body/life rhythm. If you don’t then know it’s a place your attention will be called to this year — for good reasons, nothing to worry! In the first quarter you’re balancing too many tasks at once, or overexerting in some other way, and it’s showing up in that mental exhaustion I mentioned in your Work section. But energy-wise you’re good! In the second quarter it’s possible you might join a new spiritual/exercise/health-driven group. Or you might survey different options for taking care of your physical temple better. The third quarter does feature a slight setback. Either your health is not in top condition or you don’t want to be part of the above-mentioned group any more. Also, take care of your health if you’re travelling. By the last quarter there will be a complete turnaround or revolution in your daily routine or the way you take care of yourself. This may well be on account of that ‘move’ that I’ve mentioned in the previous sections as well.

Special Blessings: In all your actions and enterprises this year, you’re not afraid to speak your mind and you’re feeling confident enough to surge ahead with your ideas. However, being too sure of yourself and not taking others into account could make you seem aloof and flighty. Also, for some, a new Air-sign type person (with strong Gemini/Libra/Aquarius traits) will bring a breath of fresh air.

Pivotal Year for Love & Work

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: Are you increasingly feeling alienated from friends/family members/a significant other? Do you feel like you don’t get the love you deserve? Or do you feel like you’re on your own in some way, even in the midst of near and dear ones? Perhaps you work harder than others to maintain the relationship? If you’re feeling a bit impoverished of love in any way or an absence of romance, the year will begin with a sense of better balance within. For some, an important matter of justice (karmic or legal) in relationship matters will also be settled. This will allow you to move forward in other areas of your life, even if you feel a little emotionally drained, or just not very sunflower-like. In the second quarter, you’re hesitant to make new beginnings, or recognise that the world is full of opportunities (this could be because work requires more attention and/or health needs some balancing). Committed Bulls could find themselves questioning an alliance at this time. But by the third quarter you’re wishing (or forced to!) turn things around, by changing your approach to how you deal with friends, lovers and family. This different way of functioning will surely catch others’ attention, since a big change is indicated at the end of the year. Perhaps this is you, calling it a day with a relationship. Perhaps a new relationship is evolving (in tangible ways). Perhaps external factors will cause a ‘break up’ from some alliance. (Which is going to be for the good, since it’s creating fallow ground for an exciting growth period in 2017.)

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: The most dynamic changes this year for you come in the sector of professional/financial pursuits. A little before the start of this year you may have been a little edgy or uncertain about your work or money. Did some situation create a money drain for you? Some of you no longer feel ‘good’ about working where you are — may be colleagues don’t make you feel safe; may be there is an air of suspicion. The good news is that in the first quarter of the year you will have the drive to cut your losses and move on to better pastures. But this also begins a long period of constant adjustment (perhaps till October) when you might be dealing with difficult people, difficult schedules and the interference of your personal/relational needs. From January to October, be cautious with your money (especially if it is in joint accounts or shared with someone). In the second quarter it’s possible that your emotional or physical health will interfere with your work. But you have the strength to see yourself through this period. Try to see where you could take a more sophisticated approach (in terms of time or health management). During July to September, balancing work and social life, or balancing income and expenditure will be part of an important focus. It could herald new habits or way of doings. Any changes you make, or any tempered approach you take, will yield fantastic results by the last quarter when you’ll be in your element! You’ll be feeling financially safe (even rich!), or at the very least, settled. You’ll have creative projects in the pipeline and a sense of confidence (well placed!) that everything will turn out all right!

Spiritual/Physical Health: Something may have you feeling less than fab at the start of 2016. That’s the energy you’re bringing from late last year. Perhaps that’s why you’re drained at the beginning of the year. All you need is a shot of enthusiasm to take better care of yourself. I hope you realise this by yourself before April, because otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a position where you will HAVE to pay attention to yourself. Social interactions and just generally stepping out (may be for a short trip?) will help you summon the will to make some lifestyle/dietary/routine changes. October onwards any sense of struggle you might have felt during the year will start to dissipate. But for some, this could also be a time when you become more prone to seasonal infections as your immunity may be a little low. It’s all good though, there is change in your relationship life and goodness flowing in your work life, so most likely, health-wise, this will just be a period of slowly beginning to feel relief.

Special Blessing: Faith and hope are your tickets to happiness this year. If an association or friendship left you out in the cold recently, it will only lead you to newer, better, more affectionate interactions. Also, look at any health setback as an opportunity to embark on self-improvement!

Sharper, Smarter, Lighter

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: Looks like you had a nice culmination last year. That’s why, at the start of this year, you’ll find yourself having to spread yourself between different social groups/family members/friends/lovers. You’re on an even keel in emotional matters. The second quarter could be an especially social time for you and you could be entertaining guests at home quite a bit! This might also have something to do with a new beginning in your professional/financial life that you feel like celebrating with others. It’s possible that as this trend of entertaining continues you start to sort of ‘overdo’ it by July. In the third quarter you could be guilty of overindulging in food, drink or drugs or whatever your guilty pleasure is, all in the name of socialising or perhaps even entertaining several romantic prospects. Perhaps that’s why October to December is showing up as a period when you’re withdrawing from your relationships for some ‘me’ time. This could also be prompted by an unexpected wave of nostalgia, or an unexpected falling out with someone.

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: As the year begins, you might still be healing from a betrayal experienced at work or some kind of defeat/loss in the professional/financial sphere. The energies in the first quarter of 2016 encourage you to feel more buoyant as fresh enthusiasm enters your life, either in the form of an exciting creative/business idea or a fiery person (with traits similar to Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) would could well become a future collaborator. This idea/partnership will have a good chance of evolving into a solid plan by April. For others, a new job/project opportunity is indicated in the second quarter. Whatever this new idea/partnership/job is that comes along, it will likely be different or refreshing from what you have done before. July onwards you’ll be feeling a sense of newness. Even your bank account might feel reborn! 😛 Towards the end of the year your enthusiasm will make way for a ‘let’s get to business’ attitude — but in a good way! You’ll be in a leadership mode with a precision about your actions that will get others’ attention. But you may also come off as too business like to your colleagues, so don’t forget to add a soft touch. You could also be dealing with a woman (of the Air sign persuasion — Gemini/Libra/Aquarius), and it will be an intellectually rewarding experience.

Spiritual/Physical Health: This is the year to up your game and become more robust than ever before, in matters of physical well-being. As the year starts, it’s possible you are experiencing a period of renewal after perhaps a health (mental or physical) that may have plagued you in 2014 or before. 2015 may have been a slow but upward swing. 2016 is about refinement. You’re getting better each day but you need to focus on releasing bad habits and addictions that are keeping you from feeling your best. Spend some time ‘smelling the roses’ if you can; keep your busy schedule in check; moderation is the key to happiness.

Special Blessing: Fresh learning experiences come from intellectual defeats this year. The know-it-alls amongst your sign might have to eat humble pie in some situations but know that it will only aid your mental expansion — which is an awesome thing! (Do remember to play fair with partners and near ones and don’t ‘play to win.)

Clarity, Serenity, Passion

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: You began your year with some kind of clarity (or a truth revealed?) or resolve in emotional/relational matters. For many an easily emotionally fooled crab the past few years have brought not-so-pleasant situations with friends, family and significant others that have taught you to also look out for yourself and not always cater others’ needs. This may have manifested in the form of situations where you were forced to look after yourself (such as in the case of a mental health issue). An idea in Hindu philosophy that I absolutely love is that all souls are created equal and that you do no great favours to the Universe (or God, or nature, whatever you believe in) if you look after other people but neglect yourself — self-neglect is a sin too! After all, even in flights they always tell you to first put an oxygen mask on yourself and then tend to your children. So, as you start to take care of yourself, your personal dreams, your body, your needs, you will not only become stronger for others but also, others will treat you less like a doormat. At the start of this year though, it looks like you are dealing with at least one difficult individual (this could also be a friend who is also a work partner) or perhaps trying to discipline your own mind to not become all emo again when it comes to another. Some lucky others are starting this year with a relationship that is getting stronger. During April-June though it looks like work and commitment to well-being might cause you to reassess your relationships (or take a break from being there for everyone). It’s also possible that a proposal or suggestion from another causes you to rethink what you want from love. Basically, it looks like you’re beginning to take a more philosophical, less desire-oriented approach to relationships and therefore taking things slow. From July to September there is a further slowdown. Perhaps anxiety over work/money/studies may stall your progress in relationships. But for some this could just be a slow revealing process. The good news is, at the end of the year you will be sitting smugly, basking in the warmth of affection received, and perhaps finding that a cherished dream has come true! 🙂

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: It’s a slightly iffy year in this aspect of things for you. A LOT of crabs are dealing with money worries and unexpected expenditures a little before the start of the year. Perhaps it is financial concern that is keeping you chained to a particular job or situation that you don’t like very much. In the first quarter of the year you are feeling not in control of your own destiny. And is that perhaps wearing you down a little? It gets better during April-June though! At this time you will perhaps get a sense of equanimity back (or may be a new work prospect will allow you to bear with the one you don’t like with greater ease?). If there are power struggles at work, those too will balance out in this period. It’s a good time to consider your investments too. During July-September, a work partnership (or your relationship with work) could fall through. Perhaps it just doesn’t make you feel very good, or perhaps the other person calls it a day. A different scenario that could play out is that a prospect/partner from the past returns but you’re afraid to take it, fearing it will take you back to a blah life. Either way, you’re feeling hemmed in. But, umm, just take it one day at a time. ‘Plod on!’ would be my suggestion because October brings joy in love and life and that will cause you to pause your work worries and simply revel in the good stuff. Which is great! 2017 Will bring the good stuff!

Spiritual/Physical Health: It’s an up and down kind of year for you because in 2015 you only just started to realise the importance of ensuring self-care, discipline, nourishment and mental peace. Your not exactly feeling tops as the year starts. This could also mean you’re feeling weighed down by your own schedule and work and demands made by people. Others are just reeling from the end of a hurtful chapter that they might have witnessed last year. But the good news is, you’re making your way back to feeling good! April to June is a lovely time for you. You’ll be active, optimistic and perhaps travelling! But July to September is a bit of setback — more of a mental kind than anything else. Stress about future (of work and/or love) could get you anxious. But again, this is just a phase! (Tell yourself that over and over again!) Because October onwards you are in your prime! You’re sexy, energetic and perhaps glowing from all the luuurve someone special is showering on you!

Special Blessing: Every decision or move you make should be motivated by what feels genuinely joyful to you. Choose a life of passionate endeavours and good luck will follow. Don’t decide to be in a relationship or job out of security concerns. Do it for the joy of it! For some, a romantic prospect is on his/her way. They could be very similar to Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Build Emotional & Financial Reserves

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: By the end of 2015 things must’ve started getting better on the domestic front? A lot of Leos are feeling loved up again. For some though, finding emotional happiness and peace within is an important theme carrying over from last year. And in the first quarter of 2016 this may well involve letting go of associations that no longer fulfil you. This quarter will highlight to you the concept of ‘freeing’ love — relationships maintained or entered into for the joy of it, not for the compulsion of ‘being with someone’. Still others may experience waning passion in their romantic associations. And this could have something to do with changes you’re experiencing in other areas of life. All these trends mentioned above will lead you to the second quarter when you may find yourself feeling trapped, alone or afraid. Work through your emotions one step at a time. You lions are famous (and notorious) for being able to put a happy face on things. For some of you this becomes an unhealthy habit where your truth and feelings are left repressed. Difficult situations are best dealt with a good heart-to-heart talk airing all your insecurities or at least a good, long cry. During July-September a lighter period will commence. Past matters will be shelved. And there will be a sense of relief or closing of a chapter. For some this brings mixed blessings in the form of a relationship compromise. October to December, the fresh start of the previous quarter could witness a hiccup. Perhaps your close one reneges on their half of a deal. Or perhaps financial considerations (or unexpected expenses) come in the way of domestic bliss. I’ll be honest: It’s not exactly a fairy tale year for relationships but it IS a year where you learn to build strong internal foundations so that others’ disappointing actions do not come in the way of your bliss!

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: Issues of powerlessness or not being heard do not only affect your personal relationships but also your work. Which is why, a sudden shake up in the first quarter will cause you to reconsider your approach to communication and/or asserting yourself. Leo loves to keep things easy and uncomplicated but avoiding conflict and keeping everyone pleased (or conversely, asserting oneself blindly) sometimes makes things worse. On the welcome side of things, the first quarter could bring a job move (you wish to go some place where you are appreciated more) or it could bring a disappointing appraisal/team restructure. In the wake of the events of the first quarter, the second quarter will find you either dealing with a difficult boss man who is quick to temper/demanding/inconsistent, or it could bring out these traits in you. A good way to feel better at this time is to focus on exercise/dance/any physical activity that keeps your happy hormones flowing. July onwards you’ll begin to come out of the disappointments/strife faced in the first half. I guess you’re learning to become more patient with others. In the last quarter you could take a hit financially (it might have something to do with the expenses I mentioned in your relationship section) and perhaps you’ll spend some troubled nights over this issue. The solution is to stay pragmatic with your spendings throughout this year so that even if you are plagued by expenses, you don’t feel the pinch! Anything the cards show in your future IS completely avoidable with just a little attitude adjustment. 🙂

Spiritual/Physical Health: You’re not in control of your health Leo! If you’re feeling a little tired or run down or out of shape, blame it on transiting Pluto in your 6th house of daily routine/health/self care/service that insists you do something completely new (read better!) in this area of your life. In the first quarter you might feel helpless to do anything because so much is requiring your attention in other areas, you hardly have time for yourself! Or it might be that nothing you do yields the kind of results you expect. The question to ask yourself then is: Am I doing enough? In the second quarter some of you may face issues with fertility/reproductive processes. Some of you may feel like wilted sunflowers. Fevers may also trouble you. And perhaps these events will prompt you to change some of your habits. During July-September, in your birthday period, you may make new resolutions or plans to feel better. Perhaps you’ll join new exercise groups or look for a new doctor. In the last quarter it’s your mind that is bothering you. (And sometimes repressed feelings can become physical conditions) So please, air your feelings and fears from time to time to a close confidante.

Special Blessing: Speak your mind. Open your eyes to reality. Step out of your La-La Land of effortlessness into a world of truth — it’s much better than you think it is! Don’t be afraid of a little strife because it will make your victories taste that much sweeter! mmmm….

Big Changes, New Beginnings

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: Many of you are suffering from a ‘PTSD’ of sorts when it comes to relationships. Betrayals suffered in the past keep you cynical or block you from opening up to someone fully. No matter how practical-seeming you might be, every Virgo desires to be romanced and even put in the spotlight a little (even if you shy away from it). Did someone let you down in this regard? The year begins with a shake up of sorts. It could range from a big fight to even a decision to move house. Whatever it is, it will lead to some disturbance between you and another/friends/family. In the second quarter you will recover from the after-effects of that upset perhaps with a clearing of air that shows you were right (doesn’t Virgo just LOVE to be right!). Or you’ll accept your defeat in a living situation and perhaps remain a little bitter about it. But don’t do that for too long! Look on the bright side please! In fact, all indications are, that between July-September you’ll be focussing so much on the lighter side of life that it may cause you to over-indulge/over-extend hospitality/over-do the schmoozing. And where is your partner in all of this? Have you made sure their getting their fair share of attention too? In the last quarter of the year there indeed ARE issues of imbalance in partnerships coming up. Looks like you’re just busy receiving love and not giving in return. (It could also be vice versa in a few cases). Balance is important either way. Keep your head screwed on straight this year (neither be too angry/anxious nor too eager/blinded) and your heart will guide you to a place of much love.

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: It’s a Stop/Start kinda year for you hear. Something blocks your creative flow at the start of this year. The underlying issue may well be the need to re-think what kind of work makes your heart sing (or rather mind buzz, as cerebral Virgins might prefer it). You might also be facing a mental block. It is recommended that you use this time not for big moves (since there’s enough going on in your personal life) but for taking walks in nature/meditating/yoga instead. Doing something different and healthy in your ‘me time’ will help you listen to your inner guide that’s pointing you in the direction of a wonderful life change. During April-June your work/money sphere will undergo some transformation. Whether a welcome change or rude shock, the ‘death’ of a job role or revenue source will encourage you to seek new work partners/or put yourself out there in the job market. But results might be slow to come during July-September. May be you’re too distracted by the merry-making going on in your social life to pay special attention to a serious hunt. Between October and December glad tidings come your way in the form of fresh inspiration or a Watery individual (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) to energise your quest for a meaningful occupation. It’ll do wonders for your mood and health for sure!

Spiritual/Physical Health: A lovely year in the well-being department! It starts with many of you breaking a few bad habits and addictions (or relationships that were draining you), or at least resolving to. In the first quarter take time out to replenish yourself. Close contact with nature or healing practices will help. From April to June, you’re getting serious about your regimens (and may be visiting doctors for advice on how you can feel better). And your efforts pay off! Because July-September see you in top form to indulge in your favourite season of the year! And from October, it gets even better! Perhaps because you’re feeling a sense of achievement for acquiring better habits…There is an inner glow about you for sure. Who or what is this about? May be it’s Maybelline? 😛

Special Blessing: As the ‘thinker’ Earth sign, you are very good with details of daily life. This diligence of yours, coupled with just the perfect amount of affection (you KNOW how to measure it right), can help you create a warm nest to call your own this year. And even if you have no one to share it with just yet, you might be in talks with a prospective life partner (or two!). Those who are starting life anew with someone should bear in mind that this bliss IS there but not without a few Saturn-sponsored tests this year. Don’t worry, you’re so cautious, you’re bound to do just fine!

New Love In, Bad Habits Out

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: A new relationship prospect (or collaborative venture) may turn out to be much better than expected. You start this year feeling older and wiser and ready to embark on new adventures.You’ll be going out a lot more and connecting with people near and far. And if you think any traces of that jaded feeling are here to stay, think again! During April-June you’ll be hopeful like a new born babe! For some this signals the return of their sexual vitality if they suffered a dry spell in the recent past (the planets’ way of getting you to focus on yourself for once!). Still, even though your year starts off great with prospects of social interactions and romance aplenty, it looks like mid-year onwards you’ll be feeling fear and hesitations — and it’s all because of past injuries! During July-September, the caution you threw to the wind in the previous quarter may come back in the form of a gust of anxiety. Or of fear of losing oneself in a union/family arrangement. Try and listen to your inner voice. Do you feel someone’s manipulating you? Could it be because you’ve been manipulated in the past? Anyway, this looks like a temporary setback because just in time for your birthday, it looks like in the last quarter you are feeling whole again! At this time many a Libra will experience strengthened, passionate relationships. Meanwhile others will have learnt to master the meanderings of their monkey mind which utters negative talk of unworthiness every now and then. This year has a rather certain, steady air about it. You’re not fooling around any more. And for a change, you’re perhaps assessing people for their inner beauty rather than just outwardly mannerisms and graces as you are wont to do.

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits:Work is a slightly difficult area this year. Looks like you’ve been hard at it, nose to the grindstone, working diligently at the office, or in your private space to hone your skills. At the beginning of the year you feel ready for something new in your professional life but perhaps change is hard to attract or slow in its unfolding. On the bright side some of you are just ready to move on and start a fresh chapter. But this move won’t happen before April-June (you can blame a few retrograde planets for this!). Even in the second quarter, any change that occurs will be self-initiated. You might quit your job. Or look for new types of investments for your money. Many of you may feel like moving house (or location in general). You’re still sort of adrift and unsettled in July-September. Or some returns/offers/results you were expecting don’t pan out. And this leads to the last quarter where you’re feeling a little insecure about the future/cranky about your money situation/uncomfortable with the state of affairs at work. Sorry! This IS going to be an uneasy year in this regard and there’s no other way I can spin it. All I can say is, take it one day at a time and know that this is a temporary phase (next year, Pluto and Neptune both relent and give you better time!).

Spiritual/Physical Health: Get out of your head! Your worries aren’t real! There’s an angel waiting to guide you to better well-being if you only open your eyes! Is it that you’re simply going through the motions of self-care and not really putting your heart and mindfulness to it? This makes a LOT of difference to the results you can expect from any endeavour to get into better physical/mental/spiritual shape. Socialising for personal and professional reasons in the second quarter of 2016 looks to be throwing your routine out of whack. Perhaps you’ll be overindulging in the alcohol and eating etc. But then July-September sees good sense kick in as you will be looking at ways to kick bad habits ranging from over-eating to over-trusting people. In the last quarter there is a shake up in your health, not entirely unexpected. The combination of the Devil reversed in July-September with Tower reversed in October-December suggests to me some sort of an aftermath of kicking a bad habit, sort of like withdrawal symptoms. Stay strong. It’ll pass and reveal a new you!

Special Blessing: This year, the more new things you try, the better. In every sphere of life, try to break old patterns and adopt new interests and practices — if only for a short while. Blessings come to you from unexpected quarters, so the only way to access them is to do things differently yourself! Open your eyes, look around, don’t just only focus your attention on tried-and-tested (and tired?) circle of friends/interests/routes etc.

Getting Back in Control

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: Emotionally, it’s a good year for you but not without its minor ups and downs mostly pertaining to self-inflicted pain and anxiety. Some of you may have concluded a chapter in your life at some point last year or might have experienced some betrayal from others or simply, fatigue from managing all the people in your life. At the start of 2016, you feel a little trapped. Perhaps there is a difficult decision ahead of you? Perhaps there are too many people you want to look out for but don’t know how to be there for them all. But hey Scorpio! Are you sure you’re not just making too much of others’ so-called need for you? Worry less! If they need you, they’ll come to you! From April-June, you’re feeling in control again. At this time you have the power to make things happen so make sure your thoughts remain positive for best results. It’s possible that around this time you might also be a change agent in your friends’ circle and perhaps enable the mingling of two-three different groups. Some of you might even start groups of their own based on special interests. It’s definitely a lighter time for you. During July-September, you turn inward or just need more time by yourself. Some of you are making more plans pertaining to the aforementioned group. A few of you could be dwelling on a past relationship or a friend you lost touch with. If any ties were severed in the past few years, you may be mulling on how to bring them back to life. If it is a fresh start you seek or an expanded circle of friends or renewed contact over long distances, it can be yours from October to December, which is generally looking like a very happy time for you. Yay, you!

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: Expenses, troubled investments or generally, money matters have been on the mind of many a scorpion recently. In the first quarter an investment may turn out to have hidden clauses or something unexpectedly difficult. Also, someone may ask for money (as fair dues or a loan) and you know something ain’t right about it. At work, other people’s ideas or agendas could disrupt your flow. Whatever troubles you face during January-March, know that it’s all meant to make you sharper and smarter about money/work matters. And anyway, in April-June you are ready to cut your losses and move on, most likely with someone’s help. Also, during this period you could be exploring (and finding) new sources of employment or revenue. From July-September it looks like you’ll be incurring some expenses, but most likely they’ll be for entertainment purposes, nothing dire. It is also possible for some of you around this time to perhaps take some off work to visit a retreat or generally travel for relaxation. In the last quarter, things looks splendid indeed. You’ll be closing 2016 less worried about finances and more internally fulfilled.

Spiritual/Physical Health: At the close of last year you might have made some resolves to take better care of your health or how you look. It’s also possible that you’ve been on a spiritual quest, redefining your religious/spiritual practices. At the start of 2016 you are in balance with it all, which flows beautifully into the second quarter, where you feel lighter and less burdened. July-September is even more splendid because you now have the energy and wisdom that makes you feel whole. And in the last quarter, you’re glowing and ready forth and share your shine with others. What a wonderful year!

Special Blessing: This year is about feel free of all your ghosts from the past and starting afresh. You’ll feel a sense of release and new-found freedom. Keep your deeds good and clean and reap the rewards of karma well done!

Truth, Release, Balance

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: Internal joy leads to external goodness is the main message for you this year. At the start of 2016 you may have already realised this fact and begun work on genuinely cultivating an optimistic kind of unconditional love for people, ditching your erstwhile superficial cheerfulness for something richer. January-March, it is possible you may be in ‘overcompensate’ mode for the feeling of loneliness the past few years. Beware of over-socialising; excessive displays of joyfulness and affection will only cause you to become needy later when you feel your niceness isn’t being reciprocated. Don’t be overly giving nor be overly demanding. April to June is a time to pay attention to your dreams and intuition and bear in mind that what you see isn’t what you get with people. Old patterns may come up for review. Or you may find yourself feeling dark about relationships for an inexplicable reason. Whatever realisations and revelations (and truths revealed by others) you receive will take you into July-September, when you know there are things you need to change about yourself too in order for people to be as nice to you as you expect them to be. Control your impulses during this period and hold out for a mellow, more spiritual kind of love in the last quarter (this one will last longer!). From October-December, you’re leaving relationships that debilitate you and resolving to not waste time on socialising just for the compulsion of it. Any new friendships or romances begun at this time may not be as passion-charged as you like them, but they’ll certainly have staying power. And they’ll give you the freedom you always crave.

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: You’re worried about money and at the same time worried you won’t get to follow your desires when it comes to occupational matters. Did a moment of internal debate or doubt highlight this fact recently? Or did you get into some kind of argument with others about your future plans? Were you called out on your ideas may be? January-March, you are more worried than is necessary.But perhaps for the usually optimistic Archer, this is a much-needed phase of internal strife which will force you to think about troubling matters and come up with some solutions. April-June the solution may well be downsizing your expenses or cashing your investments. Alternatively, you could be cutting down on your work or daily commitments, if you’ve been feeling overworked (and underpaid?) for while and in need of some respite. From July-September you could feel a little unsettled or perhaps blocked in your creativity. For some of you, this could also mark a time of excessive socialising and hence, expenses! Which is perhaps why the last quarter of the year is showing you hoping for better earnings, or frustrated that you don’t earn enough. The luckier ones among you will be continuing the trend of splurging, except this time on a special someone! mm hmm! Still, you might be happy in one area of your life, but money/creative expression could be a concern. I don’t want to sugar-coat it. This doesn’t look like a very great year for you, but then, Saturn in your 1st house, damping the ardour of your naturally Jupiter-ruled, optimistic ways, makes this a once-in-thirty-years opportunity to understand yourself better and thanks to lean times, start from scratch to discover and work towards what will bring you genuine, long-lasting happiness. It’s all good!

Spiritual/Physical Health: As the year begins, you might have found your energy levels a wee lower than your usual. Or perhaps your spirit feeling a little weary and wary–not your usual happy-go-lucky style. It’s a great time to contemplate on life, the universe and everything. But for Archers who aren’t used to this activity, you might confuse your pensive mood for some kind of emo-fever. It’s good to step back and look at yourself in the larger scheme of the cosmos sometimes. Use January-March to do just that. If you can, spend some time in nature or in meditation. From April-June, if there are persisting physical symptoms of any kind, do look for an expert who can help. From July-September, again, the need for taking care of your physical health comes up. Perhaps stress plays a part in weakening your immunity or well-being. During October-December, it is your mind that’s troubling you. Or you’re not spending enough time on taking care of yourself. Guard against wind-borne allergies too. In general, your health this year will require you to revisit your self-care rituals and dial down excesses in food, drink and bad habits.

Special Blessing: In 2016 you’ll do well to be more deliberate and considerate in your approach to everything. Haste will make waste. Also, try be chaste. Control your anger and your impulses. Basically, be a good child and Santa won’t ignore you! Also, focus on friends (rather than lovers for solace), but know that nurturing a few good, close friends is SO much better than spreading yourself thinly across a wider, meaningless circle.

More Than What Meets The Eye

Love/Social/Domestic Relationships: Many a Cappy this year started out with a feeling of dissatisfaction either in a romantic relationship, or in a domestic situation, or in their usual circle of friends, or from all of the above! But, hey! If you’re feeling stuck in any way, it’s not only the Universe’s way of helping you to make that decision to usher in a fresh breath of change. From January to March, you’ll be slowly working your way out of a stalemate in your personal either through open-heart discussion or by voting with your feet. For some Sea-goats the change will be purely internal as you will start to get more honest with your feelings and see an emotional situation for what it really is. This could also bring some manner of catharsis for those of you who have kept a tight rein on their expressions (tears and fears!) through the many changes of the past few years. Watch your dreams for suppressed material that comes up. The changes, internal or external, that are initiated in the first quarter of the year will take you to the period between April and June when, either a new situation (a new relationship/friendship) or some restrictive circumstances in ongoing relationships (perhaps because work is keeping you preoccupied) will make you feel stuck and in need of rescue. Perhaps your family/partner/friends are expecting too much of you? Move forward slowly. Take your time. Feel every step. If there are hesitations or fears that plague you, air them. Also know that you’re susceptible to self-created fears right now — maybe you aren’t as trapped or at such a dead-end as you feel? From July to September, you’ll bear the fruit of the stick-to-it-iveness you displayed in the previous quarter. Or else, the constant struggles of the past few months may make you question your emotional investments. Is it time to move on and give up on your person/people? The cards say: Not really! Because it looks like you’ll be keeping at it at the end of the year — giving your relationships another chance and taking ownership of making them stronger, deeper, fun-ner.

Work/Money/ Intellectual Pursuits: You start the year with a few ideas of what you’d like to do in this sphere of your life to make it perfect. For some, these ideas or projects are slow to take a form on the anvil, but keep at it. Slow, measured steps will win the game. Keep your mind trained on the long game and don’t fall for ‘quick buck’ ideas. Even so, looks like you’ll be restless and rearing to go between April and June. Some of you could have temper problems at this time — don’t snap the head off your colleagues! Keep calm and try and cultivate a sunshine disposition in the face of any obstacles you encounter, else you might find yourself on the losing end of the game.

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